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LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The publishing season is drawing to a close. Little seems to remain, except about the usual number of new story-books; amongst about four. score, we find “May Fair;" “ English Abroad;" The Guards ;" “ A Third Series of Highways and Byways;" “ The Lettre de Cachet;" “ The Aylmers,” &c. &c. Truly this is a story-writing age.

The two golden medals annually bestowed by the Literary Society on the authors of “ Works of Merit,” have been awarded to Sir WALTER SCOTT, and Dr. RobT. SOUTHEY, Poet-Laureate. They are each of the value of 50 gaineas, anda placed at the disposal of the Society by His Majesty, for the encouragement of literary labours. All English writers are admissible as competitors.

DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. We have in our leading article given some account of the changes in the Administration which have distinguished the past inonth.

At the Theatres, great exertions have been made to please the holiday-people. Miss Foote and “ Peter Wilkins" at one house, have withstood Liston and “Gil Blas," at the other. Both the new after-pieces were successful, and more especially Peter Wilkins, the scenery of wbich, and the acting of Power, Keeley, and Mrs. Vining, were highly effective. Miss Kelly is the admirable Gil Blas at Drury Lane. Rumour says that Price is about to produce an English version of “ Il Turco in Italia,” in which Miss Fanny Ayton is to appear.

During the late month have died the Marquis of Cholmondeley and the Earl of Shrewsbury, both venerable noblemen, between seventy and eighty years of age. The death of the Marquis of Cholmondeley was very sudden. His lordship retired to rest, in his usual state of health, at twelve o'clock in the evening, and was struck with apoplexy at two in the morning, and died almost immediately. He is succeeded by his eldest son, Lord Rock Savage.

The Earl of Shrewsbury was the Premier English Earl, but being a Roman Catholic, was excluded from the House of Peers. He is succeeded in his title by his nephew, John Talbot, to whom developes all his estates, plate, furniture, &c. to the amount it is said of upwards of £400,000.

Beethoven, the musical composer, died at Vienna on the 26th of March. His condition for some time appears to have been pitiably destitute. Mr. Moscheles, at the request of poor Beethoven himself, set on foot a subscription, to which His Majesty and the Philbarmonic Society gave £100 each. Some persons having accused Mr. Moscheles of having interfered unnecessarily, that gentleman has lately published a letter, addressed to bim by Beethoven himself, descriptive of his wretched state, and actually imploring aid and assistance. · Mr. Lushington has been appointed Governor of Madras.

, A picture of Martin Luther has been discovered in the State Paper Office.

A valoable discovery has also been made in Westminster Abbey. It had become necessary to make repairs near the tomb of Edward the Confessor, when, by removing a portion of the pavement, an exquisitely beautiful piece of carved work, which had originally formed part of the shrine of Edward's tomb, was discovered. This fine relic, the work of

the eleventh or twelfth century, appears to have been studded with precious stones ; and the presumption is, that during the civil wars it was taken down for the purpose of plunder, and after the gems were taken out, buried under ground (very near the surface of the earth), to avoid detection.

Decline of the Bible Society. At the anniversary meeting of the Merchant Seamen's Auxiliary Bible Society, held at the City of London Tavern, (at which the Lord Mayor presided in the absence of Lord Exmouth, the President of the Society, who excused himself on account of indisposition) it was stated that the pecuniary means of the society had greatly decreased during the past year. No fewer than twenty-two subscribers had withdrawn their names, while only eight new ones had been added to the list of contributors during the last twelve months. The receipts of the society duripg the year amounted to only 5801. Is. 10d., while the cost of Bibles and Testaments amounted to 4601, 5s. 10d., of which latter sum 3601. 5s. 10d. is still unpaid.

Advices have been reccived from Lower Canada, which represent that settlement to be in a state of great ferment and insubordination ;indeed, such was the conduct of the House of Assembly, that Lord Dalhousie thought it expedient to close the session, and dismiss the members with a speech couched in the strongest and plainest languagecircumstances appear, indeed, to have rendered such a measure absolutely necessary.

