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The unusual enthusiasm manifested by the people of the Union over the nomination of Mr. Colfax for the office of Vice-President of the United States, has made it proper that a full and detailed account of the life and services of that distinguished statesman should be given to the public, in order that the people of the country may have, in a convenient form, a record of those services upon which his friends' base their selection of him for the second post in the gift of the nation. It is confidently believed that no better choice could have been made.

The author has labored to present as complete and perfect a record of the life and services of Mr. Colfax, as can be compressed within the limits of a work necessarily so brief as this. He has given a full history of his Congressional career, his manly defence of the great and vital principles' of our system of Government, and his efforts in behalf of the cause of progress in all parts of our broad land. The “ Overland Journey" has been sketched briefly but comprehen

sively, and full accounts of the proceedings of the National Republican Convention, and the events which followed the nominations, are given. Copious extracts from the speeches of Mr. Colfax will be found in the body of the book, and a collection of a few of his most important speeches is appended at the close of the volume, as it is the desire of the author to support his estimates of the subject of the memoir, and the measures discussed herein, by Mr. Colfax's own words. In short, no pains have been spared to make the work worthy of the support which is asked for it.

The book is given to the public with these few remarks, and it is hoped that it may, in some degree, contribute to the task of bringing those who read it into a better and more intimate acquaintanceship with its distinguished subject

E. W. M.
JUNE 20TH, 1868.



Meeting of the 38th Congress—Mr. Colfax elected Speaker_Statement

of the Vote-Remarks on taking the Chair-How the Speech was

received— Conduct as Speaker-Measures of the 38th Congress-

Moves to expel Mr. Long, of Ohio-Speech in support of his Resolu-

tion-Debate in the House A sharp Colloquy-Fairness of Mr. Col-

fax-Close of the Session-Remarks of the Speaker-Second Session

of the 88th Congress—Mr. Colfax's Conduct as Speaker-Resolution

of Thanks-Remarks of Messrs. Cox and Dawson—Adjournment of

Congress-Address of Mr. Colfax....



Close of the War-Mr. Colfax prepares for his “Overland Journey"-

Parting with President Lincoln-Marder of the President-The re-

moval of Mr. Lincoln's Remains to Illinois-Mr. Colfax pronounces a

Eulogy at Chicago, upon the “Life and Principles of Abraham Lin-

coln ”—His Motives in undertaking the Journey to the Pacific-The

Rendezvous at Atchison, Kansas-Mr. Colfax's Companions The

Journey begun—The Ride across the Prairie-Arrival at Fort Kearney

The Plains—Emigrant Trains-The Route-Communication with the

East-Mr. Colfax meets old Friends-Breakfast at Julesburg–Recep-

tion at Denver-Speech of Mr. Colfar—Mr. Lincoln's Message to

the Miners_Visits to the Mines—The 1st of June in Denver-

Grand Banquet-En route again—The Ride over the Mountains In-

dian Depredations The Church Butte-View from the Hills-Camp

Douglas-Arrival and Reception at Salt Lake City-Speech of Mr.

Colfax-Honors to the Speaker-Visit of Brigham Young to Mr. Ool-

fax-Matters at Salt Lake City-The Theatre- The Tabernacle-

Second Interview with Brigham Young-The Wells, Fargo & Co.

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