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chief here, about whom I wrote you dragged from under the ruins-a mercy some time ago. This step alone shows that the materials were so light that his sincerity, as it will bring down no serious consequence ensued ; tall upon him ridicule for a time; but, in cocoa-nut trees uprooted, and heavy every way, he has given us full satis- branches of trees snapped and carried faction of being a changed man, and, away. On our premises, the tempoin the most touching manner, assured rary cooking-shed we had was blown us of his repentance and faith in our to the ground, my workshop lay flat, Lord Jesus Christ. There is only one and so was the brick-shed. A large subject under consideration, and that tree near the house, one of the heavy is about his two young wives, who have branches was broken off, and fell just given him no cause of offence, but two yards from the house, so that now rather are willing to be guided by him, I have no cooking-house nor out. and who are always with him in the buildings save a little matted place, house of God. Whether we must make which I have had to shore up with it a condition to his acceptance by sticks to keep it from falling, only putting away one of these, and, if so, waiting a grant from the Committee to will I be doing right and furthering put up others, which, I trust, they will the cause or not? This, my difficulty, be kind enough to give. I have laid before him, and told him I “I also told you in my last that the had written to you on the subject, a smallpox was raging here, but worst reply to which letter I am hoping to up the interior. But the most horrifyget by our next packet from England. ing sight is that which their superstiIn the meantime, the Church must tion has driven them to. Out of the consider it and tell me what they think. reach of missionaries' influence, at

“On Sunday mornings, our place of Wurii, some thirty miles up, every one worship is comfortably filled, and so who dies one or two others are accused large a number of young men I have of witchcraft, and with a stick knocked never seen attending the means of on the back of the neck, they are grace. Amongst them are the sons of thrown into the river,-if a woman, nearly all the head men of the town, her hands are tied, and served in the while nearly every one of the chiefs same way; so that every day there are are to be seen in their seats on Sunday three and four dead bodies floating past mornings.

us, while the disease is cutting off “The day - school has greatly in- whole villages and wasting towns. areased, and great interest in the Sab. Among the victims is the King of bath-school adds much to the encour- Wurii, and three of his sons. agement we have thus received ; and “I have had constant work in trying every night in the week we have a to check the ravage, in vaccinating good attendance from the town. Thus from place to place, and, I believe, by it has pleased our Divine Master to this means have stayed it. To do this. own our imperfect efforts.

I have often been in danger of it; but “During the month we have had our good and gracious God has thus one of those heavy storms that spread far preserved us, while I have been destruction around. It was one scene permitted to do hundreds of them. of desolation in the morning: whole Thus you see how much we needed rows of native huts were blown down, the prayers we believed you have often and, in some of them, children had to be offered up for us, and for which we feel


grateful to know we are being remem- and all at the house. With earnest bered at the throne of grace.

prayer for the Divine guidance in all * As I shall have to write again soon, your arduous work my dear wifo most let me close this with very kind recordially joins.--Yours very truly, membrance to you and Mr. Bailhache


From Tromsoe, in Norway. M HE following communication bas come to hand through our esteemed

1 friend, the Rev. A. Wiberg, by whom it is translated. It is from the pen of Mr. Ola B. Hansson, our missionary at Tromsoe, in the extreme north of Norway :"To the friends of the Norwegian tion on the subject which is designated Missions in England.

for the day. From three to half-past "I have been complaining, with four in the afternoon the children Elijah, that I am left here alone, and I meet. This work has been much hinfeel very weakened and discouraged. dered through great prejudices and But the voice of God seemed to reach great-yea, general-laxity in the edumy ear through Brother Wiberg, when cation of children. Alas! this is a I was informed that the friends in social evil, from which we should England were thinking of me, and earnestly beseech God to deliver us: remembered me and the inheritance of Yet this humble work has not been the Lord in their prayers. A voice without fruit. Several children have zeems to speak to me: “Thou art not been deeply affecteci by the Word. alone; there is a large number who Two of these have gone to Jesus, the agonise with thee in prayer. And Friend of children. They died very what a rest for the mind to know that happy. We have a small Young Men's the warfare is the Lord's!

Christian Association, which meets THE WORK OF THE CHURCH.

every evening from eight to ten. These

meetings have been much blessed, and “It will be four years in December

of great benefit to the young men since the church was organised here.

