Aunt Judy's Tales

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Bell and Daldy, 1859 - Всего страниц: 184

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Стр. 182 - Preserving all the piety of George Herbert, they have less of his quaint and fantastic turns, with a much larger infusion of poetic feeling and expression.
Стр. 197 - Students cheap and accurate editions of the Classics, which shall be superior in mechanical execution to the small German editions now current in this country, and more convenient in form. The texts of the Bibliotheca Classica and Grammar School Classics, so far as they have been published, will be adopted.
Стр. 188 - Scudamore Organs, or Practical Hints respecting Organs for Village Churches and small Chancels, on improved principles. By the Rev. John Baron, MA, Rector of Upton Scudamore, Wilts. With Designs by George Edmund Street, FSA Second Edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. 6a. The Bell; its Origin, History, and Uses. By Rev. A. Gatty. 3».
Стр. 198 - A Catalogue of Greek Verbs, Irregular and Defective; their leading formations, tenses in use, and dialectic inflexions ; with a copious Appendix, containing Paradigms for conjugation, Rules for formation of tenses, &c.
Стр. 182 - The WORDS — with those of the same Family — are traced to their Origin. The EXPLANATIONS are deduced from the Primitive Meaning through the various Usages. The QUOTATIONS are arranged Chronologically, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. %* The Supplement separately, 4to. 12s.
Стр. 202 - PERIODICALS. OTES and Queries : a Medium of Intercommunication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, &c. Published every Saturday. 4to.
Стр. 199 - Fcap. 8vo. 2s. Materials for French Prose Composition ; or, Selections from the best English Prose Writers. With copious foot notes, and hints for idiomatic renderings. New edition. Fcap. 8vo. 4*. 6d. KEY, 6s. Prosateurs Contemporains ; or, Selections in 98 George Bell and Sons' GASC (FEA) Le Petit Compagnon ; a French TalkBook for Little Children.
Стр. 200 - The Enunciations and Figures belonging to the Propositions in the First Six and part of the Eleventh Books of Euclid's Elements, (usually read in the Universities,) prepared for Students in Geometry.
Стр. 199 - Second French Book ; being a Grammar and Exercise Book, on a new and practical plan, and intended as a sequel to the
Стр. 194 - THE TESTIMONY OF SACRED SCRIPTURE, the Church of the First Five Centuries, and the Reformed Church of England to the NATURE and EFFECTS of HOLY BAPTISM...

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