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spread, and to exhibit marked signs of activity and proofs of the divine blessing. Fourteen persons were recently baptized at Khari, two of whom were old scholars of Mrs. Kerry's school.

DELHI.-From Mrs. Smith we learn that Mr. Smith is in a very weak state of health and needs a change. On the other hand Mr. Guyton and his family are well. Mr. Guyton has been able to preach in the vernacular. The Union Church consists of about forty members, while the attendance of natives has. reached a hundred, and is larger and steadier than for many years past. In the villages there is a great demand for schoolmasters.

MONGHYR.-The Rev. T. Evans informs us that the school is doing well under two native teachers, one of whom is the son of the evangelist Sudin. At Jumalpore there is a very favourable opening for the Gospel, from eighty to one hundred persons attending the services every week. The services of a Bible reader have been engaged.

COLOMBO.-We are happy to learn from the Rov. T. R. Stevenson that he finds much cause for gratitude in his labours. The services are well attended and he has three candidates for baptism. Ho speaks very warmly of the kindness of friends.

BERGEN, NorwAY. - The Rev. G. Hubert mentions that a large measure of divine blessing has been enjoyed in the meetings for inquirers that have been held. The labours of Mr. Sjodahl have especially been much blessed. More than twenty persons are mentioned as having been brought to Christ.

Home Proceedings. We have the pleasure of announcing the safe arrival of the Rev. J. Williams, of Muttra, on the 28th April, after a voyage of thirty-five days. Mr. Williams has long suffered from eye-disease which may necessitate an operation. In other respects his health is good.

The Rev. F. D. Waldock, with his family, sailed on the 29th ult. in the Duke of Sutherland for Ceylon. On his arrival, the Rev. H. R. Pigott will leare Colombo for a visit to this country.

The best thanks of the Committee are due to the Revs. J. M. Stephens, B.A., and Richard Green, of Sheffield, and the friends connected with the Glossop Road and Townhead Street Churches—especially Messrs. John Jowett, Rawson Brothers, and Mr. A. Murwood- for a large supply of first-rate tools of all kinds (including large pit and cross-cut saws) in response to an appeal from our good Missionary, the Rev. J. J. Fuller, of Mortonville, Cameroons, West Africa. They are now on their way to Africa, and will prove of great service to our good brother.

Besides the Anniversaries in London, the following places have been visited since our last account. PLACES.

DEPUTATIONS. Abingdon district . . . . Rev. V. Bouhon. Balham . . . . . . Rev. F. D. Waldock. Bath district :

Rev. T. H. Morgan, Boxton (Berks). . . . . Rev. A, Powell.

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Rev. J. Sale.
Rev. W. H. McMechan
Rev. T. M. Morris and Mr. J. C. Parry.
Revds. V. Bouhon and I. Stubbins.
Mr. J. C. Parry.
Revds. O. Bailhache and A. Powell.
Revds. F. D. Waldock and I. Stubbins.
Roy. J. Davey.
Revds. C. Bailhache and F. D.

Rev. I. Stubbins.
Rev. F. D. Waldock.
Rov. V. Bouhon.
Rev. C. Bailhache.
Revds. C. Bailhache and J. Davey.
Rev. V. Bouhon.
Rev. T. H. Morgan.
Rey. V. Bouhon.
Rovds. J. Trafford and W. H. McMe-

Rev. J. Davey.
Revds. C. Bailhache and F. D.

Rev. J. Sale.
Rev. I. Stubbins.

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The names of the Members of the Committee elected at the Annual Members'
Meeting are as follows:
Bacon, Mr. J. P.

Manning, Rev. S., LL.D.
Baynes, Mr. W. W., J.P., D.L.

McMaster, Mr. J. S.
Benham, Mr. James

Medley, Rev. E., B.A.
Bigwood, Rev. J. .

Millard, Rev. J. H., B.A.
Bloomfield, Rev. J.

Morris, Rev, T. M.
Booth, Rev. S. H.

Mursell, Rev. James
Bowser, Mr. A. T.

Parry, Mr. J. C.
Brown, Rev. J. J.

Pattison, Mr. S. R.
Brown, Rev. J. T.

Paul, Mr. T. D.
Chapman, Rev. S.

