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Those marked thus * are Vignettes, printed with the letter-press.

Altar Window at St. Dunstan's in the West, London ... Frontispiece. *View of the Mansion at Puncknowle, Dorset; with the Representation Page. of an ancient Head in panel

38 *Ancient Cross in Puncknowle Church-yard

39 Imperial Greek Coins hitherto unpublished—Antoninus ; Plautilla ; Lucius Verus ; Septimus Severus

129 Plan of the Close of Old Sarum ; and of the Cathedral as restored by Hatcher ...

143 *Bird's eye view of the Ground-plan of Old Sarum Cathedral....... 144 Ruins of St. Stephen's Chapel, Westminster.

252 Kingston Seymour Manor House, Somerset

370 Sepulchral Inscription of Ilbert de Chaz, at Lacock Abbey, Wilts ........ 377 View of the Chapter-House at Bocherville, Normandy

473 Specimens of Architectural Sculpture at Bocherville

474 * Representation of the Holy Hand of St. Patrick....

585 Ancient House at Ightham, Kent

587 *Seals and Autograph of Dr. Donne .


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WE trust that we may infer the satisfaction of our readers in the conduct of the GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, from the continued patronage which they afford it. Having arranged, when we commenced the New Series, the plan which we considered most suitable for the undertaking, and subsequently having seen no reason to depart from it, our endeavour has been to render the execution as perfect as we could.

In the branch connected with Antiquities, many subjects of local and general interest will be found : and we speak with confidence of the satisfaction which the review of the works of the New Record Commission has given, and the interest it has excited.

In the department which includes the Review of New Publications, our endeavour has been to judge of the works submitted to us, carefully and impartially; we have recommended no one to public notice without mentioning the grounds of our approbation; nor have we ever censured any publication without declaring the circumstances that called for animadversion. Sometimes our Reviews are later than we could wish; but authors must recollect, animo cupienti nihil satis festinari. Sometimes we are obliged to present them in a very abridged form; but as long as the Press is as prolific as at present, we can only meet its demands, by affording less space to each writer. It requires very superior powers in the present day, for an author to rise at once above his competitors, and, in the general cultivation of intellect and

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