The Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Том 2

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To Mr Wortley Montagu Dec 11 1739 Repetition
To the Countess of Pomfret Feb 17 1740 Severity of
To Mr Wortley Montagu June 1 1740 A description
To the same Aug 12 1740 Departure from Venice
To Mr Wortley Montagu Sept 11 1740 Amiability
To Mr Wortley Montagu Dec 6 1740 Softness of
To Mr Wortley Montagu Feb 25 1741 Arrival at Leg
to the Spanish governmentA sham plotThe court
To Mr Wortley Montagu Oct 12 1741 Arrival at Geneva
From Mr Wortley Montagu March 22 1742 Advice
To the same May2 1742 Aletterfrom her sonComments
To the same May 30 1742 Answer to her sons letter
To the Countess of Pomfret Nov 4 1742 Desire for tea
To Mrs Forster No date Melancholy reflectionsPoor
To the Countess of Oxford July 2 1744 Amusements con
To Mr Wortley Montagu Oct 29 1744 Illness of Lady
To Mr Wortley Montagu Jan 10 1746 Miss Fieldings
To the same April 13 1746 Affection for Lady Oxford 153n
To the same July 1 1747 Pleasures of friendshipMar
To the Countess of Oxford Jan 1 1749 A year since
Duchess of ArgyllWinter and springThe new opera
To the same July 10 1748 Lady Marys farmhouse
To the same Sept 1748 Natural wantsArtificial neces
To the sam Feb 2 1749 Relief from great anxietyVaried
To the Countess of Oxford April 26 1749 Fits of ague
To the Countess of Bute Nov 30 1749 An agreeable letter
To the same May 24 1750 Severe illnessMarriage
To Mr Wortley Montagu Nov 201750 Opening of letters
amusement in solitudeInsensibility and Ingratitude
To the same Nov 1 1751 Congratulations on her safe
To Mr Wortley Montagu Jan 29 1752 The use of Turkish
To the same No date Condolence on her afflictionUse

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Стр. 236 - Learning, if she has a real taste for it, will not only make her contented, but happy No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.
Стр. 289 - H. Fielding has given a true picture of himself and his first wife in the characters of Mr. and Mrs. Booth, some compliments to his own figure excepted ; and I am persuaded, several of the incidents he mentions are real matters of fact.
Стр. 80 - The word malignity, and a passage in your letter, call to my mind the wicked wasp of Twickenham : his lies affect me now no more ; they will be all as much despised as the story of the seraglio and the handkerchief, of which I am persuaded he was the only inventor. That man has a malignant and ungenerous heart ; and he is base enough to assume the mask of a moralist, in order to decry human nature, and to give a decent vent to his hatred of man and woman kind.
Стр. 239 - Perhaps you may have more success in the instructing your daughter: she has so much company at home, she will not need seeking it abroad, and will more readily take the notions, you think fit to give her. As you were alone in my family, it would have been thought a great cruelty to suffer you no companions of your own age, especially having so many near relations, and I do not wonder their opinions influenced yours.
Стр. 461 - How am I chang'd ! alas ! how am I grown A frightful spectre to myself unknown ! Where's my complexion ? where my radiant bloom, That promis'd happiness for years to come...
Стр. 483 - No : like the self-blown praise, thy scandal flies ; And, as we're told of wasps, it stings and dies. If none do yet return th...
Стр. 41 - ... privately. After some modest refusals, he swore by G he would not let them in. Her grace, with a noble warmth, answered, by G they would come in in spite of the Chancellor and the whole House.
Стр. 482 - Not even youth and beauty can control The universal rancour of thy soul; Charms that might soften superstition's rage, Might humble pride, or thaw the ice of age.
Стр. 320 - Arabian horse, which he could not know how to manage. I am reading an idle tale, not expecting wit or truth in it, and am very glad it is not metaphysics to puzzle my judgment, or history to mislead my opinion : he fortifies his health by exercise; I calm my cares by oblivion. The methods may appear low to busy people ; but, if he improves his strength and I forget my infirmities, we both attain very desirable ends.
Стр. 320 - The active scenes are over at my age. I indulge, with all the art I can, my taste for reading. If I would confine it to valuable books, they are almost as rare as valuable men. I must be content with what I can find.

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