From heads of household to heads of state: the preaccession households of Mary and Elizabeth Tudor, 1516-1558

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Columbia University Press, 27 янв. 2009 г. - Всего страниц: 251
J. L. McIntosh argues that Mary I and Elizabeth I were authority figures beforethey acceded to the English throne. As independent heads of households and property-owners, the Tudor princesses attained a social and political status usually reserved for elite men, showing that women could achieve agency through the management of an elite household. Drawing on their household archives, McIntosh recounts how the Tudor princesses attracted political clients, challenged royal authority, and established a recognizable political profile by exploiting the resources of servants, estates, and material culture. Her research proves that "exceptional" women can offer insights into the opportunities available to other contemporary women and that the elite household was a foundational element in identity formation.

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The Corporate Household
Tie Material Household and
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J. L. McIntosh is an assistant professor of history at the University of Tennessee. She is particularly interested in exploring the relationship between authority and gender as articulated in Tudor England.

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