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Advertisements, Specimens of,
744 | Dancing and Dancing Tunes,

26 Alliance, The Anglo-French, 436, 573 Dickens' Readings,

402 America, North, Territorial Questions in, 190 D’Israeli and Duke of Wellington, 174

676 American People and American Politicians, 822 Don Giovanni, Manuscript of, Arago, Youth of, 533 Drawing-room Sybil, The,

432 American Dispute, 821 Drowning, Sensations in,

704 American Secret Correspondence, 820 Duberly, Mrs., Journal of,

385 Arctic Regions, Geography of The, 205 Duganne, Augustine, Poetical Works of, • Seas, Cruise of the Vincennes in, 354

171,394 Voyages, Last of The, 177 Dutch, High and Low,

242 Aristocracy, Cold Shade of,

676 Atmospheric Waves, 693 East, The, Kings of,

65 Austrian Imposture, 437 Elmer,

359 Authors, Obscure,

614 England, Foreign Policy of, 116, 444, 508 Autograph Letters,


38 Epigrams,

320, 359 Bank of England, The,

125 Epitaphs, 176, 264, 316, 320, 351, 605,731, 744 Battery, Floating, 658 Episcopal John Gilpin,

818 Bayeux Tapestry, The,

341 Bee, The Wandering, 239 Fielding, Henry,

705 Bees in New Zealand, 686 Fillibustering,

61 Bewick, Thomas, 670 Folk-lore, Scottish,

128 Beyle, Henri, 641 Forlorn Hope, The,

242 Bible Names, Pronunciation of, 268 France, Salic Law in,

23 Bibliomania in America, 605 Franklin, Sir John,

733 Binding of Old Books, Polishing, 247 Friends in Council Abroad,

129, 232 Black-guard, Origin of the Term, 172 Full-Fig, Meaning of, •

136 Bonpland - The Naturalist,

155 Book Sales in England, 426 Germany and the Concordat,

191 Book, Curious,

People and Princes of, :

382 British Goods, Inferiority of,

378 German Wit,
430 Goethe, Lewes' Life of,

91, 148, 240 Brougham's Statesmen, 161 Gonzague, Maria, &c.,

184 Buildings, New Coating for,

25 Great Britain and the United States, 701 Bulls and Blunders, English and Irish, 319 Guy Mannering, Origin of,

469 Burt, Aaron, Last Moments of, 344 Great Mrs. Hashim Question,

819 845 1 Hands, The Use of,

593 Hawaii, Volcanic Eruption at,

813 676 Heine, Heinrich,

513 Carlyle's Writings, Passages from, 796 Helps, Arthur,

257 Central American Question, The, 766 Hidden Path, The,

202 Chemistry, New Wonders in,

271 Hiawatha,

45, 75, 173, 388, 431 33 Historical Words,

137 539 History-Making, Art of,

243 799 Horses, Hunting, and the Turf,

401 663 Hospitals,

325 Clay, Henry, Private Correspondence of, 248 Humbug, Origin of the Term,

163 373 Hymns,

267 594 433, 439, 505 Idol-Worship,

170 Contemporary or Cotemporary, 576 India, Torture in,

109 496 China and Japan, Taylor's Visit to, 625 47 Inebriates, Reformation of,

231 Cremeries of Paris, The,

352 Insanity, Power of the Will over, 108 "Custom of Ye Englyshe,” A, 163 Inscriptions in Books,



Broth, Dry,

Butler's Analogy,
Butler, Samuel,

Cannon-Ball, Effects of,

Chess and War,
Chinese Rebellion,
Christophe’s Last Days,
Circle, The Squaring,
Coach in England, First,
Cadex Vaticanus, The,
Congress, Peace, The,

Copy-right Law,
Crayon, The,


155 Christmas,

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Inscriptions on Watch-Papers,
270 | Pinchbeck: - Why so called,

" Windows,
470 Pipes,

Italian-English, Specimen of,
192 Polygamy among the Jews,

605 Postal Reform in America,

442, 498
Japan, Spalding's Account of,
395 Pottery, Ancient,

England and the United States, 661 Prescott's History of Philip the Second, 27, 449
Treaty with,
662 Proverbs and Old Sayings,