Penny, Rev. J.
Chown, Rev. J. P.

Price, Rev. T., Ph.D.
Culross, Rev. J., D.D.

Platten, Rev. H.
Edwards. Rev. É.

Sampson, Rev. W.
Flett, Rev. O.

Sands, Mr.J.
Glover, Rev. R.

Short, Rev. G., B.A.
Goode, Mr. C. H.

Smith, Mr. J. J.
Gould, Rev. G.

Spurgeon, Rev. J. A,
Green, Rev. S. G., D.D.

Spurrier, Rev. E.
Howieson, Rev. W.

Templeton, Mr. J., F.R.G.S.
Jones, Rev. D., B.A.

Tilly, Rev. A.
Kirtland, Rev. C.

Wallace, Rev. R.
Landels, Rev. W., D.D.

Walters, Rev. W.
Lewis, Rev. W. G.

Webb, Rev. J.
Maclaren, Rev. A.. B.A

Williams, Rev. C.

Subscriptions and Donations in aid of the Baptist Missionary Society will be thankfully received by Joseph Tritton, Esq., Treasurer ; by Edward Bean Underhill, LL.D., Secretary, at the Mission House, Castle Street, Holborn, LONDON. Contributions can also be paid in at Messrs. Barclay, Bevan, Tritton, Twells and Co.'s, 54, Lombard Street, to the account of the Treasurer,


Dr. Cairns's Estimate of the Society's Work. DEW that heard it will forget the eloquent and impassioned peroration

T of Dr. Cairns' missionary sermon. By his kindness we are permitted to lay it before our readers. The words on which D . Cairns' discourse was founded were— "His enemies shall be clothed with shame, but upon Himself shall His crown flourish.”

“Dear Brethren, – No Missionary Long before our Church had any sepa. Society can have a better title to re- rate place in the mission field, its most joice in the continued fulfilment of this cherished teachers and members astext than your own, the oldest of sisted and succoured your first mission that honoured series which within the secretary in his journeys to the north ; last eighty years bave altered the face and thus from you we have partly of the heathen world, and the one derived the impulse which makes us which, probably more than any other, your fellow - workers at this day in had to encounter the scorn, the Jamaica, in Western Africa, in India, obloquy, and the embittered opposition and in the mighty Empire of China. of those who, when this great move. Your zeal, which has provoked very ment arose, were either found among many, has thus everywhere found Christ's enemies, or out of sympathy imitators and witnesses; and I rejoice with his cause. Your history has been this day, as the representative of one one-especially in its earliest period of the churches whom you have blessed, of heroic faith and all - subduing to stand here, and acknowledge the ob. courage, and has written the names of ligation. Even had our churches never Carey, Fuller, and their noble asso- thus been touched, we should have ciates and successors on the brightest been laid under debt with the whole page of missionary achievement and Christian world, and especially the endurance. The church of which I am British region of it. You scaled first a minister reveres their names, trea- among us the almost inaccessible fastsures them as household words; and nesses of India. You kept the entrance while familiar with the other great open when British hands, to their memories of your denomination, counts eternal shame, sought to close it. You herself perhaps more a debtor to your have laboured on among the foremost missionary example and spirit than till that gigantio and hoary superstition even to the other deeds and services is tottering to its fall. In Jamaica and which bave given you an undying the West Indies you have helped as place on the roll of British Christianity much as any to give slavery its doath

wound, and have sooner than any other missionary church seen the children of blaves assume the responsibilities of Christian freemen, and dismiss you with their blessings to other parts of the field.

Your Annual Report shows that your Society, though laden with four score years and more, is still equal to new enterprises, and able to plant in the citadel of a superstition only less grey and grisly than that of India and Ceylon and China, a pure Christian Church, amidst circumstances of interest which have attracted the sym. pathies of all Europe. Long may your Society hold on in its bright and everrising career! It would ill become you who have been the pioneers of this noblest work of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to falter or slacken, or even to be outstripped in contrast with your resources and num. bers by any Church in Christendom. May your deep sympathies with evan. gelical doctrine-through which alone, and not by any novelties, you have helped on the cause of Christ at home and abroad -be a yet inore potent attraction in this age of revival towards the mission field, in which no other doctrines can either sustain the worker or speed on his work! May your growing strength and organisation as a denomination culminatein missionary effort, while from that effort, like every faithful Church, you receive back more than you bestow! And may your ever increasing bonds of amity and con. cord with sister churches provoke you to a holier rivalry with one and all of them, and to a readiness to learn as well as to teach in this glorious enterprise to which the united strength and counsel of the whole "sacramental host

of God's elect” (so terrible is the foe !) seem barely equal.

