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168. c. M.


The power and majesty of God celebrated.

1. With reverence let the saints appear

And bow before the Lord, His high commands with reverence hear, And tremble at his word.

2. How terrible thy glories be!

How bright thine armies shine! Where is the power that vies with thee? Or truth compared with thine?

3. The northern pole and southern rest

On thy supporting hand; Darkness and day, from east to west, Move round at thy command.

4. Thy words the raging winds control,

And rule the boisterous deep; Thou bidst the sleeping billows roll, The rolling billows sleep.

5. Justice and judgement are thy throne,

Yet wondrous is thy grace; While truth and mercy join'd in one

Invite us near thy face.

169. C. M.

The condescension of God.

1. Aminst the heavenly powers sublime

God's throne is fixt on high, And through eternity he hears The praises of the sky.

2. Yet, looking down, he visits oft

The humble, hallow'd cell, And with the penitent who mourns 'Tis his delight to dwell :

The downcast spirit to revive,

The sorrowful to cheer,
And from the bed of dust the man
Of contrite heart to rear.

With him dwells no relentless wrath

Against the human race: The men whom he has form’d shall find

A refuge in his grace.


170. P. M.
Praise to the mighty God.

1. Mighty God! while angels bless thee,

May an infant lisp thy name? Lord of men as well as angels,

Thou art every creature's theme.

2. Lord of every land and nation,

Ancient of eternal days! Sounded through the wide creation Be thy just and lawful praise :

3. For the grandeur of thy nature,

Grand beyond a seraph's thought; For created works of

power, Works with skill and kindness wrought:

4. For thy providence, that governs

Through thine empire's wide domain, Wings an angel, guides a sparrow, Blessed be thy gentle reign.

5. But thy rich, thy free redemption,

Dark through brightness all along; Thought is poor, and poor expression: Who dare sing that awful song?

171. C. M. God approached with awe and reverence.

1. ETERNAL power, almighty God,

Who can approach thy throne ? Accessless light is thine abode, To angel eyes unknown.

2. Before the radiance of thine eye

The heavens no longer shine, And all the glories of the sky

Are but the shade of thine,



3. How strange, how awful is thy love!

With trembling we adore : Not all the exalted minds above Its wonders can explore.

4. While golden harps and angel tongues

Resound immortal lays,
Great God, permit our humble songs
To rise, and sing thy praise.

172. C. M.
Creatures vain, and God all-sufficient.

1. BLEST is the nation where the Lord

Hath fixt his gracious throne; Where he reveals his heavenly word, And calls their tribes his own.

2. His eye with infinite survey

Does the whole world behold; He form'd us all of equal clay, And knows our feeble mould.

Kings are not rescued by the force

Of armies from the grave;
Nor speed nor courage of a horse
Can the bold rider save.

Vain is the strength of beasts or men,

To hope for safety thence; But holy souls from God obtain

A strong and sure defence.

5. God is their fear, and God their trust,

When plagues or famine spread; His watchful eye secures the just Among ten thousand dead.

6. Lord, let our hearts in thee rejoice,

And bless us from thy throne; For we have made thy word our choice, And trust thy grace alone.



173. P. M.
God the


UPWARD I lift mine eyes,
From God is all my aid ;
The God who built the skies,
And earth and nature made;

God is the tower
To which I fly;
His grace
In every hour.

My feet shall never slide,
Or fall in fatal snares,
Since God, my guard and guide,
Defends me from


Those wakeful eyes,
That never sleep,
Shall Israel keep
When dangers rise.

is nigh

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