Northern Italy Including Leghorn, Florence, Ravenna and Routes Through France, Switzerland, and Austria: Handbook for Travellers

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K. Baedeker, 1913 - Всего страниц: 698
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Стр. xi - Thou art the garden of the world, the home Of all Art yields, and Nature can decree ; Even in thy desert, what is like to thee ? Thy very weeds are beautiful, thy waste More rich than other climes' fertility : Thy wreck a glory, and thy ruin graced With an immaculate charm which cannot be defaced.
Стр. iv - God send thee good passage, And specially let this be thy prayere, Unto them all that thee will read or hear, Where thou art wrong, after their help to call, Thee to correct in any part or all.
Стр. 374 - It was in the nature of Titian to represent a subject like this as a domestic pageant of his own time, and seen in this light it is exceedingly touching and surprisingly beautiful. Mary in a dress of celestial blue ascends the steps of the temple in a halo of radiance. She pauses on the first landing place, and gathers her skirts , to ascend to the second.
Стр. 594 - Let the student mark also how admirably the idea of a heavenly choir is rendered \ how intent the choristers on their canticles, the players on their melody, how quiet, yet how full of purpose, how characteristic and expressive are the faces...
Стр. 379 - I believe, be felt at last, by all who examine it carefully, to be the most beautiful palace in the whole extent of the Grand Canal. It has been restored often, once in the Gothic, once in the Renaissance times, — some writers say, even rebuilt ; but, if so, rebuilt in its old form. The Gothic additions...
Стр. 378 - This palace is the principal type at Venice, and one of the best in Europe, of the central architecture of the Renaissance schools; that carefully studied and perfectly executed architecture to which those schools owe their principal claims to our respect, and which became the model of most of the important works subsequently produced by civilised nations.
Стр. 569 - These characteristics occur more or less in different buildings, some in one and some in another. But all together, and all in their highest possible relative degrees, they exist, as far as I know, only in one building in the world, the Campanile of Giotto at Florence.

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