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5. Arm'd with this energy divine

Our souls shall steadfast move, And with increasing ardour press On to thy courts above.

So by thy power the morning sun

Pursues his radiant way,
Brightens each moment in his race,
Ånd shines to perfect day.
284. P. M.
A penitential hymn.

God of mercy, God of love,
Hear our sad repentant song;
Sorrow dwells on every face,
Penitence on every tongue.



Deep regret for follies past,
Talents wasted, time misspent;
Hearts debased by worldly cares,
Thankless for the blessings lent.

Foolish fears and fond desires,
Vain regrets for things as vain;
Lips too seldom taught to praise,
Oft to murmur and complain :

These, and every secret fault,
Filld with grief and shame we own;
Humbled at thy feet we lie,
Seeking pardon from thy throne.

God of mercy, God of grace,
Hear our sad repentant songs;
O restore thy suppliant race,
Thou to whom all praise belongs !

285. L. M.

The happiness of the penitent.

Blest is the man, for ever blest,
Whose numerous sins are cover'd o'er,
The humble soul, to whom the Lord
Imputes his guilty deeds no more.

2. He mourns his sinful follies past, And keeps his heart with constant care; His lips and life, without deceit, Shall prove his penitence sincere.

The man who hides his conscious guilt
Shall pine beneath a secret wound;
But he who owns and leaves his faults
With peace and pardon shall be crown'd.

The Lord hath built a throne of grace,
Free to dispense his mercies there,
That sinners may approach his face,
And hope and love as well as fear.

286. L. M.

Prayer for pardoning mercy.

O TURN, great Ruler of the skies,
Turn from my sins thy searching eyes;
Nor let the offences of my hand
Within thy book recorded stand.

Lord, let thy clemency divine
Conspicuous in my pardon shine;
O let the fullness of thy grace
Each error of my life efface !

Give me a will to thine subdued,
A conscience pure, a soul renew'd;
Nor let me, lost in hopeless gloom,
An outcast from thy presence roam.

The heart that, taught its guilt to know,
Repentant heaves with inward woe,
Shall find its humble prayers and sighs
To thee in full acceptance rise.


287. c. M.
Christian charity.

BEHOLD where breathing love divine

Our dying Master stands ! His weeping followers, gathering round,

Receive his last commands.

From that mild teacher's parting lips

What tender accents fell!
The gentle precept which he gave
Became its author well:

3. “Blest is the man, whose softening heart

“Feels all another's pain; “ To whom the supplicating eye “ Was never raised in vain :

4. “ Whose breast expands with generous

" warmth A stranger's woes to feel, “ And bleeds in pity o'er the wound “He wants the power to heal.

5. “ He spreads his kind supporting arms

“ To every child of grief; “ His secret bounty largely flows, “And brings unask'd relief.

6. “To gentle offices of love

“ His feet are never slow; “ He views through mercy's melting eye

A brother in a foe.

“ Peace from the bosom of his God,

“My peace to him I give; “ And when he kneels before the throne

“His trembling soul shall live.


“To him protection shall be shown;

And mercy from above " Descend on those who thus fulfill

“The perfect law of love."

288. c. M.

Prayer for kind affections.

1. FATHER of mercies, send thy grace

All-powerful from above
To form in our obedient souls
The image of thy love.

O may our sympathizing breasts

The generous pleasure know, Kindly to share in others' joy, And weep for others' woe!

3. Where'er the helpless sons of grief

In low distress are laid, Soft be our hearts their pains to feel, And swift our hands to aid !

4. Under the gentle sway of love

Be every passion brought; O be the law of love fulfill'd

In every act and thought!

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