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LIBRARY EDITION. In Nine Volumes. Globe 8vo, each, $1.50. (Uniform with the Eversley Edition of Charles Kingsley's Novels.)

CONTENTS OF THE VOLUMES : Vol. 1. Essays in Criticism.

Vol. 6. God and the Bible. Vol. 2. On the Study of Celtic Lit.

Vol. 7. St. Paul and Protestantism erature - On Translating

Last Essays on Church and

Culture and Anarchy-
Friendship's Garland.

Vol. 8. Discourses in America.
Vol. 4. Mixed Essays-Irish Essays.

Vol. 9. Essays in Criticism, Second Vol. 5. Literature and Dogma.

The Set of Nine Volumes, in paper box, $13.50.




In Three Volumes. Globe 8vo, $5.00. The Prose and Poetical Works, Library Edition, complete in

Twelve Volumes, in paper box, $18.00. American Edition of the Poems, complete in One Volume, LORD TENNYSON AND ROBERT BROWNING.

12mo, $1.50. “It is to him and Clough that the men of the future will come who desire to find the clearest poetic expression of the sentiment and reflection of the most cultivated and thoughtful men of our generation."— The Nation.

“Yet I know numbers of young men-and some, alas ! no longer youngwho have found in Matthew Arnold's poetry a more exact answer to their intellectual and emotional wants than in any poetry of Tennyson's, or even of Emerson's."Henry A. Beers, in the Century Magazine.

“ Contains some of the wisest and most melodious verse that this age has produced."-London Athenæum.


Golden Treasury Series. 18mo, $1.25.
** A volume which is a thing of beauty in itself.”Pall Mall Gazette.


I2mo, $1. " Mr. Arnold's writings so abound in impressive and suggestive passages, which bear separation from the text in which they appear, and are worthy o frequent re-reading, that his works may be said to lend themselves in a peculiar and unusual degree to this sort of anthological treatment."

- Evening Part






In Eight Volumes. Globe 8vo, each, $1.50. With Frontispieces engraved by G. J. Stodart and John Sadler. Poems, Vol. 1. With a new Portrait Enoch Arden and In Memoriam. of Lord Tennyson from a

With a Vignette of Clevedon Daguerreotype.


Ballads : and other Poems. With a Poems, Vol. 2. With a new Portrait

Portrait of Lord Tennyson after of Lord Tennyson from a Pho

G. F. Watts, R.A. tograph.

Queen Mary and Harold. Idylls of the King. With a Frontis

Portrait of Philip II. after the piece-Guinevere.

Picture by Titian.
Becket: and other Plays.

With a The Princess and Maud. With an

Portrait of Lord Tennyson after Engraving-Cedar at Farring

the Marble Bust by Thomas ford.

Woolner, R.A.

With a



In Sixteen Volumes. Globe 8vo, each, $1.50. With more than one Portrait of Mr. Browning at different periods

of life, and a few Illustrations. Vol. 1. Pauline: and Sordello.

Vol. 11, Balaustion's Adventure: Vol. 2. Paracelsus: and Strafford.

Prince Hohenstiel-SchwanVol. 3. Pippa Passes : King Victor

gau, Saviour of Society: and

Fifine at the Fair. and King Charles : The Re

Vol. 12. Red Cotton Nightcap Coun. turn of the Druses: and a

try: and The Inn Album. Soul's Tragedy.

Vol. 13. Aristophanes' Apology, inVol. 4. A Blot on the 'Scutcheon : Colombe's Birthday :

cluding a Transcript from and

Euripides, being the Last Men and Women.

Adventure of Balaustion and Vol. 5. Dramatic Romances : and

the Agamemnon of AeschyChristmas Eve and Easter

lus. Day.

Vol. 14. Pacchiarotto, and How He Vol. 6. Dramatic Lyrics: and Luria.

Worked in Distemper, with

other Poems: La Saisiaz: and Vol. 7. In a Balcony: and Dramatis

the Two Poets of Croisic. Persona.

Vol. 15. Dramatic Idyls, First Series: Vol. 8. The Ring and the Book.

Dramatic Idyls, Second SerBooks i to 4.

ies : and Jocoseria.

The Ring and the Book. Vol. 16. Ferishtah's Fancies: and
Books 5 to 8.

Parleyings with Certain Vol. 10. The Ring and the Book.

People of Importance in Books 9 to 12.

their Day.




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