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THE following particulars, relative to

dearest and most amiable parent, I flatter' myfelf will be far from being unacceptable. My reafons for collecting them were, first, for my own private satisfaction, that the recollection that I had a friend now in glory, whom I fo dearly loved, might excite me to be more earnest to press forwards to the same prize. But upon reflecting that they might be serviceable to others as well as myself; might express my respects to many friends, who were desirous of copies; and prove an additional and well-authenticated testimony to the power of religion, I felt an inclination to make them more public.

The style, I hope, will be excused the censures of criticism, and to every

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( 4 ) rational Christian, its subject, I trust, will appear to be, the humble fimplicity of genuine piety, triumphing in the day of dissolution, with a hope full of immortality.

My dear and honored parent was born at Richmond in Surry, on the 19th of April, 1736. In 1759 fhe was married to Mr. Bafil Woodd, who also was born at Richmond, in 1730, with whom she had been acquainted from her infancy.




Such an union, cemented by long endearment, and similarity of disposition, promised a scene of much temporal felicity : but other events a mysterious Providence intended. The January following, my dear. father, being then from home on a visit, was seized with a violent fever, and died on the 12th of that month. So great a lhock, to a mind of her sensibility, could leave no faint impression; but it pleased God to support her in this keen trial, and on the 5th of August following she was delivered of a fon. Providence wonderfully interposed in our favor, and both root and branch, though then apparently withering, were preserved together, just as many years longer as the then had lived.


(5) The afflicting circumstance of my father's death, nevertheless proved an eventual blessing, though conveyed in the disguise of woe. By one stroke her mind was severed from worldly prospects, and being rent from the love of the creature, the now began more anxiousy to seek the knowledge and love of the Creator.

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With respect to my dear parent's sensible experience of divine comforts, they were not unfrequent, yet they were not extatic. She had a hope, which he would not give up, but ftill the rejoiced with trembling. Hence, until it pleased God to affli& her with bodily infirmities, her attainments in this respect, rarely exceeded an humble con. fidence.

In the year 1779, it pleased God to lay the foundation of the disorder, which at length occafioned her death. A severe fit of illness confined her to her room fix or seven months. From that time she was much afflicted with a weakness and swelling in the joints ; various means were used, but the remedy remained unknown.

This last year she was unable to rise from her seat without affiitance, and was almost in a state of helpleseness. The disorder got


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