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annum. The present funds of the Association will not allow of this outlay : already more has been promised in grants to the Indian work than is derived each year from regular subscriptions, and it has been through donations, or extra efforts by breakfast meetings or bazaars, that the necessary funds have been supplied. And yet the ladies of the Committee felt as though they should be neglecting a call of duty if they declined the offer. They have, therefore, engaged to undertake the charge of this new mission, believing that they only need to state the case to secure the necessary help from their Christian friends at home.

Nor is this the only application just now pressing on the Association. Mr. McKenna, the Baptist Missionary in Barisal, wishes to recommence a mission amongst the ladies of the Baboos there, where, for some years past, Baboo Keshub Chunder Sen and the Brahmo party, have had great influence; whilst at Calcutta, Delhi, Benares, Allahabad, Serampore, and Soorie, where their agents are already labouring, new opportunities are constantly presenting themselves for more extended efforts, and Christian ladies and native women, who can teach in the Indian languages, are waiting to be employed.

It is scarcely necessary to repeat what has been said as to the special claims of the Zenana work. The women of India, whether of high or low caste, are so closely confined to their own apartments and shut out from all society, that any instruction must be carried to them by visitors of their own sex; but it is important that it should be understood and remembered that wherever the Agents of this Association go, they carry the Bible with them, as the indispensable and acknowledged object of their visits,—that it is read to the women, who, in most cases, learn to read it for themselves, and, in some instances, even purchase copies to keep constantly with them.

This work is comparatively new in Christian Missions, but it is a highly important and rapidly increasing one. The doors, hitherto closed, are now thrown open, and the entrance of Christian visitors is most earnestly invited.

Shall these poor sisters in India be left in their darkness and misery, or will not English Christian ladies do all they can to give them the precious light of the gospel, which alone can cheer their gloom, and raise them to the hopes and joys of the life eternal ? *

• Subscriptions and Donations will be thankfully received by:-Lady Lush, Treasurer, 60, Avenue Road, Regent's Park; or by Mrs. Angus, The College, Regent's Park, and Mrs. F. Smith, 16, Highbury Grange, N., Honorary Secretaries.

Christian Work in Rome. W E avail ourselves of a long and interesting letter from Mr. Thos.

V Cook, which appeared in the Freeman on the 6th November, to extract the following paragraphs, having special reference to the ardent and self-denying labours of our missionary brother the Rev. James Wall. They will convey a very clear idea of the plans in progross, and of the use that will be made of the kind and generous action of our esteemed friend Mr. G. T. Kemp, of Rochdale, and his family.

“After four years of frequent changes “The largest room on the floor is occasioned by open and covert hostility, now prepared as a temporary preaching our estee med Brother Wall, as the first room, and will be opened before this fruit of the noble act of Mr. Komp in the letter is posted, and I hope to be prepurchase of a palace, has found a com- sent at the first service and to report fortable home for himself and family, thereon. attached in which are facilities for all kinds of evangelistic work. The house "CHAPEL AND SCHOOLROOM. is No. 35, Piazza S. Lorenzo, in Lucina, “The corridor from the square leads a small square leading off from the into a garden, which is immediately to Corso at the foot of the Via Frattina. be covered in for preaching and the The ancient church and convent of S. accommodation of the church. Lorenzo are on the opposite side of the “Adjoining, and opening into the narrow square, the convent being now chapel by two large doors, is a schooloccupied as a military station. The room, which is being prepared for im. situation could not be better as a centre mediate use. of important operations-easily found, “The chapel and school together will and yet sufficiently retired from the accommodate 300 to 400 hearers, and noise and bustle of the Corso. Mr. this is capable of being enlarged when it Wall has now, what he never could have is found necessary. The time may come before in his temporary and unsettled when the palace itself may have to be residence, a study and library. There taken down, and a large house for is also a nice little room appropriated Divine worship be built on the site. to the studies of his assistant Evange. Meanwhile, there are shops in front, lists, where they meet to read and and three floors to be let as residences, discuss the sacred word. It would be Mr. Wall only occupying the entire of well if this educational department the first floor. Soon as the chapel is could be strengthened by pecuniary aid completed, the room now appropriated and the assistance of a wise teacher, as for preaching and other church purI see plainly Mr. Wall will soon bave poses, is designed to be used as a receptoo much on his hands.

