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Shout, ye saints, in rapturous song
Let the strains be sweet and strong;
Shout the Son of God this morn
From his sepulchre new born.

Hail! victorious Jesus, hail !
On thy cloud of glory sail,
In long triumph through the sky,
Up to waiting worlds on high.

Heaven displays her portals wide,
Glorious hero! through them ride;
King of glory! mount the throne,
Thy great Father's and thine own.

Powers of heaven! seraphic fires !
Sing, and sweep your sounding lyres ;
Sons of men, in humble strain
Sing your mighty Saviour's reign.
Every note with wonder swell,
And the Saviour's triumph tell :
Where, O Death, is now thy sting?
Where thy terrors, vanquish'd king?


201. L. M.
The resurrection of Christ.

HOSANNA! let us join to sing
The glories of our rising King;
Recount his victories, and tell
How Jesus triumph'd when he fell.


Soon as the morning's earliest ray
Brings on the third, the appointed day,
Behold the angel cleave the skies,
Roll back the stone, and Jesus rise !

With strength immortal forth he comes,
And power and life from God resumes ;
The days of pain and sorrow past,
His triumph shall for ever last.

Ye tribes of Adam, raise the song,

And bid angelic harps prolong
The triumphs of that day of grace
Which seal'd salvation to our race.

Salvation ! sons of men, record
The glories of your rising Lord;
The triumphs of the Saviour tell,
Who died, and conquer'd when he fell.

202. c. M. [“He is not here, but is risen.” Luke xxiv. 6.]

YE humble souls that seek the Lord,

Chase all your fears away,
And bow with pleasure down to see
The place where Jesus lay.

2. Thus low the Lord of light was brought,

Such wonders love can do ; Thus cold in death that bosom lay,

Which throbb’d and bled for you.



3. Then raise your eyes and tune your songs,

The Saviour lives again;
Not all the bolts and bars of death
The conqueror could detain.

High o'er the angelic bands he rears

His once dishonour'd head; And through unnumber'd years he reigns, Who dwelt among the dead.

With joy like his shall every saint

His empty tomb survey;
Then rise with his ascending Lord
Through all his shining way.

203. C. M.
The inheritance of Christians.

Blest be the everlasting God,

The Father of our Lord ;
Be his abounding mercy praised,
His majesty adored.

When from the dead he raised his son,

And call’d him to the sky, He gave our souls a lively hope That they should never die.

What though his uncontrol'd decree

Commands us back to dust?
Yet, as our Lord and Saviour rose,

So all his followers must.


There's an inheritance divine

Reserved against that day; ”T is uncorrupted, undefiled, And cannot fade away.

Saints by the power of God are kept

Till this salvation come:
We walk by faith as strangers here,

Till he shall call us home. 204. P. M.

Creation, redemption, and restoration.

Sons of Adam! join to raise
Songs of gratitude and praise ;
Emulate the choirs above,
Celebrate eternal love.

Speak your pleasures, happy race !
Objects of your Father's grace!
Alĩ the family of earth,
Glory in your heavenly birth.

Raptured, all the sons of light
Hail'd the moment, mercy bright,
When in beauty rose this globe,
Teeming life its gorgeous robe.

More the joy, the rapture higher,
Joy and rapture love inspire,
When to Jesus, lord from heaven,
Thus the glorious charge was given :

“ Go, proclaim Jehovah's grace;
“ Fear destroy, and guilt efface;
Conquer death, unbar the grave:
“Lo! thy work--the world to save.

But the joy, the ecstasy!
Language here and praises die,
When from myriad happy tongues
Warble thus immortal songs :

Where, O Sin, thy deadly sting?
“Where thy power, terrific king ?
“ Christ triumphant! man restored !
“ God in all, by all adored !"

205. L. M. The character and exaltation of Christ.

1. GREAT God, whose universal sway The known and unknown worlds obey, Now give the kingdom to thy son, Extend his power, exalt his throne.

2. Thy sceptre well becomes his hands, And wise and good are his commands: His justice shall avenge the poor, And pride and rage prevail no more.



With power he vindicates the just,
And treads the oppressor in the dust;
His worship and his fear shall last
Till hours and years and time be past.

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