Crows of the World

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British Museum (Natural History), 1986 - Всего страниц: 299
Crows are familiar birds to almost everyone. They are a wide-ranging group whose activities often bring them into contact with man, frequently to their detriment. However, they are a successful family, both in terms of numbers and species, which includes the Blue Jay and Magpie of North America, the Rook of England, the House Crow of India and the Little Raven of Australia. They exhibit great diversity in colour, size and patterns of behaviour. In this second edition, Derek Goodwin has retained the basic format of his earlier work, with all relevant aspects of their appearance, biology and behaviour being described, but he has added up-to-date information as appropriate, much of which was sent to him from readers of the first edition.

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Plumage and coloration
Social behaviour and display
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