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Lecale; Admiral Waldegrave, Lord Radstocke ; Sylvester Douglas, Lord Glenbervie ; John Toler, Lord Norbury ; and Sir A. Gardner, Lord Gardner; the Marchioness of Buckingham, to be Baroness Nugent; and her second son, Lord N. Grenville, to be Lord Nugent; F. Tench, Lord Ashtown ; Gen. E. Massey, Lord Clarina; and the Hon. R. King, Lord Erris.

It also announces the following further creations : the Earl of Inchiquin, to be Marquis of Thomond ; the Earl of Bective, Marquis of Headfort; Earl of Altamont, Marquis of Sligo ; and Earl of Ely, Marquis of Ely: Viscount Castle Stewart, to be Earl of ditto ; Viscount Donoughmore, Earl of ditto ; Viscount Calledon, Earl of ditto ; Viscount Kenmore, Earl of ditto; Earl Clanricarde, the title in reversion to his daughters; Lord Glentworth, to be Viscount Limerick ; Lord Somerton, Archbishop of Cashel, to be Viscount Somerton ; Lord Longueville, Viscount ditto ; Lord Bantry, Viscount ditto ; Lord Monk, Viscount ditto; Lord Kilconnel, Visconnt Dunlo; Lord Tullamore, Viscount Charleville ; and Lord Kilwarden, Viscount ditto.

Miss Fox, the Asylum warbler, who was seduced some time since by Mr. Septimus Hodgson, is said to have been lately married to a gentleman of very considerable fortune, and now rides constantly to the Asylum in her own carriage.

Lady Southampton's dower, which at her marriage settlement amounted only to 350l. per annum, in land let to cow-keepers in the neighbourhood of Fitzroy-square, is improved within her own life to the extraordinary rental of 8oool. per annuin!


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(From the London Gazette.) J -,

OHN HALLIDAY, of Old George-yard, sell, of Wickham, Soulmampton, victualler. Edward Parker, of Little Turnstile, Holborn, man'smercer. Joseph Haslewood, of Birmingham, gune maker. James Meredith, of Hereford, linen-draper. William Nokes, of Acle, Norfolk, liquor. merchant. Thomas Whitaker, of the Colonade, Russell-square, St. George, Bloomsbury. Robert Talbot, of the parish of St. George, Southwark. victualler. John West of Bath, cordwainer. Joseph Whitehead, the younger, and William Henry Taylor, both of Preston, Lancaster, iron-mongers and iron-founders. Joseph Hurst, Wakefield, York, woolstapler. John Bacon, Sutton, Ashfield, cotton-spinner. Joseph Whittingham Salmon, Manchester, manufacturer. T. Cooper, Liverpool, horse-dealer. J. Kirkpatrick, Liverpool, merchant. J. Shuck, late of Worcester, glove-manufacturer Charles Manwaring, of Manchester, shoe-maker, Samuel Parsonage, of Manchester, plumber. John Holines, of Leeds, Yorkshire. Wm. Rideal, of Wakefield, Yorkshire, merchant. David Lowes and John Henry Rigg, of Hart-street, Covent-garden, rectifiers. Edward Bunn, late of West Ham, Essex, baker. W. Damerum, of Portsmouth, house-carpenter.

J. Plaston, of Worcester, cuach proprieter. H. Winchester, of Hulme, Bakewell, Derbyshire, smelter of lead-ore. Jn. Radcliffe, of the township of Eringdon, Hali

fax, Yorkshire, miller. S. Townsend, of Bristol,

ironmonger. A. Campbell, of Gosport, Southampton, brandy-merchant. Francis Merryweather and J. Hardwidge, of Lombard-street, merchant. Geo. Hammond,

of Stamford, Lincolnshire, mercer, A. Hilton, of Liverpool. linen and woollen-draper. Tho. Edwards, of New Bond-street, haberdasher. Wm. Agur, of Whitechapel-road, Middlesex, Joseph Hatch, of Robert-street, Bedford-row, cabinet-maker. Ralph Jackson, of Markets Weighton, Yorkshire, shop-keeper. Robert Bedwell,

late of Wantage, Berkshire, surgeon. John Elston, of Liverpool, merchant. Willoughby Taylor, late of Brighthelmstone, wine-nierchant. Joseph Mawby, Long Buckley, Northampton, cordwainer. William Dunor, Green-Bank, Wap, ping, baker. Thomas Lea, Nuneaton, Warwick, dealer in horses. Robert Hayward Gosford, Pita field-street, Shoredioch, Henry Saint Guliver, Richmond, Surry, stable-keeper, Nicholas. Topper, of Charles-street, St. Mary-le-bone, dealer in coals and wax candles.