tion-room for visitors, where they may “Another good-sized room will be meet for information, counsel and kept as a book-store, for which already friendly intercourse. many cases of books and tracts have “At present all the services are in arrived, including large numbers of Italian, but I have consulted with Mr. scriptures, gospels, &c.

Wall as to the propriety of devoting one hour each Lord's day to an English the people of the Monte, of whom service for the interest of those who there are 25,000 in the locality, of the will be glad to see His work, and to most genuine Roman type. I have hear in their own tongue of its progress, attended two of his services, and have and where also they may be able to heard his energetic appeals and his worship according to the simple forms withering denunciations of Popery. of English congregational service.. It These converts from the Papal Church would cheer the hearts of those who are all most at home in the exposure of love the truth to see oscasionally the its errors and tricks, by which they earnest worshippers and attendants on frequently excite their hearers to the the ministry established here, and to expression of strong sympathy. I saw hear the one hearty 'Amen' of the this at a Waldensian service at Venice, whole Italian congregation. No. 35 where the preacher excited his audience should be a house of call for Christian to noise and laughter. The controversympathisers and workers.

sial seems to be the first phase of the

new life of converts from Popery ; "A PRINTING PRESS

Grassi has less of this than most of his Has long been desired by Mr. Wall, class. I have three of his sermons, for the purpose of issuing notices and which I intend to get translated, to let small papers suited to passing seasons English readers see what are his and events. There is a room nicely teachings. adapted for a small office, and one good “The cry of Grassi is for more room, friend has promised a press, if types and and the landlord is willing to enlarge other materials can be obtained. If the accommodation if the expense can

be guaranteed and the rent ensured for will move the heart of some Christian three or four years. I have submitted brother with a small office at his com. this matter to the consideration of the mand to cast in his lot with Mr. Wall. Committee of the General Baptist and carry his light-giving machinery Mission, by whom Grassi is supported. to Rome, for if Mr. Wall had press and The sensation occasioned by Grassi's types, he would want a printer also. renunciation of Popery a year ago has The will of the Lord be done in this subsided, and his career is now watched matter.

with great interest. His marriage has

had a good effect on his character, and “LOCAL STATIONS AND COUNTRY

the best hopes are entertained of him EFFORTS.

by those who know him best. He is a “ The first local preaching station in man of a warm heart and great beneconnection with the central position volence, and requires the watchful care described above, is at No. 29, Via of Mr. Wall to shield him from the Panisperna, the residence and preach- designing and parasitical. One of his ing and teaching-rooms of Signor congregation has been admitted by Grassi. On Lord's-days and on Thurs- baptism into Mr. Wall's church, and day evenings worship is conducted Grassi has on his books a long list of here, not far from the Basilica where catechumens and inquirers. the Canon was accustomed to officiate “One of Mr. Wall's assistant evanat the Altar and in the Confessional. gelists has just come back from a ten These meetings are always crowded, days' campaign midway between Rome and Grassi is an evident favourite with and Naples. He tells strange stories of his conflict with priests and people, held, and have been well attended, althe latter generally defending him though no public notice had been given. against the threats of the former. He A large portion of the Apostolic Church says he was surrounded by 200 priests broke bread in the morning, after adand 400 people, and he distributed dresses by several friends, and in the tracts and gospels, and preached in a evening Mr. Wall preached from the number of cities. His report is so words, 'I am come that ye might have interesting that a meeting has been life,' &c. The Word was heard with convened for him to tell the story of marked attention. Several of the rehis adventures. This man is supported spectable inhabitants of the locality were by a gentleman in England, and is an present. There is now great hope of a excellent evangelist. He speaks a little steady and increasing congregation. English, of which he seems quite One new family attended, and the chilproud ; and he is a fluent Italian dren were delighted to attend the Sunspeaker.

