History Is Not Enough!

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Salem Publishing Solutions, Incorporated, 2008 - Всего страниц: 348
The number of evangelicals joining the Roman Catholic or the Eastern Orthodox Church has markedly increased during the last thirty years. Church history definitely played an important role in their decision. This phenomenon is noteworthy because many of these converts are well-educated, former evangelical ministers. Following the apostles death, how did church life evolve under the influence of sacramental teaching and worship? This study provides a detailed discussion of the two great Christian sacraments: baptism and the Lords Supper, and of the ancient churches views concerning salvation, Mary, the saints and their images. Ken Guindon provides us with a passionate discussion of the questions Christians face today as they examine history for foundations for faith. Here, the apostolic and biblical faith confronts the liturgical and sacramental views of both the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Written with a loving heart, this work is worth reading by everyone interested in authentic Christianity and is particularly helpful for anyone who is tempted to think that age and claims to infallibility are criteria of the true church. Robert L. Saucy, Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology Talbot School of Theology, Biola University Raised in the Catholic Church, Ken thirsted for God. He spent sixteen years in the Jehovahs Witnesses and after months of spiritual struggle, Ken found Jesus Christ as his Savior. Baptized in the First Baptist Church of Van Nuys, California and later ordained to the ministry, he began a ministry to evangelize other religions and cults. In 1978, the Guindon family moved to France where he served as a missionary with the Torchbearer Fellowship and laterwith Baptist Mid-Missions. Ken trained catechists in Mexico and he spoke and wrote programming for Spanish language radio in the Los Angeles area. He is retired and lives in Florid

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