136, 268
Jew Butcher's Case, The,
107 Punch to Brother Jonathan,

447 Junius Inquiries,


POETRY. Kars, 567-8-570 At the Linn-side,

74 Kane, Dr.,

Aurora Borealis, An,

160 King who could do Wrong,

785 Kossuth, Speech of, 127 | Babie Bell,

96 Books, Sonnet on,

113 Lamb, Charles, 128 Brother Lands,

824 “ Leader,” Doing A, 175 Bunyan, John, In Memory of,

468 Leprosy in the Crimea, 660

160 Letter-Writing, Curious Specimen of,


160 Liberia and Sierra Leone,

Tree, The,

183 Liberty, Japanese Idea of,

Comic Artist,

256 Lind, Jenny, on Singing,

in Sacred Music,
334 Dark Side, The,

Lions and Lion-Hunting,
678 Dew,

204 Literary Talent, Sympathy with, 90 Double Life,

616 Longevity, 576 Drink and Away,

566 Love, Philosophy of, 357 Dust,

48 Luther, Martin, on Copernicus,

Glee-maiden's Spell,

God's Blessing,

204 Macaulay's History,

405 Mad Painter, 791 He giveth his Beloved Sleep,

37 Maria Theresa and the Pompadour, 182 Herre I Love,

256 Marriage, Prohibited Days for, 95 Interpreters, Two,

312 Matrimonial Alliances, Royal,

63 Medical License, An Old, 153 Jubilate,

183 Message, President Pierce's, The English

Launch, The,

Levavi Oculos,

113 Metals, New,

Lines written at Chicago,

Military Adventure in the Pyrenees, 541, 805
Milton and Napoleon, .
139, 575 Military Execution,

732 Molé, Count, Biographical Notice of, 254, 359 Moss Rose, The,

312 Moon, The, Circle Round, 658 My Love is full of Happy Mirth,

74 Montesquieu, 273 Murmurs,

616 Mormon Etymology, 318 Nightingale’s Song, The,

768 Mother, The Aged,

317 Mustache worn by Clergymen, 174


** Over the Hills and Far Away," Murat, 139

824 Patience on a Monument,

48 Nagpore, Widowed Queens of, 154 Peace,

700 Napoleon's House at Longwood, 351 Peace, Mrs. Durden's View of,

700 Napoleon the Third, Speech of, 501 Perfect Sincerity,

765 Newton's Principia, Analysis of, 321 Present, The,

44 New York, Under Strata of, 269 Pure and Simple,

638 Nicaragua, Government of, -571

615 Nightingale, Miss, Queen's Present to,

113 "Noctes Ambrosianæ, The,

Rope-walk, The, 179


Rupert's March,
Nursery Tale,

Sebastopol, English Worship in,

Ocean River in the Pacific,
532 Shadow on the Wall,


824 Oscar I., King of Sweden,

95 Shadow of George Herbert, Oxford and the Fine Arts, 373 Simile, A,

48 Sonnet,

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Press on,

660 Ranger, The,



96 Paper Materials, New,

Tomb in Ghent,

398 Peerages, Life,

Too Late,

824 Pera, Society at, 617

745 Persia and the East India Company, 446 Vermonters' Song,

732 Philip the Second, Reign of,

27, 449 Voyage of Life,

671, ,



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Snow Power,

Weather, Pleasant,
616 | Madonna del Laghetto, The,

555 West Wind, The, 312 Mary Sutherland,

275 Winter Morning,

400 Military Adventure in the Pyrenees, 541, 805 Work for Heaven, 37 Old House of Darkbrothers, The,

208 Our First Lodgers,

735 Raleigh, Sir Walter,

264 Railway Companion, The, Redbreast, Legend of the, 539 Snow Storm, The,

347 Rogers, Samuel, 355, 389, 392 Zaidee : concluded,

49 Romance and Reality,

184 Rome, Handbook of 627 United States and Russia,

121 Royal Matrimonial Alliances,

63 Russia, American Sympathies with, 121 Washington Medal, The,

115 and the Allies, 485 Watch-paper Inscriptions,

270 Waverley Novels, Authorship of,

664 Sabbath Bells,

384 677

Waves, Speed of, Sailor Authors, American, 560 Wedding Rings, Posies from,

73, 484 Salic Law in France,

375 23

Weights and Measures, Improved, Scott, Walter, Anecdote of,

274 554

Whale Fishery, Scrooby,

White-clad Sect, The,

337 Sebastopol, Great Explosion at,

470 265

Window Inscriptions, Sermon, Quaint, .

