An Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Early Indo-European Languages

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Slavica Publishers, 2009 - Всего страниц: 647
The book presupposes minimal knowledge of linguistic theory, the bases of which are presented in the first chapter. The book is, however, intended for linguists as well as historians, anthropologists and others who, while not conversant with the data, may yet be interested in pursuing Indo-European studies. An underlying premise of the book is the belief that Indo-European studies have for some time remained a closed book for many gifted scholars--linguistic and otherwise--who, with an introduction to the subject, might be able to make their own contribution to the field. The book is envisioned not only as an undergraduate- or graduate-level university text, but also as a reference work for those scholars already participating in the discipline. --Book Jacket.

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Chnsta P Haenel December 12101June 1
A Portion of PIE
A ProtoIndoEuropean Text
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