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From all that dwell below the skies -
From all his works whate'er their name

52 271


Give to our God immortal praise - 53
Give thanks to God who reigns above - 20
Give glory to Jehovah's name - 153
Give thanks to God the sovereign Lord 167
Give thanks to God most high-
God is my shepherd who will see

God of the morning at whose voice
God is my portion all my good
God is a spirit just and wise
God of our lives we all depend
God of my life my thanks to thee - 75
God of my life and author of my days
God who his mind to those of old - 92
Great God how various are thy works
Great is the Lord beyond our praise - 48
Great God we sing that mighty hand - 79
Great God how infinite art thou - 127
Great God the steps of pious men - 145
Great is the Lord his works of might
Great God thy peerless excellence - 76
Great God indulge my humble claim - 66
Great God permit my tongue

- 229 Great God the heavn's well-order'd frame 246 Great God whose gospel's saving power - 62


155 .

d 3

I read my duty in the word

30 I have none in heaven but thee alone - 17 I love the volume of thy word - 248 I'll praise my maker while I have breath -250 If others confident and vain

- 125 If solid happiness we prize

273 Imposture shrinks from light

238 In our prosperity we say

- 8 · In all my vast concerns with thee

168 In God's own house pronounce his praise 175 In life's first dawn my tender frame - 211 In every age eternal Lord

43 Is there ambition in my heart

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Jehovah reigns this king of kings
Jehovah reigns he dwells in light - 12
Jehovah reigns let every nation hear - 262
Jehovah's praise in high immortal strains 254
Jesus invites his saints -


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Let all the nations of the earth
Let none be envious when he sees
Let every heart and life express
Let all the nations of the world
Let the whole race of creatures lie
Let children hear the mighty deeds

28 100

128 no 148


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Let every tongue thy goodness speak - 172
Let no events cait down

220 Let all the various tribes of men - 116 Ler party-names no more

240 Let us with a gladsome mind

244 Let thy various realms O earth Lite Hike a vain ainulement flies Lo every path that mortals cread Lo the rock is rollid away Lo my shephera is divine Long have I sat beneath the sound Long as I live l’ll bless thy name .- 170 Lord I am thine and thou wilt prove Lori as thy glory fills the sky Lord thou hast search'd and seen me thro' Lord let me know what happy man Lord of iby mild and equal reign

88 Lord who is the happy man that may Lord in the morning thou shalt hear · Lord who among the sons of men 140

Lord I have made thy word my choice 159 Lord where shall guilty fouls retire 169 Lorit we adore thy wondrous name

192 Lord what a feeble frame is ours. 205 Lord what a feeble piece

2:30 Lord of the fabbath hear our vows 83

: : Lord.

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191 Lord thy decrees from human fight

Lord when in pleasing thought I stand 1 Lord dismiss us with thy blessing

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# Maker of all great wise and good

My spirit looks to God alone
My God what piercing grief I feel

My God my king thy various praise
23! My shepherd is the living Lord -

My soul's best powers I will engage

My soul inspir’d with sacred love 10. My soul to praise the Lord most high 39 My thoughts that oft ascend the skies 1. My never-ceafing songs shall show

My soul lies groveling in the dust 6 My soul shall praise thee O my God

My soul repeat his praise

My God my father cheering name 5! My heart and all my ways o God

My God my king to thee I'll raise

20 102 137 150 163 205 233 185

| Naked as from the earth we came

119 Not to the terrors of the Lord

130 i Not different foods or different dress 65

Now let our songs address the God of peace 262

-10 God how endless is thy love


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