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REAsons for publishing this BOOK. THOI may possibly incur the displeasure of those whole secular

views may be frustrated or disappointed by the publication of this New Week's Preparation ; yet I have the confolation of being fully assured that this present undertaking will want no apology to those who have religion truely at heart, if they will, with a little attention, compare this performance with the Old Week's Preparation, formerly printed for Samuel Keble. Nor ain I under any apprehension of being condemned for adding one more to the number of devotional books, already extant upon the subject of the holy facrament of the Lord's Supper; because the tempers and talents of men are la different, that what does not affect one may possibly touch another; and, provided that fubftantial piety and devotion are improving, 100 many instruments cannot le employed for that purpose. I am also persuaded that the present Proprietors of Kelle's Old Week's Preparation, cannot, as christians, be so deftitute of principle and good-will to the public cause of the christian religion, as to endeavour, or even defore the continuance of a book which has already been found so injurious to christianity, and has brought so great and many scan. dals upon the reasonable service of. almighty God, as it will ap. pear that book has already done : and therefore it is certainly inoff unfit to be put into the hands of devout and well-meaning, but otherwise undiscerning chriflians. To demonstrate that these complaints are just and fairly grounded, I have transcribed a few passages from the editions of Kelle's IVeck's Preparation; the one printed 1738, the other in the year 1742; aiid desire the impartial reader, after he has confidered the tendency of those rapturous and wanton expressions, to judge whether that book deserves to be blamed and fit aside, or not.

The pages before the lines refer to the finall edition printed
1742, and the pages after the lines to the pompous Edi-
tion printed 1738.]
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E. 20.

Published by Authority.

To all devout Christians. DE pleased to observe, that the preference, which

Ý the truly pious and judicious have given to this New Week's Preparation, has lately tempted several Booksellers to reprint Keble's Old Week's Preparation, with an Engraved Title-page, and a New Print before it, so as to make that Old Book somewhat resemble this New Week's Preparation to the eye of the purchaser: and therefore the public are desired to be careful, that they have not that Old Book imposed upon them for the future, instead of this New Weeks Preparation, which is published by the King's Authority, and is, by Assignment from the Executors of the late Mr. Wicksteed, printed ONLY for John Hinton, at the King's Arms, in Newgate Street, London.

e BEWARE also of a Book intitled, The New Week's Preparation for the woriby receiving of the Lord's Supper, IMPROVED, C.

pretended to be printed at GLASGOW, LONDON, and several other Places) which for some Time past has been fold in and abeitt MANCHESTER, and has been published, as it is presumed, with the same lucrative Views, as that above mentioned

E.ramine thy Self and Repent before thou presume to
Eat of that Bread and Drink of'that Cnp. e

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Engraved and Printed only forJ.Hinton, according ton

an Act of Parliament.

Week's Preparation

For a Worthy receiving of the
Low's Supper


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Recommended and Appointed

By the

Confisting of
MEDITATIONS and PRAYERS for the Morning||
and Evening of every Day in the Week:

Forms of Examination and Confeffion of Sins,

A Companion at the Altar,
Directing the CommunicantinhisBehaviour and
Devotions at the LORDS TABLE;

MEDITATIONS to enable us to live well

after receiving the

To which are added
A Morning & Evening Prayer for theClosetorFamily.&c.

The Twenty Ninth Edition.
LONDON,Printed by Assignment from the

E.recutors of the late EDW. WICKSTEED,
for John HINTON in Newgate Street.

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