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Home Proceedings. We beg to call the special attention of our readers to the address given by Richard Temple, Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal, on the Prize day, to the students and friends of Serampore College. Its great interest and value will, we are sure, be held to justify the space it occupies in our present number.

As the arrangements for the annual services are nearly complete, it may be convenient and interesting to our friends to be informed of them. They will commence with the usual introductory prayer-meeting in the Mission House on Thursday, the 23rd April. The Rev. George Gould, of Norwich, has kindly consented to preside. The quarterly meeting of the Committee will take place on the following day, and in the evening of the same day the public meeting for our Welsh friends in London. The annual members' meeting will take place on Tuesday, the 27th ; Mr. John James Smith, of Watford, will take the chair. The Revds. E. D. Cairns, of Berwick-on-Tweed, and J. P. Chown, of Bradford, have cordially acceded to the invitation of the Committee to preach the annual sermons. The chair, at Exeter Hall, on the evening of the 29th April, will be filled by J. S. Wright, Esq,, of Birmingham, and the speakers engaged are the Rev. Dr. Mullens, Secretary of the London Missionary Society, the Rev. W. Brock, of Hampstead, the Rov. E. Gange, of Bristol, and the Rev. T. Morgan, of Howrah, Bengal.

A missionary breakfast will be held on the morning of Wednesday, the 28th April, for the benefit of the Ladies' Association for Zonana work in India. Sir Robert Lush will take the chair; Dr. Landels, Dr. Wenger, and the Rev. J. Trafford, M.A., will address the meeting.

The annual meeting of the Bible Translation Society will be held on Monday evening, April 26th, at Regent's Park Chapel. The Rev. J. Wenger, D.D., of Calcutta, the Rev. J. Sale, of Barisal, Dr. Stock, of Salendine Nook, and the Rev. E. C. Pike, B.A., are expected to address the meeting.

NOMINATION OF COMMITTEE. We beg to call particular attention to the nomination of gentlemen eligible to serve on the Committee. It is very important that no one should be dominated who is not known to be willing to serve, if elected. A member of the Society may nominate any number of gentlemen. The balloting list is made

up of the names sent in, and they must be in the hands of the Secretary on or before the 31st of March. No name can be placed on the list after that day.

FINANCES. The accounts close on the 31st instant, but we propose, for the accommodation of friends, to keep them open until the 5th April, by which time all contributions intended to appear in the Report must be in the Secretary's hands. It will confer a favour, and conduce to the correctness of the accounts, if our friends, when remitting, will indicate what part of their remittances consists of special contributions.

REMITTANCES. We are sorry to be obliged again to caution our friends against sending their collections, &c., in postage stamps. It is not safe to do so. We have found that several remittances made in stamps have not reached the Mission House, Post-office orders should be made payable to Dr. Underhill, at the General Post Office, St. Martin's-le-Grand. The following Missionary Services have been held during the past month :PLACES.

DEPUTATIONS. Southampton (Valedictory Service) . Royds. F. Trestrail and J. Trafford,

M.A. Edinboro' Castle (Ditto)

Dr. Underbill. Hampstead

Rev. C. Bailhache. Luton

Rev. J. Davey. Mare-street

Revds. J. Davey and J. P. Bacon,

Esq. Bloomsbury Chapel .

Rev. J. Davey. Romford

Rev. C. Bailhache. East London Tabernacle

Revds. C. Bailhache and J. Davey. Reading

Dr. Underhill and Dr. Culross. Lowes

Rev. C. Bailhache.

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Missionary Notes. ROME.-The Rev. James Wall reports that the new hall is rapidly hastening towards completion, and that he has lately baptized eight believers. The opening of the hall is fixed for the 21st March, when we hope several friends from England will be present.

MOUNT HERMON, JAMAICA.-The Rev. John Clark mentions that he has been permitted to baptize several persons at his stations, in all, from January last year, 122 in number. During his prolonged ministry in Jamaica, in Africa, and this country, he has received into the Church of Christ, 3,991 individuals. At Mount Hermon, the church contains 473 members; at Jericho, 950.

PORT SAID.-Mr. Chowrryappah reports his arrival here on the 3rd February, after encountering very heavy weather in the Bay of Biscay. He entreats the prayers of friends, that he may find an opening in Madras, largely to tell of Christ's love to poor perishing sinners.

BOMBAY.—Mr. E. Francis announces his safe arrival in Bombay, on Sunday evening, the 24th January, when he became the guest of the Rev. J. Urquhart. He found Mr. Hormazdji in Poonah, and will proceed to his station with him.

FERNANDO PO-The Rev. R. Smith informs us of his safe arrival at this island, whence he hoped in a few days to go to Victoria. He describes the weather as very hot, and tornadoes as very frequent Services had been held both on board and on shore during the voyage.

Brown's Town, JAMAICA. The tempest already mentioned in our pages did mach damage in this station. The poor people have suffered greatly by the destruction of their cottages and of their provision grounds. Most of theshipping on the coast was wrecked. Of more than 100 candidates for fellowahip, the Rev. J. Clark reports that he has baptized 62; the greater part were young people.