Sir Nathaniel Dance, the gallant Captain who fought and beat Lipois, died lately at an advanced age.

In India, three Officers, belonging to His Majesty's 13th Light Dragoons, have been tried by a Court Martial, at Bangalore, Presidency of Madras. The first, Major Paterson, for unofficer-like and disrespectful conduct toward bis senior Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Boyse, of which charge he was found guilty, and ordered to receive a reprimand from the Commander in Chief. The second, Lieutenant Berwick, for involving himself in pecuniary transactions with non-commissioned officers, under his immediate command, for which he was sentenced to lose a step in his regimental rank ; and the third, Lieutenant-Colonel Boyse, for acting in opposition to certain orders issued by the Major-General commanding the Mysore division of the army, of which he was honorably acquitted. The state of relaxed discipline into wbich this regiment has been permitted to lapse, owing to the unmilitary dissensions of the senior Officers, is stated by Lord Combermere to be truly deplorable ; and the subject, we observe, as regards the individual Officers who have been brought to trial, is considered of so serious a nature, that his Lordship is determined to refer it for the decision of superior authority. In the mean time, measures have been adopted by the Commander in Chief, at Madras, for the restoration of discipline and order.

BIRTHS. Jan. 2. At Buenos Ayres, the Lady of Woodbine Parish, Esq. his Majesty's Consul-General, of a daughter.

Mar. 25. At Florence, the Lady of Sir Hedworth Williamson, Bart. of a son and heir.

April 2. In Dover-street, the lady Jemima Eliot, of a son ; at Ham, the Lady of Gordon Forbes, Esq. of a son. 3, in Welbeck-street, the lady of Captain Dallas, of a son. 4, in Park-crescent, Lady Louisa Duncomhe, of a daughter; in Bedford-row. Mrs. J. Robins of a son, 5, at Highgate, the lady of William Petch, Esq. of a daughter. 6, at Baginton, the lady of the Rev. W. Davenport Bromley, of a daughter. 7, at Goldings, Herts, the lady of the Rev. Martin Boswell, of a daughter ; at Clay Hill, Enfield, the lady of Edward Harman, Esq. of a son. 9, at Woolterton, the Countess of Orford of a son, still-born ; at Thornham, Suffolk, the Hon. Lady Augustus Henniker, wife of the Rev. Sir Augustus Henniker, Bart. of a daughter. 11, at G. Byng's Esq. M. P., St. James's-square, the Lady John Thynne, of a son ; in TenterdenStreet, Mrs. Wm. Lane Fox, of a son. 12, at Hambrook, near Bristol, the lady of Lieut-Colonel Brereton, of a son. 14, at her house in Berkeley-square, the Lady Jane Walsh, of a son and heir. 15, at Hamilton-place, the Countess Gower of a daughter. 16, at Clapham, Mrs. Frederick Borradaile, of a son. 17, at Bath, the lady of Thomas Haynes Bayly, of a daughter ; at Charlton, the lady of Lieut-Colonel Power, of the Royal Artillery, of her fifth son ; at Connaught-place, Lady Wigram, of a son.

MARRIED. 1826. Oct. 24, at Poonah, Robert J. Luard, Esq. of the Bombay Civil Service, to Mary Anne, second daughter of Major-General Sir Lionel Smith, K. C. B.; William Peel, Esq. of Leghorn, to Mary, daughter of Edmund Peel, Esq. of Church Bank, county of Lancaster.

1827. Mar. 26, at Walcot, Bath, G. Clark Ross, Esq. Culgruff, N. B. to Francis Howard, youngest daughter of the late, Lieut.-Colonel Alexander Ross, of Balsarroch, N. B. 28, at St. Mary's Lambeth, Mr. J. W. Martyr to Miss Barber, both of High Street, Borough..

