Walter Benjamin: An Intellectual Biography

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Wayne State University Press, 1997 - Всего страниц: 226

Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) was the quintessential European intellectual between the two world wars. Historian, philosopher, literary critic, student of language and culture, and journalist, the independent scholar was forever trying to define himself and his time as products of a tradition in crisis.

In a very real sense, Benjamin's life and work were one—a chronicle of the modern European intellectual and mirror of an era. Bernd Witte's interpretive biography introduces Benjamin through critical thought and through topics and authors that ignited Benjamin's work. For the first time, English readers have the opportunity to survey the facts surrounding Benjamin's life and assess the interpretations of his texts. Witte's quest for Benjamin's own perspective yields a full chronology and sympathetic mastery of Benjamin's ideas.

The German edition, titled Walter Benjamin: Einfiihrung in Leben und Werk, was published in 1985.


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Translators Preface
Youth Movement Judaism Philosophy of Language
Art Criticism in the Spirit of Romanticism
AntiClassical Aesthetics
Paris Berlin Moscow 19261929
The End of an Era 19291933
The Theory of NonAuratic Art 19331937
Vin Parisian Arcades 19371939
The End of the Story 1940
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Bernard Witte is a professor in the Department of German Languages and Literature at Heinrich Heine University in Germany. He is the author of various books on modern German literature and literary theory, and is the editor of the collected works of Christian Fürchtegott Gellert.

Translator James Rolleston is a professor of German and literature and chair of the Department of German Languages and Litearture at Duke University.

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