The Physical diagnosis of brain disease

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W. Baldwin & Company, 1871 - Всего страниц: 8
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Стр. 17 - Every action must be prosecuted in the name of the real party in interest, except that an executor or administrator, a trustee of an express trust, or a person expressly authorized by statute, may sue, without joining with him the person for whose benefit the action is prosecuted. A person, with whom or in whose name, a contract is made for the benefit of another, is a trustee of an express trust, within the meaning of this section.
Стр. 4 - Within the age of twenty-one years ; or 2. Insane ; or 3. Imprisoned on a criminal charge, or in execution upon conviction of a criminal offense, for a term less than for life ; or 4. A married woman : the time during which such disability...
Стр. 5 - The care and custody of the person and estate of a lunatic or person of unsound mind, or an habitual drunkard, residing within the county: 9.
Стр. 9 - ... by the judgment, be made chargeable only upon the estate, fund, or party represented, unless the court shall direct the same to be paid by the plaintiff or defendant, personally, for mismanagement or bad faith in the action or defense.
Стр. 28 - ... be selected from those whose parents or guardians are unable to provide for their support, in equal numbers as far as may be, from each judicial district.
Стр. 14 - And by the same organ we become mad and delirious, and fears and terrors assail us, some by night, and some by day, and dreams and untimely wanderings, and cares that are not suitable, and ignorance of present circumstances, desuetude, and unskilfulness.
Стр. 27 - ... call a jury, and for that purpose is fully empowered to compel the attendance of witnesses and jurors ; and if it be satisfactorily proved that he is insane, said judge may discharge him from imprisonment and order his safe custody and removal to the asylum...
Стр. 13 - But no real estate or term for years shall be sold, leased or disposed of in any manner against the provisions of any last will, or of any conveyance, by which such estate or term was devised or granted to such infant, idiot, lunatic, or other incompetent person.
Стр. 25 - When an insane person, in indigent circumstances, shall have been sent to the asylum by his friends, who have paid his bills therein for six months, if the superintendent shall certify that he is a fit patient, and likely to be benefited by remaining in the institution, the chosen freeholders...
Стр. 17 - ... who does not shrink from the implications even of the phrase that thought is a secretion of the brain as bile is a secretion of the liver...

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