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Boyd's Eclectic Moral Philosophy.

Prepared for Literary Institutions and general Use. 12mo

Muslin, 75 cents; Sheep extra, 87} cents. Boyd's Elements of Rhetoric and Literary Crit

icism. With practical Exercises and Examples. Also, a suc. cinct History of the English Language, and of British and American Literature, from the earliest to the present Times.

18mo, half Bound, 50 cents.
Campbell's Philosophy of Rhetoric.

Revised Edition. 12mo, Muslin, $1 25.
Upham's Elements of Mental Philosophy.

Embracing the two Departments of the Intellect and the Sensi

bilities. 2 vols. 12mo, Sheep extra, $2 50. Upham's Mental Philosophy, Abridged.

12mo, Sheep extra, $1 25. Upham's Treatise on the Will.

12mo, Sheep extra, $1 25. Upham's Imperfect and Disordered Mental Ac

tion. 18mo, Muslin, 45 cents. Abercrombie's Treatise on the Intellectual

Powers, and the Investigation of Truth. 18mo, Muslin, 45

cents; half Bound, 50 cents. Abercrombie's Philosophy of the Moral Feel.

ings. With Questions. 18mo, Muslin, 40 cents; half Bound,

50 cents.

Markham's (Mrs.) History of France,

From the Conquest of Gaul by Julius Cæsar to the Reign of
Louis Philippe. Prepared for the Use of Schools by the Addi-
tion of a Map, Notes, and Questions, and a Supplementary
Chapter, bringing down the History to the present Time, by

Jacob ABBOTT. With Engravings. 12mo, half Bound, $1 25 Tytler's Universal History,

From the Creation of the World to the Decease of George III.,

1820. 6 vols. 18mo, Muslin, $2 70. Hale's History of the United States,

From their first Settlement as Colonies to the close of the Ad. ministration of Mr. Madison in 1817. 2 vols. 18mo, Muslin,

90 cents. Robertson's History of the Discovery of Amer

ica. With an Account of the Anthor's Life and Writings. With Questions for the Examination of Students, by J. Frost, A.M. With Engravings. 8vo, Sheep extra, $175,

Robertson; Jimo, Muslin, 4. en Life a

Robertson's History of America, Abridged.

With an Account of the Author's Life and Writings, by DUGALD

Stewart. 18mo, Muslin, 45 cents. Robertson's History of the Emperor Charles V.

With a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, to the begin. ning of the Sixteenth Century. With Questions for the Examination of Students, by John Frost, A.M. With Engravings.

8vo, Sheep extra, $1 75. Robertson's History of Charles V., Abridged.

18mo, Muslin, 45 cents. Schmitz's History of Rome,

From the earliest Times to the Death of Commodus, A.D. 19%.

With Questions. 12mo, Muslin, 75 cents. Plautus's The Captives.

With English Notes, &c., by John ProudFit, D.D. 18mo,

Paper, 37} cents.
Muller's History of the World,

From the earliest Period to 1783. Compared throughout with
the Original, revised, corrected, and illustrated by a Notice of
the Life and Writings of the Author, by ALEXANDER EVERETT.

4 vols. 12mo, Muslin, $3 00. Slallam's Constitutional History of England,

From the Accession of Henry VII. to the Death of George II.

8vo, Sheep extra, $2 25. Goldsmith's History of Greece, Abridged.

Edited by the Author of “ American Popular Lessons. 18mo,

half Sheep, 45 cents. Goldsmith's History of Rome, Abridged.

Edited by Henry W. Herbert. 18mo, half Sheep, 45 cents Michelet's Elements of Modern History.

Translated from the French, with an Introduction, Notes, &c.,

by Rev. Dr. Potter. 18mo, Muslin, 45 cents. Robins's (Miss) Tales from American History.

With Engravings. 3 vols. 18mo, Muslin, $1 00. Beck's Botany of the United States,

North of Virginia ; comprising Descriptions of the Flowering and Fern-like Plants hitherto found in those States, arranged according to the Natural System. With a Synopsis of the Genera according to the Linnæan System, a Sketch of the Ru

diments of Botany, &c. 12mo, Muslin, $1 25; Sheep, $1 50. Mil's Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive.

Being a connected View of the Principles of Evidence and
Methods of Scientific Investigation. 8vo, Muslin, $200.

Russell's Juvenile Speaker.

Comprising Elementary Rules and Exercises in Declamation, with a Selection of Pieces for Practice. 12mo, Muslin, 60

cents ; half Bound, 70 cents. Harper's New York Class-book.

Comprising Outlines of the Geography and History of New York; Biographical Notices of eminent Individuals; Sketches of Scenery and Natural History ; Accounts of Public Institu

tions, &c. By William Russell. 12mo, half Sheep, $1 25. Harper's Map of the United States and Canada,

Showing the Canals, Rail-roads, and principal Stage Routes.
By SAMUEL BREESE, A.M. Colored in various Styles and

mounted on Rollers. Price from $2 00 to $2 50. Morse's North American Atlas.

Containing 36 Folio Maps in Colors, forming a complete Atlas

of this Continent. Half Roan, $2 75. Morse's School Geography.

Illustrated by more than 50 Cerographic Maps, and numerous

Engravings on Wood. 4to, 50 cents. Salkeld's First Book in Spanish;

Or, a practical Introduction to the Study of the Spanish Language. Containing full Instructions in Pronunciation, a Grammar, Reading Lessons, and a Vocabulary. 12mo, Muslin,

$1 00; Sheep extra, $1 25. Salkeld's Roman and Grecian Antiquities,

Including a Sketch of Ancient Mythology. With Maps, &c.

