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For what are all thine anxious cares,
Thy ceaseless toil?

For what, when roars the wind, thy fears
Lest in the broil

When bursting clouds and furious waves contend,

Thy bark rich-freighted all engulft descend?


Fraught with disease tomorrow comes
And bows thy head;

From treasured heaps and splendid domes
Thy thoughts recede:

The dream is o'er: then kiss the chastening


That points the road to virtue and to God.


Seek thou, my soul, a nobler wealth
And more secure :

Content and peace, the mind's best health,
And thoughts all


And deeds benevolent, and prayer and praise, And deep submission to heaven's righteous



266. c. M.
Virtue the source of peace.


FORSAKE, my soul, the tents of sin;
How false her joys appear!
Noise and confusion dwell within;
Peace is a stranger there.


Peace never fix'd her sacred throne
So near the gates of hell;
She reigns in pious breasts alone,
Where heavenly virtues dwell.


The men who keep the laws of God
His choicest blessings share;
Or, if he lifts his chastening rod,
"Tis with a father's care.


His mighty power shall guard the just,
His wisdom point their way;
His eye shall watch their sleeping dust,
His hand revive their clay.


Begin, ye saints, the joyful task;
His praise employ your tongue;
And soon eternity will ask
A more exalted song.


267. L. M.
The support of a good conscience.


WHILE Some in folly's pleasures roll,
And seek the joys which hurt the soul;
Be mine that silent calm repast,
A peaceful conscience to the last :

That tree which bears immortal fruit,
Without a canker at the root:

That friend who never fails the just,
When other friends desert their trust.


With this companion in the shade
My soul no more shall be dismay'd;
I will defy the midnight gloom,
And the pale monarch of the tomb.


Though heaven afflict, I'll not repine; The noblest comforts still are mine; Comforts which shall o'er death prevail, And journey with me through the vale.


Amidst the various scenes of ills, Each stroke some kind design fulfills ; And shall I murmur at my God When sovereign love directs the rod?


His hand will smooth my rugged way,
And lead me to the realms of day;
To milder skies and brighter plains,
Where everlasting pleasure reigns.

268. c. M. MERRICK.
Confidence in God.


AUTHOR of good! to thee I turn;
Thine ever-wakeful eye
Alone can all my wants discern,
Thy hand alone supply.


O let thy fear within me dwell,
Thy love my footsteps guide;
That love shall vainer loves expel,
That fear all fears beside.


Not to my wish, but to my want,
Do thou thy gifts apply;
The good unask'd let mercy grant,
The ill, though ask'd, deny.


269. c. M.
Pious confidence in God.


JEHOVAH, 'tis a glorious name,
Still pregnant with delight:
It scatters round a cheerful beam
To gild the darkest night.


What though our mortal comforts fade,
And drop like withering flowers;
Nor time nor death can break that band
Which makes Jehovah ours.

My cares, I give you to the wind,
And shake you off like dust:
Well may I trust my all with him
With whom my soul I trust.

270. S. M. J. TAYLOR. Christian trial and confidence.


LIFE is a chequer'd road, Where mingle thorns and flowers; Fair smiles the morn, in beauty drest, But ah! the evening lowers.


Smooth ebbs the slumbering wave, We tempt the briny way; But darkening skies and rising winds Our sinking hearts dismay.


"O ye of little faith,"

Why droop your hearts with fear? Though thousand dangers press around, Your Father's arm is near.


To try your wavering souls Temptation spreads its toils; But wisdom nor defies its power, Nor trusts in treacherous smiles. 5.

She puts her armour on,
Her heavenly-temper'd shield,
Her breastplate of cœlestial mould;
But asks no sword to wield.

Faith is her watchword still,
Her bulwark innocence;
Salvation on her banner flames,
And heaven's her recompense.

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271. L. M. DRENNAN. Against despondency and fear. [Matt. vi. 28.]


BEHOLD the lily's silken vest,
How finely wove in nature's loom!
No king in ermined splendour drest
Can match its richness or perfume.

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