HOWRAH.-The Rev. E. C. B. Hallam has taken charge of this station during the absence in England of the Rov. T. Morgan. He speaks of it as a station in which there is an abundance of work both among the Europeans and natives.

CUTWA.–Our missionary, A. C. Duffodar, reports that he has received a hearty welcome in Nuddea and Moorshedabad. The Babu of a village, twelve miles from Cutwa, exhibits a great regard for the gospel, and has pressed the missionary to remain there for six months in the year, promising him a house to live in.

MANDEVILLE, JAMAICA.–From the Rev. P. Williams we learn that the now chapel at Sion Hill was opened on the 15th January. A great deal of the labour and materials, valued at £250, has been given gratuitously by the people themselves. It is capable of holding about 300 people, and was opened free of debt. The work has been done with great diligence and self-denial, and in the midst of no little discouragement.

CAMEROONS MOUNTAIN, AFRICA. Writing on the 26th December, the Rev. R. Smith announces his safe arrival at Victoria, and that he was on a visit to Mr. Thomson. He states that the new chapel is progressing very cheeringly.

COLOMBO, CEYLON.-A meeting was held at the Baptist Mission House, Maranda, on the occasion of the distribution of prizes to the girls of the boarding school connected with the mission, who had been successful in the Government examination which took place the day before. Addresses were given in Singhalese and English by the Rev. James Silva and Mr. A. M. Ferguson, and after the distribution of prizes an address in Singhalese was read from the girls of the school, bidding farewell to the Rev. H. R. and Mrs. Pigott, who are to leave for England next year, and begging their acceptance of a carved desk and work-box. The report, which was read by the Rov. Mr. Pigott, stated that the progress made by the girls was, on the whole, remarkably satisfactory, as much as 88 per cent. of available narks having been obtained at the examination, resulting in a grant for the year from Government of over Rs. 330. Some very good singing, both in Singhalese and English, by the girls, added not a Little to the interest of the meeting.




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From 19th January, to 18th February, 1875. AXXUAL SUBSCRIPTION8. Enfield, Totteridge-road,


201 for W. &0............... Anonymous, Norwich... 25 0 0

0 16 6 Stockport, for N. P...... 7 10 0 Barlington ....

0 10 0
Badoock, Mr G., Ash-

2 16 9
1 0 0
Do., for NP

Blackmore, Rev S......... 1

Do., Hatton-road, for
1 0
W. &0.

1 16 6 Hayle, for N. P.. 0 11 5 Carter, Mr J., Peckham 2 0 0

Harrow-on-the-Hill, for
Casson, Mr W.

1 0 0
W. &'0..

1 5

DERBYSHIRE. David, Mr E...

• 10 6 Durbam, Mrs, Thirsk

Highbury Hill, for W. &0.8 12 8 New Whittington, for 1 0 0

0 Ince, Mr Jas.

James-street,for W. &0. 1 10 1 1 0


1 4 2 Irish, Mr..............

John-street.. 1 1 0

90 12 6 Swanwick, for W. &0. 0 10 0 J. W.A.

Maze Pond, for W.& 0.5 0 0

10 0 0 Lloyd, Mr G. A.

1 1 0

Regent's Park, per
Y.M.M.A. .....


38 08 Maodonald, Mr W. 1 1 0 Noel, Rev Horace... 5 0 0

Do., for Italy............ 10 10 0 Brayford, for N. P....... 014 1 Pattison, Mr S. R.

Brixham, for W. & O... O 17 Regent-street, Lambeth, 2 2 0 per Y.M.M.A.... 2 0 0 Combe

Martin, for
Rushton, Mrs
2 2 0

W. &0.
Do., for N. P., per do. 1 0 0

0 8 . Shoobridge, Rov S. 3 3 0 Romney - street,

Cullompton, for W.&0. O
Voelcker, Dr

2 2 0
W. &0.

0 12 0 Do., for N. P........... 3 0 0 Walker, Mr J., Carna

Shacklewell, for W. &0. 2 6 0 Hemyock, for W. & O... 0 veron, N.B..

2 0 0

i 10 0 Kilmington, for W. &0. 09 0
Upton Ch., for W. & 0.4 0 0 Ottery St. Mary, for
Wandsworth, East Hill,

N. P

1 13 6 Baptist Tract Society,

for W. & 0...

4 4 2 Sainthill, for W. &0... 0 5 0 per Mr E. J. Oliver, Wood Green Sun.-school 2 11 4 South Molton, for W..0.0 3 11

Do., for N. P...........

0 12 4 for Mr Rouse, Cal


Torquay cutta, for Tract Trans

10 00 lations 15 00

Do., for W. & 0......... 4 0 0 Luton, Union Ch., for

Do., for N. P.

7 Bible Translation So

3 1 W. &0.

1 10 0 ciety, for Singalese!

Do., for Italy ............ 100 Old Testament Keysoe, for N. P......... 0 13 5 Totnes, for N. P.

