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385. C. M.

The compassion of God.
[Isaiah liv. 7, 8.]

In thy rebukes, all-gracious God,

What soft compassion reigns ! What gentle accents of thy voice Assuage thy children's pains !

2. “ When I correct my chosen sons

" A father's mercies move : “ One transient moment bounds my wrath, “ But endless is my love."

Our faith shall look through every tear,

And view thy smiling face;
And hope amidst our sighs shall tune
An anthem to thy grace.

Gather at length my weary soul

To join thy saints above :
For I would learn a song of praise

Eternal as thy love.

386. C. M.

God's compassion to penitent sinners.

The Lord from his exalted throne,

In majesty array'd,
Looks with a melting pity down

On all who seek his aid.

2. When, touch'd with penitent remorse,

Our follies past we mourn, With what a tenderness of love He meets our first return!

Through every scene of life and death

His promise is our trust;
And this shall be our children's song

When we are cold in dust.


387. L. M. [It is I, be not afraid. Matth. xiv. 27.]

1. When power divine, in mortal form, Hush'd, with a word, the raging storm; In soothing accents Jesus said, « Lo it is I! be not afraid."

2. So, when in silence nature sleeps, And his lone watch the mourner keeps, One thought shall every pang remove ;Trust, feeble man, thy Maker's love.

3. Blest be the voice that breathes from heaven To every heart in sunder riven, When love and joy and hope are fled; " Lo it is I! be not afraid."

4. When men with fiend-like passions rage, And foes yet fiercer foes engage; Blest be the voice, though still and small, That whispers—“God is over all.”

God calms the tumult and the storm;
He rules the seraph and the worm;
No creature is by him forgot,
Of those who know, or know him not.

6. And when the last dread hour shall come; While shuddering nature waits her doom; This voice shall call the pious dead; « Lo it is I! be not afraid."

388. P. M.

LIVERPOOL COLLECTION. God our supporter in affliction and death.

O thou that hear'st the contrite sigh,
O God without whose breath I die,

In thee is all my trust;
'Tis thine to heal each mortal pain,
Or at thy will to break the chain
That binds me to the dust.

Why should I doubt that power to save
Which e’en upon the shrouded grave

Beams ever-living light?
Is there no peace beyond the tomb?
No sun of love to gild the gloom
Of stern affliction's night?

The power that bade the planets roll,
The arm that bends to no control,

That power, that arm is mine;
To thee, when death shall be no more,
O God, on high my soul shall soar,

For ever, ever thine.

389. P. M.

MONTGOMERY. [Psalm xci.]

1. CALL Jehovah thy salvation,

Rest beneath the Almighty's shade; In his secret habitation

Dwell, nor ever be dismay'd : There no tumult can alarm thee,

Thou shalt dread no hidden snare : Guile nor violence can harm thee, In eternal safeguard there.

2. If, with pure and firm affection,

Thou on God hast set thy love, With the wings of his protection

He will shield thee from above : Thou shalt call on him in trouble,

He will hearken, he will save, Here for grief reward thee double,

Crown with life beyond the grave.

390. c. M.


God a resource in trouble.
[Psalm cxlvii. 3.]

1. When ʼreft of all, and hopeless care

Would sink us to the tomb, O what shall save us from despair?

What dissipate the gloom?

2. No balm that earthly plants distill

Can soothe the mourner's smart;
No mortal hand, with lenient skill,

the broken heart.

But One alone, who reigns above,

Our woe to joy can turn,
And light the lamp of life and love
That long has ceased to burn.

Then, O my soul, to that One flee,

To God thy woes reveal ;
His eye alone thy wounds can see,

power alone can heal.

391. c. M.
The faithfulness of God.

1. Come, happy souls, approach your God

With new melodious songs; Come, render to almighty grace The tribute of your tongues.

2. Trust in the Lord, for ever trust,

And banish all your fears : Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells, Eternal as his years.

He'll never quench the smoking flax,

But raise it to a flame;
The bruised reed he never breaks,

Nor scorns the meanest name.


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