The lady of F. Freeling, esq. Sec. of the Gen. Post-Office, of a son (still-born). Of daughters : Lady Harriet Sullivan, in Chesterfield-street. Lady Elizabeth Lowther, at Swillington-Hall. The ladies of Major Gen. Brownrigg, in Fitzroy-square; of Col. Gascoigne, M. P. of Hertford-street; of the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Twisleton; of W. Wilber, force, Esq. M. P.--and Mrs. Jordan, of Drurylane theatre, of a daughter.


Thomas Wright, esq. of Nicholas-lane, to Miss Preston, of Miles's-lane. Mr. J. Ketland, merchant, to the daughterof J. Tate, of Bucklersbury, Mr. J. Meymott, to the daughter of J. F. Rigaud, esq.

T. Geary, esq. of Trinity-lane, to Miss Willock, of Golden-square. J. Brooks, esq. Queen-street, to Miss H. S. youngest daughter of the late Col. Egerton. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Capt. Rand, in the service of the Indiacompany, to the daughter of J. Lancaster, esq. At Walton, Lieut. Campbell, of the Bombay Marine, to Miss Gregory, of Windsor. Mr. R. Brydges, of the Hay-Market, to the only daughter of Mr. Little, of Tiddington. J. Astley, esq. 'to Miss H. W. Smith, grand-daughter of the celebrated author of the Wealth of Nations. Col. Cotton, son of the baronet, to Lady Anna Maria Clinton, sister to the Duke of Newcastle. P. Lovell, esq. of Cole Park, to Miss C. Willis, daughter of the Archdeacon of Wells. C. Poole, esq. to Miss H. O. Lutwidge, uiece of the admiral. Capt. Sparks, of Budgnorth, to Miss Beșt, of the Nunnery, near Worcester. M. W. Baker, of Bushbury, to Mrs. Pooler, of Wolverhampton, he being her third husband; their united ages amount to 120 years. At Gringley, Lincolnshire, after a tedious widowhood of thirteen weeks, Thomas Bingham, aged 80, to Miss Mary Dawson, aged 75. At St. John's, Wapping, Mr. S. Curtis, of West-Sinithfield, to Miss Ann Pearson, of Hoxton-square.


A few days since, Sir George Staunton, who had for a long time suffered under a paralytic af. fection. Mrs. Jean Scott, aged 70, mother to

Mrs. Pratt, of America-square. Stephen Remnant, esq. senior, of Woolwich. At Myton Hall, in the county of York, the Rev. Sir Martin Stapylton, bart. Henry Sewell, esq. his majesty's naval of. ficer, and mayor of Madras. At Richmond, aged 81, the Dowager Countess of Northampton. At Portsinouth, Lord Renelagh, Capt. of H. M. S. Doris; he is succeeded in his title and 'estate by his brother, Major Jones, of the 66th foot, in Newfoundland. At Englefield Green, the celebrated Mrs. Robinson. In Gloucester Place, Major Gen. Lewis. Sir J. Andrews, bart. Vice-President of the Marine Society, &c. In Dublin, the Earl of Aldborough. At Wilton, Major-Gen. P. Goldsworthy, col of the ist. dragoons, equerry to the king, &c, In Dawson-street, the Dowager Lady Leigh. In Somerset-Place, Miss H. second daughter of Commissioner Hope.

Co Correspondents.

The suggestion of T. D. respecting the history of those persons who have died since thcir biography was introduced into our work, we approve, and shall at all times readily inse t whatever he may favour us with upon the subject, that has merit to recommend it.

The favours of correspondents received this month, are too numerous to be acknowledged in this number, diey shall, however, be attended to in our next.

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