Designs of the Times: Using Key Movements and Styles for Contemporary Design

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RotoVision, 2005 - Всего страниц: 256
Now available in paperback, the best-selling Designs of the Times is the ultimate source book for anyone with an interest in twentieth-century design. Covering all the key design movements, the book explores the elements that define each style and showcases the work of their key proponents. Timelines provide an overview of these movements along with the significant events, specific designs, and individual designers who have contributed to each. Lists of key players, international variations, and definitive characteristics provide quick-reference information. Strong visual examples spanning a range of disciplines from product design and graphics to art and architecture reveal how each style has evolved and how it can be applied to design today. An easy-to-use, snapshot guide, Designs of the Times will assist students and professionals alike in their quest for unique, creative solutions to varied design briefs. Comprehensive, cross-disciplinary reference book of design movements and styles Practical guide to applying elements of historic styles to contemporary work Covers a range of disciplines, including graphics, typography, product design, fashion, art, and architecture

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Lakshmi Bhaskaran is a freelance design journalist and editor, contributing to a range of publications, including ID, Blueprint, Wallpaper and Viewpoint. She is also an Associate Lecturer in Contemporary Communication at the University of the Arts, London, and the author of Size Matters.

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