Nay, I recall the word. You are well able, and we, and every Christian Church, on its separate standing ground, even the hardest and hottest of the tremendous battle - field, to fight and overcome. For thou, O great Captain ! art above us and before us, the Breaker-up of our way! Thou Conqueror of Death ! Thou Spoiler of principalities and powers ! stir up Thy strength and come and save us! Thou who hast smitten the Paganism of the West with the blight of centuries, smite now the Paganism of the farthest East ! Thou who hast made the crescent pale, loose now the fatal spell of the Prophet in India, in Persia, in Arabia, in the land of Thine own nativity, and death, and resurrection ! Thou who hast broken the temporal yoke of Rome, break also the last rod of her oppression! Thou who art opening the rivers of Africa to light, roll back the darkness of Satan, and send through them a tide of life and salvation! Thou who hast scattered the isles and continents with martyrs, people them with victors, with wor. shippers, with an army of the saved, following Thee back to Thine own and to Thy Father's throne! Come, O Prince of Life, to a world without Thee dead; and amidst the throes and shakings which Thou hast begun, let Time's last age and Thine be born! Quickened by Thee, on Thee we call ! Descend in Thy Pentecostal chariot, the wind, the fire, and from Thy heaven of might, which gives a tongue of love for every clime, send us forth Thy wit. nesses, Thy soldiers, conquering and to conquer ?

The Mission in Rome. TOR twelve years the Rev. James Wall has been carrying on the work

of evangelization in Italy-for five of them in Rome. In a public address given in the Sussex Street Baptist Chapel, in Brighton, during the recent convention, Mr. Wall passed in review the progress that had been made. We are indebted to The Freeman for a copy of this very interesting address :

"He was surprised,” he said, "to fully unscriptural, inhuman, and find at the convention at present being tyrannical must have been the Go. held in Brighton, that Italy seemed to vernment under which this was pos. stand almost last in the consideration sible! Not only were the people in of the Christian brethren assembled, ignorance, they were set by the and that a much wider interest was felt Papacy against each other. The in the work of God in France, in Ger- Popes knew that they had no chance many, and even in Russia. Italy has of remaining unless by acting upoa been regarded as very distant, and al- the principle of divide and conquer. most as if it were irredeemably under If the people learned their strength the power of Satan. Happily, however, they would arise and burst their this state of things is changing fast, bonds. Each year witnessed more and he hoped the time would spoedily than four million lawsuits-that is, come when the Italian work would be every sixth person was having a lawfelt to be of the very deepest interest. suit, and the whole population over If we are to shake Popery we must and over again had been engaged in strike it at the very root. The great logal contentions. In Rome there taproot of the whole systom is to be were ten thousand priests, monks, and found in Rome. Crushed at Rome, nuns. Not only in Church matters, it will be crushed at the head, and but in all the common affairs of life, death must quickly ensue.

they were the authorities. If you STATE OF ROME.

wished to pass forth out of the First he would show what the Pope country you must go to a priest ; to did for Rome during the many centu

enter into business, to become con. ries it was under his sway; though he nected with other countries, you parenthetically observed that to ex

must go to a priest. You must be hibit this fully would require almost born, and live, and die just as the a century. When he went to Rome priest desired you to do. Were the the first thing that struck him was the Romans satisfied with this? Never. atter desolation of the Campagna in all There had boon seventy revolutions in directions. Black crosses everywhere Rome. These, however, were conby the wayside marked the spots stantly foiled, and liberation never where men had fallen under the knife could have come had not God proof the assassin or the brigand. Ma- vided the Romans with assistance. laria, the result of misgovernment, THE UPRISING OF ITALY. brooded over the whole region. In The Lord has been at work in Italy. some parts of the Papal States, ninety. If we wish to be successful, we must sepen per cent. of the people were try and find out where God is at ipable to read and write How fear- work and become co-operators with

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