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ened of a very considerable share of monotony; but as a clever modern writer of historical fiction has observed, much deep reasoning upon politics must not be expected from one whose mind is necessarily and usually employed on professional pursuits that tend to improve it ; which pursuits also tend to make one knowor care little about local Colonial politics, the very worst and most complex of all, whilst the politics of an English gentleman abroad and those of a British officer, everywhere, are generally very different in their scope, embracing the whole British Empire, but resolvable into the limits of honour and respect for “ The Queen, the Laws, and the Government,” with a firm determination to support them, in the language of the Ordnance Military Motto, Ubique, or wherever the fame and glory of our Monarch and our Country require.

Condition of both Provinces in the year 1839, and until the



Reflections on the probable future destinies of Canada, and general

polity of the Colonial Empire of Great Britain in Northern



Serious riots in Montreal in 1849—Destruction of the Houses of

Parliament -The Governor-general assailed - Death of Lieutenant-

general Sir Benjamin D'Urban .

. 265


New British Possession Act .


Commercial relations of Quebec with Great Britain and the



Arguments of Mr. Merritt respecting the Transit Trade . 300

The Forwarding Trade-Ship Canals

. 308

Tables for 1850.


Sketch of the Country adjacent to Montreal, and the principal seat
of the Insurrection. To face Chap. I., Vol. 1.

Sketch, Map of Canada West. To face Chap. I., Vol. 2.

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