April, 3, Thomas Waldron Horbuckle. B. D. President and Tutor of St. John's College, Cambridge, Rector of Staplehurst, Kent, and Vicar of Madingley, Cambridgeshire, to Elizaheth, only daughter of Robert Whincup, Esq. Town Clerk of Lynn; at Alvestone, Warwickshire, John Fullerton, jun. Esq. to Louisa, fourth daughter of Sir Qray Skipwith, Bart. 6, at St. Paul's, Covent Garden, London, Wiltens Andrée, Esq. of the Colony of Surinam, to Martha Maria, only daughter of George Emery, Esq. of the Colony of Surinam, to Martha Maria, only daughter of George Emery, Esq. of the Grange, Banwell, Somerset. 10, at Stoke Damarel, Harry, son of John Tonkin, Esq. of Pamfleet, Devon, to Caroline, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Robert Serrel Wood, of Osmington, Dorset. 12, Francis Robert, eldest son of Francis Benjamin Bedwell, Esq. to Angela, eldest daughter of the late John Dougan, Esq. 17, Captain Henry Delafosse, of the Bengal Artillery, to Miss Shield, of Hornsey-lane, Highgate. 18, at Dixton, the Rev. James Endell Tyler, Fellow of the Oriel College, and Rector of St. Giles in the Fields, to Elizabeth Ann, eldest daughter to the late Geo. Griffin, Esq. of Nuslow House, Monmouthshire; at Warblington, Hants. John Evans, Esq. of Gray's Inn, to Miss Frances Knight, niece of John Smith Lane, Esq.

DIED. Feb. 9, at Ridgeland Estate, in Jamaica, the Hon. Samuel Vaughan, one of the Assistant Judges of the Cornwall Assize Court, and formerly one of the Representatives of the parish of St. James' in the House of Assembly, and for many years Custos of that parish.

April %, in Upper Brook-street, Theodosia, the wife of Charles Tyndale, Esq.; Henry Hare Townsend, Esq. of Downhills, Middlesex, and Walpole, Norfolk. 4, after a long and painful illness, Charles Noble, Esq. of Old Burlington-street, aged 79. 5, at his house at the Triangle, Hackney, Joseph Brown, Esq. in the 76th year of his age. 8, after many years suffering, borne with exemplary patience, Sybella, wife of John Daniel, Esq. of Parson's Greenz at Adbury House, Hampshire, the residence of his son, Sir James Fellowes, Wm. Fellowes, M.D., in his 90th year. He was formerly physician of his present majesty when at Bath. 9, at her father's house, James Horwood, Esq. of Walworth, Temperance, wife of Mr. Thomas Farrance, jun. of Spring-gardens. 10, at Sidmouth, Hannah, relict of John Boniface, late of Climpings, Sussex. 11, at the Rectory-house, East Barnet, in his 46th year, the Rev. D. W. Garrow, D.D. rector of East and Chipping Barnet ; at Clonmell, aged 79, Frances Augusta, widow of the late General Sir Wm. Meadows, K.B. ; at Pisa, in Tuscany, Mary, only daughter of the Rev. John Jope, and wife of the Rev. John Rogers, canon residentiary in Exeter Cathedral, and rector of Mawnan, in Cornwall, aged 36; at her house, in Waterloo-place, Pall Mall, in the 80th year of her age, Esther, relict of the late Jobn Binns, Esq. banker, of Leeds. 14, Isabella, eldest daughter of Samuel Wilde, Esq. of New Palace-yard. 17, at Northfleet, aged 57, Mrs. Whittaker, wife of the Rev. George Whittaker, M.A.; at Bath, Mrs. Mary Jane Horne, widow of the late Edmund Horne, Esq. of Bevis Mount, in the county of Southampton. 18, in Soho-square, Wm. Yarnold, Esq. in the 86th year of his age ; Mr. Gilbert Burns, brother to the celebrated Scotch Poet, at Grant's Braes, in the neighbourhood of Haddington, and on the estate of Lady Blantyre. 20, Edmund Antrobus, Esq. of No. 480, Strand, and King's Parade, Chelsea, in his 65th year,

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