0 13 2 .200 O Ridgmount, for W. &0. 100 Durham, Mrs, Thirsk,

3 18 Sandy

1 for W. &0.......

Do., for W. & 0......... 10 4
Fowler, Mr David.. 10 00

Iwerne Minster, for

7113 Gatty, Mr C. H., East

W. &0.

0 10 2 Grinstead (box).......,

Do., for W. &0.

0 10 0 7 13 3

Do., for N. P............ 0 9 10 Rawlings, Mr Edward, Thurleigh, for W. & 0... 0 80


11 16 1

Do., for N.P. Wimbledon Common,

6 4

Do., for W. &0. 1 14 3 Toddington, for W. &0. 050 for India 50 00


18 10 3 Do., for W.< 0......... 10 0 0

Do., for W. & O. 1 10 0

Sat bene si sat cito 50 0 0
.100 0 0 Blackwater, for W. &0. 2 100

Y.M.M.A., at 18, Wood-

Maidenhead, for N. P... 25 ? Bishop Auckland, for street,per MrT.A.Blest 5 0 0 Newbury, for N. P........ 7 10 2

W. &0. ...
Reading, King's-road,

Do., for N. P.

0 11 0 LXGACIES.

on account

46 0 0 Monkwearmouth, Enon Wantage.

18 8 5 Holloway, the late Mrs

Ch, for N.P.

9 Elizabeth, of Uley,

Do., for W. &0. 100 South Shields, Barring-
Do., for N. P.... 0 14 10


12 16 9 per Mr H. Holloway 10 0 0 Statham, the late Mrs,

Do., for W. & 0......... 1 16 9 BUCKINGHAMBHIRE.

South Shields, Ebenezer of Hackney, per Mare


1 1 0 street Chapel, Hack.

Ch., for N.P..

09 6 Do., for N. P....... 0 17 6 Stockton-on-Tees, ney, Auxiliary

1 13 7 N. P....

1 2 4 Do., for N. P...... 0 8 5 West Hartlepool,Tower. LONDON AND MIDDLESEX. Fenny Stratford, for


5 13 7 W. &0.

0 16 0 Arthur-street, Camber

Do., for W. & O. 0 12 10 well Gate... Northall, for W. & 0.... 0 8 0

2 3 7 10 2 0

Do., for N. P...

Do., for N. P.. 0 8 0 Witton Park, for N. P. i li
Cross, per Y.M.M.A... 2 2 0

Park, for

W. & 0.

2 13 0 Gamlingay, for N. P.... 0 6 2 Barking, Queen's-road Bloomsbury 61 87 Haddenham

10 96 Ch., for N. P............ 1 2 Do., for Wr dobbs,

Do., for W. &0.
3 6 Braintree.

98 3 India 5 0 0 Histon

4 0 0 Do., for W. & 0....... 0 10 0 Do., for W. 4 0......... 11 19 3 Do., for W. & 0. ...... 011 0 Burnham, for W. & O... 016 0 Brentford, Park Chapel,

Do., for N. P..

0 14 0 Do., for N. P.. ..... 13 0 for 1.4 0...... 1 7 0 Little Downham, Isle of

Earl's Colne, for W.&0. 1 0 0 Brixton Hill, New ParkEly, for N. P............ 0 15 0 Loughton

3 6 6 road, for W. & 0....... 700 Willingham,Tabernacle,

Saffron Walden, for Camberwell, Denmark

for W. & 0............ 0 16 0 W. &0. place, for N P, India 20 0 0 Do., for N. P............ 05 Camden-road, for W.&O 22 2 u Do., for Rome

0 10 0

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Deptford, Octavius-st.,

Arlington, for N. P.. 0 $ 6 per Y.M.M.A.

3 6 0

Cheltenham, Salem Ch.,
Best London Tabernacle,
Birkenhead, Welsh Ch.,

for W. & 'O...............

5 3 6 for W.&0.

5 0 0 for N. P........... 3 9 3 Chipping Sodbury 46 0



......... 19 19 0








The Annual Members' Meeting will be held in the Library of the Mission House, Castle Street, Holborn. J. E. TRESIDDER, Esq., will preside and deliver an address. Chair to be taken at Seven o'clock.

Officers of Sunday Schools and Young Men's Auxiliaries are cordially invited to attend.


INTRODUCTORY PRAYER MEETING. A Meeting for Special Prayer, on behalf of the Missions of the Society, will be held in the Library at the Mission House, Castle Street, Holborn, at Eleven o'clock. The Rev. GEORGE GOULD, of Norwich, will preside.



A Public Meeting will be held, on behalf of the Society, in the Library of the Mission House. The Committee have the pleasure to announce that HENRY RICHARD, Esq., M.P., will take the Chair. Speakers-Revds. LEWIS Evans, of Newport; CORNELIUS GRIFFITHS, of Cinderford; R. WILLIAMS, of Fetter Tane; D. c? DAVIES, M.A., of Jewin Crescent, and J. G. JONES, of Port Madoc. Chair to be taken at Seven o'clock.

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