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243. P. M.
Acceptable worship.

Far from mortal cares retreating,

Sordid hopes and fond desires; Here our willing footsteps meeting,

Every heart to heaven aspires. From the fount of glory beaming,

Light coelestial cheers our eyes; Mercy from above proclaiming Peace and pardon from the skies.

2. Who may share this great salvation ?

Every pure and humble mind; Every kindred, tongue and nation

From the dross of guilt refined. Blessings all around bestowing,

God withholds his care from none; Grace and mercy ever flowing From the fountain of his throne.

3. Every stain of guilt abhorring,

Firm and bold in virtue's cause, Still thy providence adoring,

Faithful subjects to thy laws; Lord, with favour still attend us,

Bless us with thy wondrous love; Thou, our sun and shield, defend us !

All our hope is from above.


244. c. M.
The advantages of early piety.

HAPPY is he whose early years

Receive instruction well;
Who hates the sinner's path, and fears
The road that leads to hell.

Our youth devoted to the Lord

Is pleasing in his eyes;
A flower, when offer'd in the bud,
Is no vain sacrifice.

'Tis easier work if we begin

To fear the Lord betimes;
But sinners who grow old in sin

Are harden'd in their crimes.


It saves us from a thousand snares

To mind religion young;
Grace will sustain our following years,

And make our virtue strong.

C. M.


SALISBURY COLLECTION, [Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth. Eccl. xii. 1.]

In the soft season of thy youth,

In nature's smiling bloom,
Ere age arrive, and trembling wait

The summons to the tomb;


Remember thy creator, God;

For him thy powers employ: Make him thy fear, thy love, thy hope, Thy confidence, thy joy.

3. He shall defend and guide thy course

Through life's uncertain sea, Till thou art landed on the shore Of blest eternity

4. Then seek the Lord betimes, and choose

The path of heavenly truth; The earth affords no lovelier sight

Than a religious youth.

246. L. M.


The example of Christ.

And is the gospel peace and love?
Such let our conversation be:
The serpent blended with the dove,
Wisdom and meek simplicity.

Whene'er the angry passions rise,
And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife,
To Jesus let us lift our eyes,
Bright pattern of the christian life.

O how benevolent and kind,
How mild, how ready to forgive;
Be this the temper of our mind,
And these the rules by which we live.


To do his heavenly Father's will
Was his employment and delight:
Humility and holy zeal
Shone through his life divinely bright.

Dispensing good where'er he came,
The labours of his life were love :
Oh, if we love the Saviour's name,
Let his divine example move.

247. L. M.
Aspirations after the Christian temper.

SUPREME and universal light!
Fountain of reason, judge of right!
Parent of good! whose blessings flow
On all above, and all below:

Without whose kind directing ray,
In everlasting night we stray ;
From passion still to passion tost,
And in a maze of error lost:

Assist me, Lord, to act, to be
What nature and thy laws decree;
Worthy that intellectual flame
Which from thy breathing spirit came.

May my expanded soul disclaim
The narrow view, the selfish aim;
But with a christian zeal embrace
Whate'er is friendly to my race.

O Father, grace and virtue grant ;
No more I wish, no more I want:
To know, to serve thee, and to love,
Is peace below, is bliss above.

[blocks in formation]

The Christian's character and prospects.

So let our lips and lives express
The holy gospel we profess;
So let our works and virtues shine,
To prove the doctrine all divine.

Thus shall we best proclaim abroad
The honours of our saviour God;
When his salvation reigns within,
subdues the power of sin.

Our flesh and sense must be denied,
Passion and envy, lust and pride;
While justice, temperance, truth, and love,
Our inward piety approve.

Religion bears our spirits up,
While we expect that blessed hope,
The bright appearance of the Lord,
And faith stands leaning on his word.

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