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Awful being! from thy throne
Send thy promised blessings down:
Let thy light, thy truth, thy peace,
Bid our raging passions cease :

Glory be to God on high,
God whose glory fills the sky.

64. P. M.


Praise to God from all creatures.

YE tribes of Adam, join
With beaven, and earth, and seas,
And offer notes divine
To your Creator's praise.

Ye holy throng
Of angels bright,
In worlds of light
Begin the song

Thou sun with dazzling rays,
And moon that rulst the night,
Shine to your Maker's praise,
With stars of twinkling light.

His power declare,
Ye floods on high,
And clouds that fly
In empty air.

The shining worlds above
In glorious order stand,
Or in swift courses move
By his supreme command.

He spake the word
And all their frame
From nothing came
To praise the Lord.

He moved their mighty wheels
In unknown ages past,
And each his word fulfills
While time and nature last.

In different ways
His works proclaim
His wondrous name,
And speak his praise.

[blocks in formation]

Praise to the Supreme Ruler and Judge.

(Ps. xcvi.)

O SING to the Lord a new song,
Let the universe join in the strain,
Each day the glad tribute prolong,
His wonders, his glory maintain.
Let gratitude bless the kind power
From whom our salvation descends;
How great is the God we adore !
How rich are the blessings he sends !

In the beauty of holiness bow;
O worship with fear and with love;
How solemn his temples below!
How glorious his presence above !

Proclaim to the nations around,
That God the omnipotent reigns,
Whose righteousness space cannot bound,
Whose purpose unalter'd remains.

O let the wide heavens rejoice,
Let earth with her myriads be glad,
While ocean shall join its loud voice,
And the woods in rich verdure be clad.
Rejoice! for the Lord is at hand;
Prepare ! for his judgement is nigh:
Before him all nations shall stand ;
No guilt from his justice can fly.

66. P. M.


Eternal praise to God.

1. Ye works of God, on him alone, In earth his footstool, heaven his throne,

Be all your praise bestow'd ; Whose hand the beauteous fabric made, Whose eye the finisht work survey’d, And saw that all was good.

2. Ye sons of men, his praise display, Who stampt his image on your clay,

And gave it power to move; Where'er ye go, where'er ye dwell, From age to age successive tell

The wonders of his love.


Ye spirits of the just and good,
That, eager for the blest abode,

To heavenly mansions soar;
O let your songs his praise display,
Till heaven itself shall melt away, ,
And time shall be no more.

4. Praise him, ye meek and humble train, Who shall those heavenly joys obtain

Prepared for souls sincere :
O praise him till ye take your way
To regions of eternal day,
And reign for ever there.

67. C. m.
Praise to God from all creatures.

The glories of my maker, God,

My joyful voice shall sing, And call the nations to adore Their former and their king.

2. We bring our mortal powers to God,

And worship with our tongues ; We claim some kindred with the skies, And join the’angelic songs.

3. Let beasts of every different shape,

And fowls of every wing, And rocks and woods, and fires and seas,

Their various tribute bring.

Ye planets, to his honour shine,

And, wheels of nature, roll.
Praise him in your unwearied course
Around the steady pole.

The brightness of our Maker's name

The wide creation fills,
And his unbounded grandeur flies

Beyond the heavenly hills.

[blocks in formation]

Praise to God from all nature.

1. O AZURE vaults ! O crystal sky!

The world's transparent canopy, Break your long silence, and let mortals know With what contempt you look on things



O light! thou fairest, first of things,

From whom all joy, all beauty springs, O praise the’Almighty Ruler of the globe, Who useth thee as his imperial robe.

3. Great


of all! whose glorious ray Rules the bright empire of the day, O praise his name, without whose purer light Thou hadst been hid in an abyss of night.

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