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354. L. M.

WILLIAMS'S COLLECTION. Universal praise.

1. CELESTIAL worlds, your Maker's name Resound through every shining coast; Our God a nobler praise will claim, Where he unfolds his glories most.

2. Stupendous globe of flaming day, Praise him in thy sublime career; He struck from night thy peerless ray, Gave thee thy path and guides thee there.

3. Ye starry lamps, to whom 'tis given Night's sable horrors to illume; Praise him who hung you high in heaven With vivid fires to gild the gloom.

4. Lightnings, that round the Eternal play, Thunders, that from his arm are hurld, The grandeur of your God convey Blazing or bursting on the world.

From clime to clime, from shore to shore,
Be the almighty God adored ;
He made the nations by his power,
And rules them with his sovereign word.

At once let nature's ample round
To God the vast thanksgiving raise ;
His high perfection knows no bound,
But fills the immensity of space.

355. P. M.


[Psalm cxlviii.]

Ye works of God, your Maker praise :
From heaven begin the choral lays,
And praise him, ye on high who dwell:
Ye angels, who about him stand;
Ye hosts, who wait on his command;
The praises of your Sovereign tell.

Praise him, thou golden-tressed sun,
Praise him, thou fair and silver moon,
And ye, bright orbs of streaming light:
Ye floods that float above the skies:
Ye heavens, that vault o'er vault arise :
Praise him who sits above all height.

His praise, ye mountains huge, resound:
Ye hills, ye trees with fruitage crown'd:
Ye cedars wave your summits high.
Praise him, ye beasts that roam the wood,


the fields for food, And



that fly.

4. His praise beyond all praise extends, His name creation's bounds transcends : His people he with strength shall grace: His people chief his praise shall tell, Jehovah's saints, his Israel, His chosen flock, his faithful race.

356. P. M.

Universal praise.
[Psalm cl.]

1. PRAISE the Lord; ye heavens, adore him;

Praise him, angels in the height; Sun and moon, rejoice before him,

Praise him, all ye stars of light: Praise the Lord, for he hath spoken;

Worlds his mighty voice obey'd; Laws which never can be broken For their guidance he hath made.

Praise the Lord, for he is glorious,

Never shall his promise fail ;
God hath made his saints victorious,

Sin and death shall not prevail :
Praise the God of our salvation,

Hosts on high, his power proclaim; Heaven and earth and all creation, Praise and magnify his name ! 357. P. M.

[Psalm xcv.]

1. Come, let us sing Jehovah's praise; To him the pealing chorus raise With trump, and harp, and cymbal's ring: The rock on whom our hopes are placed: With joy before his presence haste, And loud the measured anthem sing.


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Jehovah is the mighty God :
All gods confess his sovereign nod:
Earth’s inmost depths perceive his hand,
His hand the mountains vast and rude :
To him belongs the ocean-flood,
And all the firm compacted land.

Come then, Jehovah's dwelling tread,
And bend the knee, and bow the head,
And worship him, our Maker, there :
For he is God, in whom we move,
And we the people of his love,
The sheep of his paternal care.

L. M.


[Psalm xcv.]

O COME, and to the eternal King
New songs of triumph let us sing :
With holy transport him alone
The strength of our salvation own.

Extended wide beyond all bound,
Beyond all height, his power is found,
Nor lord with him, nor god beside
The honours of his throne divide.

Earth's stores, throughout its inmost frame,
He, great proprietor, shall claim;
Your range, ye cloud-encircled hills,
His power commands, his presence fills.


Let every people, every tribe
Power, glory, strength, to him ascribe:
Let earth’s remotest regions join
In homage to the name divine.

359. L. M.
Praise to the Creator.

Thy power, great God, heaven's lofty seat
With awful wonder shall repeat;
Assembled saints their voice shall raise,
And every tongue proclaim thy praise.

2. The heaven above, and earth below, Thee, Lord, their great possessor know; By thee this orb to being rose, And all that nature's bounds inclose.

3. From thee, amid the æthereal space The north and south assume their place; Strong is thine arm: thy steadfast will Thy hands with sure effect fulfill.


O blest the tribes, whose willing ear
Awakes the festal hymn to hear;
Who thankful see, where'er they tread,
Thy favouring beams around them spread.

O wise in all thy works! thy name
Let man's whole race aloud proclaim;
And, grateful, through the length of days
In ceaseless songs repeat thy praise.

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