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283. Inconstancy in religion lamented.
284. A penitential hymn.
285. The happiness of the penitent.
286. Prayer for pardoning mercy.
287. Christian charity.
288. Prayer for kind affections.
289. Kind affections an acceptable offering.
290 The blessings of the pious and charitable.
291. The happiness of the liberal man.
292. Christian unity.
293. Brotherly love.
294. Pious friendship.
295. Piety the source of domestic

296. Contentment.
297. Meekness.
298. Justice.
299. A happy life.
300. Candour.
301. The right and duty of private judgement.

431. Acceptable worship.
432. (2 Chron. xi. 5)“Who am I then that I should build

bin an house?”
433. Pure and acceptable worship.
434. (Rom. xiv. 1)“ Him that is weak in the faith re-
435. The religious character.
436. The Christian pilgrimage and warfare.
437. (2 Cor. iv. 8) “ We are troubled on every side, but

not distressed."
438. Asking the way to Zion,
439. (Luke, vii.35-37)“ Blessed are those servants whom

the Lord when he cometh shall find watching."
440. (Psalm cxix) The blessings of a virtuous life.
441. (Matt. vi. 23) “ If the light that is in thee be dark-


how great is that darkness."
442. The contemplation of heavenly joys.
443. Devout aspirations.
444. (Mark xii. 30) “ Thou shalt love the Lord thy God

with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with

all thy mind, and with all thy strength.”.
445. The love and fear of God our support under afflic-

446. Trust in God.
447. Prayer to the God of mercy.

ceive ye."

448. Prayer.
449. Trust in the divine presence and help.
450. Pious confidence in God.
451. Refuge and strength in the mercy of God.
452. Faith in the promises of God.
453. (2 Cor. v. 7)" We walk by faith, and not by sight."
454. Reliance upon God under affliction.
455. Trust in God our Father.
456. The duty of resignation.
457. Resignation to the will of God.
458. Religious retirement.
459. Communion with God.
460. Seeking the things above.
461. Imploring the divine aid.
462. Prayer for divine aid.
463. Inconstancy in religion lamented.
464. The blessings of humility.
465. (Matt. v. 23, 24) “ If thou bring thy gift to the

altar,” &c.
466. (Psalm cxxxiii.) Brotherly love.
467. The law of love.
468. Benevolence.
469. Charity, faith and hope.
470. The luxury of doing good.
471. Charity.


302. The wisdom of redeeining time.
303. The light of time a motive to diligence and piety.
304. The shortness and uncertainty of life in proved.
305. The importance of living for eternity.
306. The day of mercy and hope.
307. The frailty and importance of human life.
308. The near approach to salvation a motive to diligence.
309. The shortness of life, and the goodness of God.
310. Praise to God through life and in death.
311. The vanity of man as mortal.
312. Man frail, and God eternal.
313. Man frail, God all-powerful.
314. The changes of life appointed by God.
315. The changes of life lead to immortality.
316. Earthly and heavenly treasures compared.

317. Comfort in sickness and death.
318. God our everlasting light.
819. Hope in the death of friends.
320. (Rev. xiv. 3) “ Blessed are the dead that die in

the Lord.

323. The death of a young person.
324. Emblems of man's resurrection.
325. Changes of nature types of a future state.
326. Courage in death, and hope of the resurrection.
327. The Christian's hope in a future state.
328. The last judgement.
329. The final judgement of the world.
330. The last judgement.
331. (Josh. x. 12) “ Sun! stand thou still."

472. (Gen. v. 27)“ And all the days of Methuselah were

nine hundred, sixty and nine years, and he died.”
473. (Luke xii. 40) “ Be ye ready: for the Son of man

cometh at an hour when ye think not."
474. The vanity of sublunary glory.
475. Meditation on the rapid Aight of time.
476. God our guardian in life and in death.
477. (Ps. xc.) " Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place.”
478. Life's pilgrimage.
479. “ Whether living or dying, we are thiqe.”
480. God our support in life and in death.
481. (2 Sam. vii. 12)“ Thou shalt sleep with thy fathers."
482. The peaceful death of the Christian.
483. Nature transitory: the soul immortal.
484. The resurrection.
485. (1 Cor. xv. 52, &c.) The resurrection.
486. Aspirations after a future state.
487. The renewal of virtuous intercourse in a future state.
488. (John xiv. 2) “ In my Father's house are many man-

489. The happiness and glory of the future state.
490. (1 Cor. xv. 22) “ For as in Adam all die, even so in

Christ shall all be made alive.
491. Victory over death through Christ.
492. Hope of immortality.
493. The promised land.

494. (1 Cor. xv. 25) “ He must reign till he hath put all

enemies under his feet."
495. (1 Cor. xiv. 24—29) The final restitution of all men.
496. Religious consolation.

332. Christmas hymn.
333. Easter hyinn.

For New Year's Day.

For the Lord's Supper.
340. Domestic worship.
341. Charity.
342. National hymn.
343. National thanksgiving.
344.. In time of war.
345. On

346. Prayer for peace.
347. A morning hymn.
348. Close of the service.
349. - Close of the evening service.
350. God every where present with his people.
351. Doxology.

498. 1
499. For the Lord's Supper.
500. 1
502. For a charity school sermon.



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