311 704

Witchcraft, Cure for, Silver, Export of,

659 374

Witness-box, Science in the,
Sneezing, Philosophy of

Woman and the Moon,

95, 158
Worlds, Plurality of,

360, 403 Spanish Play-bill,

270 Yacht-sailing with the Baltic Fleet, 140 Speculation, Mania for,

61 Spirit-rapping — no Novelty, 247 Zoological Gardens,

769 Stars -- the flowers of Heaven,


Saltan, The, and the French Emperor,

Unexpected Effects of the War,

123 An Untimely Surrender,

252 Necessities of the Peace Question, 376, 433

577 Tam O'Shanter, Illustrated, Peace and the French Alliance,

380 703 Tavern Signs, Poetical, The Russian War in Asia,

440 242 Thackeray's Miscellanies, “ As in a Glass, Darkly,

502 114 Thiers' History of the Consulate,

Abject Language and Ideas,

506 French Desire for Peace,

573 372 365 Prospect of Peace,

628 Trust, Criminal Breach of,

Basis of Negotiations,

629, 637 124

Progress of 503

764 Tortle, Introduction of, Russia's Vis Inertiæ,

631 Treaty of Adrianople and the Austrian Points,

633 TALES. Conservative Peace,

635 164 News of Peace,

694 80, 687 British Ministry and Peace,

696 97 Parliament and the How I grew into an Old Maid,

697, 760 597 Remonstrants against

761 471, 746 The Promised

763 606 Congress of Paris,

762 791

Steam Hammer,

Swift's Copyrights,


Toads, Venom of,
Trarellers’ Contrivances,
Turkish Government, The,



Baby-Trooper, The,
Fortunes of Glencore,
How I became an Egyptian,


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Kate Coventry, Land Shark, The, Mad Painter, The,


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From the North British Review.

years dur

part of Hudibras was given to the world. 1. The Poetical Works of Samuel Butler. This is the more remarkable when we remem

With Life, Critical Dissertation, and ber through what a busy age of literary pro-
Explanatory Notes, by the Rev. GEORGE
GILFILLAN. 2 vols. Édinburgh,

James duction Butler thus contrived to remain silent. Nichol. 1854.

He had twenty-eight clear years of life before 2. The Poetical Works of Samuel Butler. the outbreak of the Civil Wars

Edited, with Memoir and Notes, by ing which he might actually, as a young man, ROBERT BELL. 8vo. London, John have welcomed into print the last literary W. Parker & Son. 1855.

performances of such surviving veterans of Turotga either of these editions of Butler's the Elizabethan age as Ben Jonson, Donne, Poetical Works the new generation of book- Drayton, Chapman, and Ford ; but though buyers and readers have a good opportunity other young Englishmen of this time, such as of becoming acquainted with a writer who, Waller, Davenant, Suckling, Milton, Denham, though two-hundred years have elapsed since and Cowley, made good their entrance into he lived, is still, in some respects, unique in literature before these giants of the elder genour literature. The age is passed, indeed, in eration had finally quitted the stage, Butler which

any one would be likely to take But- saw them vanish without so much as attemptler's poems, as some rough country gentle- ing to put himself in any other relation to man, of last century, is said to have done, them than that of an ordinary reader. Then as his sole literary companion and general came the period of the Civil Wars and the cabinet of wisdom ; and most readers who Commonwealth, coinciding with all that porhave reached their climacteric have already a tion of Butler’s life which elapsed between copy of Butler on their shelves, and have his twenty-ninth and his forty-ninth year. pretty well made up their minds as to what This period, being one of turmoil and politithe man was, and as to the amount of service cal excitement, as well as of Puritan governfor any good purpose that is still to be got ment, was not so favorable to the purer kinds out of him. Young fellows, however, who of literary production, i. e., to imaginative have to complete their education, cannot do and calm speculative or historical literature, 80 without at least dipping into Hudibras; as the age which it had succeeded. Still it and, besides, the farther an old author such had an ample literature, peculiar to itselfas Butler recedes into the past, and the more a literature, at least, of satire and incessant the miscellany of things interposed between theological and political discussion ; and, in him and us is increased by the advance of one way or another, some at home and others time, the less of him remains vital, and the in exile, such writers as Hobbes, Herrick, Izaak more nearly is he reduced to his true and Walton, and the dramatist Shirley, all of

And hence — not alone whom had been past middle age before the for the sake of the young fellows in question civil wars-began, and such younger writers may it be worth while to devote a few as Waller, Davenant, Suckling, Milton, Denpages to what otherwise might be thought a ham, and Cowley, who, as has just been somewhat fusty subject. If Dryden, Addison, mentioned, had taken their degree in literaSwift , and Foote

, are deemed worthy of re- ture before the same revolutionary outburst, suscitation, even in the midst of a war with continued, during the era of Puritan ascendRossia

, and a hundred other grave contempo- ency, to stand before the world as active men rary matters, who will have the heart to object of letters. Shirley, poor fellow, his source to an hour's gossip about old Samuel Butler ? of livelihood cut off by the suppression of the Dae peculiarity about Butler, as one of our stage in 1642, had gone into the country to

that he was fifty years of teach a school and live on his reputation as age before he was so much as heard of by his an ex-dramatist; Herrick, ejected from his I contemporaries. He was born in 1612, and charge in Devonshire, as not being the kind it was not till the end of 1662 that the first of clergyman that a Puritan government


permanent essence.

British authors,




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