We have also a sewing society, which During this time, 157 have been bap

meets every Monday afternoon from tized. Of these, four have gone home three to seven. This society has also to Jesus, and among them my own dear

been a great blessing. We owe to this wife. A large number have emigrated

society, in a great measure, that we to America, especially from among have a meeting-house. the young, which is weakening to our cause. Some bave, to our great sor

HIS JOURNEY8. row, followed the example of Lot's “In the month of June I was travel. wife. I believe the church for the ling in and about the country. It was a present numbers 129. We have a very happy season. The Holy Spirit amall Sunday-school, with about 100 accompanied the preached Word with. children and seven teachers. On Sun- power. Many great opposers were lod day mornings, at half-past nine, the to the feet of Jesus. They were, in teachers meet for prayer and conversa. truth, changed from lions to lambs.

apie Was So Sick

Eight were baptized, and among them here, and some have asked to be reone fourteen years of age. Many ceived. A brother, Peter Frederikson, were deeply affected in witnessing the has during this time made family baptism, and among them three young visits, and his labours have been females, who, I hope, will soon follow, greatly blessed. The harvest here is Among those baptized was a sick man, truly great; but we are in want both who caused my heart greatly to rejoice. of gifted men and means. May the He had been seeking the Lord many Lord come to our help! Pray to the years, and seen the truth with regard Lord of the harvest, that He may send to baptism, but had not been obedient labourers into His harvest. to the voice of the Lord. Now, when he was taken ill, his eyes were opened

DANGER FROM FIRE. to his true condition. He saw himself as the servant who knew his Master's

"Some days ago we had a new proof will, but had not done it. He sent a

of the omnipotence and great love of message to me, with these words: God. A fire broke out in one of the • Come to me. I am ill. but cannot largest houses in the town, a hotel, die until I am baptized. I went there

just at the side of our chapel. It raged the following day, and, when I came

so vehemently that the people scarcely in, he exclaimed, Thou hast well done

escaped. A child of ten years jumped that thou hast come. I was very

down from the third storey, through vividly reminded of the visit of Peter

the window, and died in a few hours. to Cornelius. His mother and wife

It was a horrible scene. The whole were unbelievers, especially the first roof was enveloped in flames, and named, who was a great enemy to the

persons were hanging down in the

persons truth. But all were affected, and had windows and crying for help. Oh, to serve the cause of the Lord. During

how fearful it will be in the last day the night two of the brethren prepared

for the miserable beings who do not a baptistery, and in the morning he

know Jesus! The fire lay hard on the was baptized, after which we assembled chapel, the glass in some of the win. around the table of the Lord. It was

dows burst, and the roof was melted a season which I never shall forget.

from the heat, and I stood terrified at He has since been much improved in the thought that the house which we health-yea, almost well.

with such a great difficulty had been

enabled to erect should be the prey of IN TROMSOE.

the flames. But the Lord beard our “Here is an extensive field. Many prayers. The weather became very are hungering and thirsting to hear the calm, and soon they were masters over Gospel of Christ. A brother, by the the fire. In the evening we had a name of Optander, has been here some thanksgiving festival, and, I can say, time, and kept school, and his labours we felt happy. Praised be the Lord have been much blessed. Seven of the who spared us! Pray for me, for the children have been converted. Pray town of Tromsoe, and for the whole of for the young souls. After my return Norway." to Tromsoe, two have been baptized

Gospel Preaching to my Mahommedan


BY ANUNDO CHUNDER DUFFODAR. DEFORE proceeding to his station at Cutwa, our missionary brother

resolved on paying a visit to the home of his parents. He gives the issue in the following interesting narrative:

