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2. Raised from depths of mental blindness,

Sown in tears,

Joy appears,
Beaming with Heaven's kindness.

Gracious Lord, thy love possessing,

Let each heart

Bear its part,
Grateful for each blessing.

367. C. M.
The Creator seen in his works.

1. There's not a star whose twinkling light

Illumes the distant earth,
And cheers the solemn gloom of night,
But mercy gave it birth.

There's not a cloud whose dews distill

Upon the parching clod,
And clothe with verdure vale and hill,
That is not sent by God.

3. There's not a place in earth's vast round,

In ocean deep, or air,
Where skill and wisdom are not found,
For God is



Around, beneath, below, above,

Wherever space extends,
There Heaven displays its boundless love,

power with mercy blends.


5. Then rise, my soul ! and sing bis name,

And all his praise rehearse, Who spread abroad earth's glorious frame, And built the universe.

368. c. M.

Restoration of pure worship.
[Psalm lxxxv. 11, and lxxxvi. 9, 10.]

The nations all whom thou hast made

Shall come, and all shall frame To bow them low before thee, Lord, And glorify thy name.

Truth from the earth, like to a flower,

Shall bud and blossom then;
And justice, from her heavenly bower,
Look down on mortal men.

For great thou art, and wonders great

By thy strong hand are done; Thou in thy everlasting seat Remainest God alone.

369. P. M. Praise to God for his mercy and truth.

[Psalm cxvii.]

All ye nations, praise the Lord;
All ye lands, your voices raise ;
Heaven and earth, with loud accord
Praise the Lord, for ever praise.



For his truth and mercy stand,
Past, and present, and to be,
Like the years of his right hand,
Like his own eternity.

Praise him, ye who know his love,
Praise him from the depths beneath,
Praise him in the heights above :
Praise your Maker, all that breathe.

370. L. M.
Praise to the God of nature.

Who gave the sun his noon-day light?
Who taught the moon to shine by night?
Whose hands the sheet of heaven unrollid,
All set with stars like drops of gold?

2. Who gave

the winds their course to know? The ocean tides to ebb and flow? And day and night preserve their bounds, And changing seasons know their rounds?

3. Could man conceive the vast design? Could he the grand machine combine..... Stretch his weak hands from pole to pole, And bid them on their centre roll?

4. Could man, with all his skill, compose The humblest blade of


that Or at his will ordain to be The smallest insect that we see?


5. ”Twas God who gave creation birth, Who form’d this wondrous globe of earth, And breathed throughout the mighty whole The likeness of a living soul.



Bow then to God, O all that live!
To God eternal praises give;
Who fashion'd by his mighty hand
Sun, moon, and stars, and sea, and land.
371. L. M.

A morning hymn.

Again the morning's beams proclaim
The glories of thy sacred name;
And heaven and earth and air and sea
Reflect thy might, thy majesty.

2. Thine everlasting love is spread O'er valley, plain, and mountain-head..... Breathes in the breeze, and lights the dew; 'Tis ever active, ever new.

But man, thy favoured creature, shares
Thy kinder, thy peculiar cares;
And what is man, that he should be
So loved and favoured, Lord, of thee?

O be it my unwearied aim
To merit this distinguish'd name;
All other praise, all other bliss
Is weak, is vain, compared with this.


372. L. M.
A morning hymn.

1. Αν

WAKE, my soul, and with the sun
Thy daily stage of duty run;
Shake off dull sloth, and joyful rise

pay thy morning sacrifice.


By influence of the light divine
Let thine own light to others shine;
Reflect all heaven's propitious rays
In ardent love and cheerful praise.

Lord, I my vows to thee renew;
Disperse my sins as morning dew,


first springs of thought and will, And with thyself my spirit fill.

4. Direct, control, suggest this day, All I design to do or say; That all my powers, with all their might, In thy sole glory may unite.

5. All praise to thee, who safe hast kept And hast refresh'd me while I slept: Grant, Lord, when I from death shall wake, I may

of endless life partake.

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