day-school, where all was new to “THE OPENING SERVICES

them.” Of Mr. Wall's church have been

Progress in Brittany. TROM a letter received from the Rev. V. E. Bouhon, in the autumn of I last year, we extract the following interesting items, showing that a sure, though quiet, movement in favour of the Gospel is proceeding in Brittany. From other communications the same pleasing fact is apparent, 80 that we may hope, amidst the political agitations going on, there are, nevertheless, some signs that the kingdom of God is taking root among the people :

“During the months of April and “An ex-military officer has lately May, our library books have been most manifested bis desire to join the visible useful. Several young soldiers, from Church of Jesus Christ. This candithe depôt in town, have particularly date is an interesting one also. wanted to know about the Reformation “Often, on Lord's-day mornings, our times in France and Germany. They meetings are very full; there is an inhave read and lent around them the crease, besides, in the number of Sunday lives of Calvin and Luther. At the scholars. Good Friday being a public 'gendarmerie,' or mounted police, an holiday, and several persons having officer has also some of our books for desired a discourse, the room was his family, which attends our meet. opened, and a very attentive auditory ings with regularity.

gathered. We dwelt on 1 John ii. 1, 2. “The young candidate for baptism has been received, and will be baptized

“IN THE COUNTRY. shortly, indisposition having caused an “As to evangelisation, it has been unavoidable delay.

carried on here and beyond. The silver-lead mining having been once cillors. I had a private conference more abandoned at Lacombe, the work with one of the latter gentleinen on men have scattered in various direc. the principles of religious authority, tions. In Pontrieux, a little orphan the infallibility of the Pope, and the girl, over whom priests and bigots de Bible. I endeavoured to persuade sired to rule, has been safely removed him that Jesus Christ was the only to Switzerland, there to be educated head of the Church, and that, to be from the Bible. In the same town, I infallible and true, His Church must have had to visit an aged Bavarian, walk according to His commands, formerly a brewer, but now sick and which are only in the Bible, thus not far from his end. He desired a making the Bible the source of religious French Bible, and expressed his regret authority, and showing the fallacy of at not being able to attend my ministry. Popery. Whilst I read with him, bis Breton “Since my return home I have cor. nurse listened, so that I addressed responded with a lady, also of Charlemyself to her also. I will retnrn ville, widow of a superior officer, who shortly and visit Gunigamp.

desired to know about our mode of "I had two good opportunities of baptism. She recngaises that the early preaching early in April, in connection departures from Christian doctrine have with a family event-viz., my sister's given rise to changes in practice, but marriage. It was at Charleville (north explains sprinkling in connection with of France and near Sedan). Then climate. May this correspondence bear some sixty people of that Romish more fruit and enlighten this inquiring town gathered at the town hall, one !" and among them three coun.

Missionary Notes. CALCUTTA.-The Rev. G. H. Rouse mentions the baptism of a native who is master of a school at Chitpore. He displays much zeal in preaching about the streets. Nine persons have also been baptized at the station on the Mutlah river. Open-air services have been resumed on the Maidan, and in the compound of the Lal Bazaar Chapel by the Rev. J. Robinson. The conversion of a sailor is mentioned, the son of a Baptist minister in America. At Khoolnea special services were being held, and several persons have been converted.

OOTACAMUND, NEILGHERRY HILLS.--Our esteemed friends, the Rev. G. and Mrs. Pearce, have taken up their abode on this healthy spot, where Mr. Pearce bopes to be able to do much good in connection with the place of worship he has been requested, by the European residents, to oocupy.

BOMBAY.–We are happy to learn the arrival and settlement of the Rov. J. Urquhart, at Bombay. At the public service to induct him into the pastorate, the Rev. Dr. Wilson took the chair, and ministers of all denominations were present to give him welcome.

ROME.—The Rev. J. Wall reports that he has been cheered by several con

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