English and Scottish Ballads, Том 5

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Francis James Child
Little, Brown, 1864

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Стр. 281 - With that came in a wealthy knight, Which was both grave and old, And after him a finikin lass, Did shine like the glistering gold. "This is not a fit match...
Стр. 263 - Now Robin Hood is to Nottingham gone, With a link a down and a down, And there he met with the proud Sheriff, Was walking along the town.
Стр. 264 - ... news? what news, thou silly old man? What news, I do thee pray?' — Said he, ' Three squires in Nottingham town Are condemned to die this day.' — ' Come change thy apparel with me, old man, Come change thy apparel for mine; Here is forty shillings in good silver, Go drink it in beer or wine.
Стр. 262 - There are twelve months in all the year, As I hear many say, But the merriest month in all the year Is the merry month of May. Now Robin Hood is to Nottingham gone, With a link a down, and a day, And there he met a silly old woman, Was weeping on the way. ' What news ? what news ? thou silly old woman, What news hast thou for me ?' Said she, ' There 's my three sons in Nottingham town To-day condemned to die.
Стр. 435 - No man may compare with Robin Hood, With Robin Hood, Scathlocke and John ; Their like was never, nor never will be, If in case that they were gone. They will not away from merry Shirwood, In any place else to dwell : For there is neither city nor towne, That likes them halfe so well.
Стр. 278 - COME listen to me, you gallants so free, All you that love mirth for to hear, , And I will tell you of a bold outlaw That lived in Nottinghamshire. As Robin Hood in the forest stood, » All under the green-wood tree, There he was aware of a brave young man, As fine as fine might be.
Стр. 309 - Well, I have a room, cousin Robin,' she said, 'Which you did never see, And if you please to walk therein, You blooded by me shall be.
Стр. 220 - I needs must acknowledge thou art a brave soul ; With thee I'll no longer contend ; For needs must I say, thou hast got the day, Our battel shall be at an end.
Стр. 63 - Do gladly, syr abbot," sayd the knyght, « " I am come to holde my day : " The fyrst word the abbot spake, " Hast thou brought my pay ? " " Not one peny," sayd the knyght, " By god that maked me ; " » " Thou art a shrewed dettour," sayd the abbot ; " Syr justyce, drynke to me.
Стр. 279 - As Robin Hood next morning stood, Amongst the leaves so gay, There did he espy the same young man Come drooping along the way. The scarlet he wore the day before, It was clean cast away ; And at every step he fetcht a sigh, " Alack and a well a day ! " Then stepped forth brave Little John, And Midge the miller's son, Which made the young man bend his bow, When as he see them come. "Stand off, stand off...

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