12mo, Muslin, 37} cents.
Duff's North American Accountant.

Embracing Single and Double Entry Book-keeping, practically
Adapted to the Inland and Maritime Commerce of the United
States. 8vo, half Bound, School Edition, 75 cents ; Mercan-

tile Edition, $1 50. Bennet's American System of Book-keeping.

Adapted to the Commerce of the United States in its Domestio

and Foreign Relations. 8vo, half Bound, $1 50. Edwards's Book-keeper's Atlas.

4to, half Roan, $2 00. Burke's Essay on the Sublime and Beautiful.

A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful. With an introductory Discourse concern

ing Taste. Edited by A. Mills. 12mo, Muslin, 75 cents. Alison on the Nature and Principles of Taste.

With Corrections and Improvements, by ABRAHAM MILLs. 12mo, Muslin, 75 cents.

Potter's Political Economy.

Its Objects, Uses, and Principles ; considered with reference to the Condition of the American People. With a Summary

for the Use of Students. 18mo, half Sheep, 50 cents. Potter's Science Applied to the Arts, &c.

The Principles of Science applied to the Domestic and Mechanic Arts, and to Manufactures and Agriculture. With Illustra

tive Cuts. 12mo, Muslin, 75 cents. Potter's Hand-book for Readers and Students,

Intended to assist private Individuals, Associations, School
Districts, &c., in the Selection of useful and interesting Works

for Reading and Investigation. 18mo, Muslin, 45 cents. Maury's Principles of Eloquence.

With an Introduction, by Rev. Dr. Potter. 18mo, Muslin,

45 cents; balf Bound, 50 cents. Lieber's Essays on Property and Labor,

As connected with Natural Law and the Constitution of Socie

ety. Edited by Rev. Dr. Potter. 18mo, Muslin, 45 cents. Paley's Natural Theology.

With illustrative Notes, &c., by Lord BROUGHAM and Sir C.
BELL, and preliminary Observations and Notes, by A. POTTER,

D.D. With Engravings. 2 vols. 18mo, Muslin, 90 cents.
Paley's Natural Theology.

A new Edition, from large Type, edited by D. E. BARTLETT.
Copiously Ilustrated, and a Life and Portrait of the Author

2 vols. 12mo, Muslin, $1 50. Mahan's System of Intellectual Philosophy.

12mo, Muslin,, 90 cents. Henry's Epitome of the History of Philosophy.

Being the Work adopted by the University of France for Instruction in the Colleges and High Schools. Translated, with Additions, and a Continuation of the History, by C. S. HENRY,

D.D. 2 vols. 18mo, Muslin, or in 1 vol., half Bound, 90 cents. Schmucker's Psychology;

Or, Elements of a new System of Mental Philosophy, on the
Basis of Consciousness and Common Sense. 12mo, Muslin,

$1 00. Griscom's Animal Mechanism and Physiology.

Being a plain and familiar Exposition of the Structure and
Functions of the Human System. With Engravings. 18mo,

Muslin, 45 cents; half Sheep, 50 cents.
Olmstead's Letters on Astronomy,

Addressed to a Lady. With numerous Engravings. 18mo,
Muslin, 75 cents.

Combe's Principles of Physiology,

Applied to the Preservation of Health, and the Improvement of
Physical and Mental Education. With Questions. Engrav-

ings. 18mo, Muslin, 45 cents ; half Sheep, 50 cents. Noel and Chapsal's French Grammar.

With Additions, &c., by Sarah E. Seaman. Revised by C. P.

Bordenave. 12mo, Muslin, 75 cents. Hempel's Grammar of the German Language.

Arranged into a new System on the Principle of Induction. *

vols. 12mo, half Bound, $1 75. Glass's Life of Washington,

In Latin Prose. Edited by J. N. REYNOLDS. With a Portrait.

12mo, Muslin, $1 12. Cicero's Three Dialogues on the Orator.

Translated into English by W. GUTHRIE. Revised and cor

rected, with Notes. 18mo, Muslin, 45 cents. Whewell's Elements of Morality, including

Polity. 2 vols. 12mo, Muslin, $1 00. Beecher's (Miss) Treatise on Domestic Econ.

omy, for the Use of Young Ladies at Home and at School. Revised Edition, with numerous Additions and illustrative En.

gravings. 12mo, Muslin, 75 cents. Hazen's Popular Technology;

Or, Professions and Trades. Illustrated with 81 Engravings.

18mo, half Sheep, 75 cents. Leo's Elements of Geology for Popular Use.

Containing a Description of the Geological Formations and
Mineral Resources of the United States. With Engravings.

18mo, half Sheep, 50 cents. Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of

England. With the last Corrections of the Author, and Notes from the Twenty-first London Edition. With copious Notes explaining the Changes in the Law effected by Decision or Statute down to 1844. Together with Notes adapting the Work to the American Student, by John L. WENDELL, Esq.

With a Memoir of the Author. 4 vols. 8vo, Sheep extra, $7 00. Dymond's Essays on the Principles of Morality,

And on the Private and Political Rights and Obligations of Mankind. With a Preface and Notes, by Rev. G. Bush. 8vo, Mus

lin, $1 371. Montgomery's Lectures on General Literature,

Poetry, &c., with a Retrospect of Literature, and a View of modern English Literature. 18mo, Muslin, 45 cents.

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