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Jehovah, he is Israel's God :
His judgements walk the earth abroad :
No other God our praises own,
But thee, thine Israel's holy one.


398. L. M.

God is light.

1. All praise to thee, in light array'd, Who light thy dwelling-place hast made; A boundless ocean of bright beams From thine all-glorious godhead streams.

2, The sun, in its meridian height, Is very

darkness in thy sight; My soul O lighten and inflame With thought and love of thy great name.

Shine on me, Lord, new life impart,
Fresh ardours kindle in my heart;
One ray of thine all-quickening light
Dispels the sloth and clouds of night.

399. L. M. The glory of God in creation and provi


My soul, thy great Creator praise.
When clothed in his cælestial rays
He in full majesty appears,
And like a robe his glory wears:



2. The heavens are for his curtain spread, The unfathom’d deep he makes his bed: Clouds are his chariot when he flies, On winged storms, across the skies.

3. Above the earth, beyond the sky Stands his high throne of majesty; Nor time nor place his power restrain, Nor bound his universal reign. 400. C. M. [Psalm cxvii.]

Thy sole dominion, heavenly King,

Enjoys immortal peace :
And, founded on a rock, endures
No shadow of decrease.

The rock of ages is the base

On which its towers recline, Whose walls of adamant are crown'd With beams of joy divine.

Beneath thy reign of bliss supreme, ,

Be mine the glorious part
To share the bounties of thy love
With ecstasy of heart;

Where wisdom thy design unfolds

In truth's eternal light,
And goodness breathes her native air

In realms of pure delight.


401. L. M.
[Psalm civ.]

O CLOTHED with majesty divine,

pomp, what glory, Lord, are thine! Light forms thy robe, and round thy head The heavens their ample curtain spread.

Behold, aloft, the King of kings,
Borne on the winds' expanded wings,
His chariot, by the clouds supplied,
Thro'heaven's wide realm triumphant ride.

To God the all-prolific earth,
From chaos call’d, ascribes her birth ;
And, fixt by his almighty hand,
Has stood, and shall for ages stand.

He spake; and o'er each mountain's head
The deep its watery mantle spread :
He spake; and from the whelming flood
Again their tops emergent stood.

5. Eternal Ruler of the skies, How various are thy works, how wise! How great the wonders thou hast wrought, And deep beyond all search of thought !



Thy glory, fearless of decline,
Thy glory, Lord, shall ever shine ;
Thy works in changeless order lie,
And glad their great Creator's eye.

7. Earth at thy look shall trembling stand, Conscious of sovereign power at hand, Ánd, touch'd by thee, almighty Sire, The cloud-topt hills in smoke expire.

To God in ceaseless strains my tongue
Shall meditate the grateful song;
His acts shall be my constant theme,
His favour my delight supreme.

My soul, the hymn of ardent praise
In loudest notes triumphant raise ;
And let consenting nations join
To bless with me the name divine.

402. L. M.


The greatness and majesty of God.
[Isaiah xl. 15, 16, 17.]

Ye weak inhabitants of clay,
Ye trifling insects of a day,
Low in your native dust bow down
Before the Eternal's awful throne.

With trembling heart, with solemn eye,
Behold Jehovah seated high:
And search, what worthy sacrifice
Your hands can give, your thoughts devise.

3. Let Lebanon her cedars bring To blaze before the sovereign King, And all the beasts that on it feed As victims at his altar bleed.


Loud let ten thousand trumpets sound,
And call remotest nations round,
Assembled on the crowded plains,
Princes and people, kings and swains :

Join'd with the living, let the dead
Rising the face of earth o'erspread :
And while his praise unites their tongues,
Let angels echo back the songs.

The drop that from the bucket falls,
The dust that hangs upon the scales,
Is more to sky, and earth, and sea,
Than all this pomp, O God, to thee!

403. L. M.
God's majesty and goodness.

Our Lord ascends his lofty throne,
Array'd in majesty unknown;
His-lustre all the temple fills,
And spreads o'er all the æthereal hills.

His glories strike the wondering sight
Of all the first-born sons of light:
Beyond the seraphim they shine
Unrival'd all, and all divine.

Beyond an angel's vision bright
He dwells in self-existent light,
Which shines with undiminish'd ray
When suns and stars in smoke decay.

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