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THE appearance of the present half volume, demands an explanation from the Society.- A desire to fulfil its engagement with the public as far as circumstances would permitand also to comply with an express law of great importance to its interests, have induced the Society to offer the present publication as the first part of a volume, which was promised to be brought forward every two years. It is the intention of the Society to publish a second part early in the year 1794:-Unavoidable delays, occasioned by the pre-occupation of the press, and the dilatoriness of engravers, have protracted this first part of the fourth volume beyond the limited term.The Society must again repeat, as a general declaration, that responsibility for the truth of facts, or justness of opinions, to be found in this or any future volume, refls with their respective authors. The favourable reception by the public of the former volumes of these Memcirs, at the some time that it demands the warmest acknowledgments of the Society, will Serve powerfully to excite its future exertions.

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