“At night we started from Kissen religion.' Sometimes he expressed his gunge by bullock-cart and arrived at anger, sometimes his grief for me and Katgorab the following day about 11 my father. After all he asked me A.M. Previously I thought I would whether I had taken any food or not, bire a house at Katgorah to live in for and when he heard that I had eaten the few days I would be there, but I nothing since 12 o'clock, he went to his failed. There was only one shop be. house and brought some sweetmeats, longing to a Hindu, who knowing us and, giving them to me, seriously told to be Christians would not allow us to me to be off from that place as soon as enter it; 80 we fell into much diffi- possible. I said to him, "Brother, culty. However, I ordered the cart. how can I go from here without ful. men to bring out my things from the filling the object of my coming; if you cert and place them under the trees. do not allow me to enter your house While we were sitting under the trees or village, I shall remain under these a man came to us; I asked him trees and preach the Gospel to the whether he knew the village Sham- neighbouring villagers.' Duggur or not? Also I inquired whether he could show me where the HIS RELATIVES COME TO HIM. Duffodar families live. He pointed “Now he went away. When we out to me the village and the houses were taking our food under the troos, of the Duffodar families, which were one after another, about fifty men Yery close to the place where we were came out of the village and sat before sitting. Then came another man out us, all of whom were my relatives, of the village and stood before me, and began to whisper to one another whom I asked whether he knew about me. After finishing my meal, Roboman Duffodar, my eldest cousin, I preached the Gospel to them for or not? He answered, 'I know him more than an hour. Then camo vell. Now I sent word to my cousin another man, and standing before me through this man, and after a little with a sad countenance told me,. We time he came to the place where I was, are very sorry that you are living and seeing me, was quite struck, and under the trees. However, I don't said, 'Why are you here?' I told care what others may say, come with him, . You know, brother, I am a me, I have a house at the outside of Gospel preacher, and go to preach the the village and will give it to you to Gospel in many directions; this time live in.' We followed him and I have come in this direction especially entered the house; when we were to you my relatives.' Hearing this, sitting there, another old man came he said, “No one will hear your and stood before me with tears, and preaching in this part, you have said, 'Indeed, we are sorry that you gothing to do here, you can go to will remain here, while, on the other some other direction and preach your hand, the villagers, your relatives, especially the women, are very me to enter into their inner apartanxious to see you; this place will be ments where the women live. Many very inconvenient for you and them of them began to call me to see their all, therefore, I wish that you should sick ones, and I got very good oppor remain in my house, which is in the tunities even to proach to the women. very centre of the village: I shall Every morning and evening they used take all the burden and difficulties to gather in their khanka house, and upon me. Let the others do what I used to read the Bible and expound over they like to do, we are Mahomme- it, preach the gospel, and offer prayer dans, who can outcaste us ?' Hearing with them. Gradually, I became so. this, I thankfully followed him, and familiar with them, that they began entering his house I found my elder to invite us morning and evening to cousin, who said to me, *If he can eat in their families. In this manner entertain you in his house, then why I remained with them for five days. should I not ?' So he took me to his One day, when I was speaking with an house and allowed us to sit in the old woman, she told me that, 'when verandah, and began to say, “This is your father was about to leave homo, the home your father left when he he came to me and informed me about embraced Christianity.' Hearing this, his going to embrace Christianity." I joyfully sat there, and one after I told her my father is dead and gone another, men, women, and children, to his rest with the Lord Jesus in came to hear. Then my brother told whom he believed. What are you us that 'in this village about sixty doing for your salvation ?' She asked families are living, all of whom are me, 'What shall I do to obtain salya. your relatives. Now most of thom tion? I told her, 'Believe in the are coming to see, come; let us go to a name of the Lord Jesus, who died for more open place. He took me to the you on the cross, for the remission of khanka, a place for their public meet your sins.' She began to repeat the ings and worship. When we sat name of the Lord Jesus. Another there, about 100 men came and sat man told me that he knew nothing of before me. I began to preach, some the Christian religion before, but that of them asked me a few questions he would inquire into it more parabout Mahomed, and their religion. ticularly now. During the various

HE PREACHES TO THEM. times when I engaged myself to preach, “I explained all to them, and in my companion, Lall Behari Shah, this manner I remained with them used to go to some other persons and about two hours. In the evening, an talk to them of salvation only through old man came to us and informed me our Blessed Redeemer. He laboured that one of his song was seriously ill. a great deal among the people there. I asked him to allow me to see him. The day when wo left them, there. So he took me to see the lad. I en- came five invitations to us, and many tered, and saw the lad was very ill, urged us to live with them for some and offering a prayer, I gave him a time more, but I am sorry to say that dose of medicine which I had with me. I could not for shortness of time and In the night I gave him two more other engagements. When I left, doses, and the next morning, by the many of them told me to come to them blessing of God, the boy recovered. once more. My brother followed us

“ This is the way God opened for for some distance, and at the time of

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