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United States Naval Asylum.

at the discretion of the Governor or Commanding Officer, to perform such duties, for their benefit and that of the institution, as their age, physical abilities, and condition will allow.

5. For misconduct, (of which drunkenness, fighting, abusive and profane language may be enumerated as foremost,) or for any conduct subversive of good order and discipline, benefi ciaries will be subjected to punishment by stoppage of their pocket-money and tobacco, confinement in the cells, and curtailment of the ration, at the discretion of the Governor or Commanding Officer, and to dismission from the Asylum, with the sanction of the Secretary of the Navy.

6. The Governor will administer the affairs of the institution, receive the daily reports of the subordinate officers, make the required returns to the Bureau of Yards and Docks, submit annual estimates for the probable wants of the institution, and transmit the same so as to reach the Bureau on or before the

1st October in each year. He will also cause a diary to be kept and forwarded annually to that Bureau. The diary will also contain a list of absentees, punishments, and misdemeanors of every kind.

7. The allowance to each beneficiary for clothing is not to exceed $3 per month, or $36 per annum.

8. In consideration of their good conduct, and the faithful performance, from time to time, of such duties in and about the Asylum as may be directed by the Governor or Commanding Officer, each beneficiary shall receive $1 per month. For any violation of the regulations, however, this gratuity may be stopped for such period as the Governor may deem expedient.

9. As a reward for meritorious conduct, the Governor or Commanding Officer shall form a corps of petty officers and watchmen (not to exceed eight in each class) of the best behaved and most efficient of the pensioners, who shall wear a suitable badge of office. It shall be the duty cf the petty officers to set and relieve the watchmen on their respective beats, to attend to the hoisting and lowering of the colors, to report

United States Naval Asylum.

ing delinquents, and to the performance of such general duties as the Governor or Commanding Officer may direct. They shall hold their office for the term of three months, may be reappointed at the discretion of the Governor, and shall be allowed two dollars per month, including the monthly allowance of one dollar, for pocket money.

10. The products of the grounds shall be expended for the benefit of the institution, at the discretion of the Governor or Commanding Officer.

11. No liquors of any kind will be allowed the inmates of the institution, nor will they be permitted within its enclosures. A violation of this regulation will be deemed a sufficient cause for dismission from the Asylum.

12. The colors shall be hoisted and struck daily at the hours usually observed in the Navy.

13. During the summer months the fires will be extinguished as early after meals as practicable. The lights will be extinguished at 10 p. m. In the winter the fires and lights, with the exception of the furnaces and such others as the Commanding Officer may deem necessary, will be extinguished at 11 p. m. The gates and doors shall be closed and locked at 10.30 p. m., in winter, and 11 p. m. in summer, and shall not be opened until daylight, without permission from the Commanding Officer.

14. No beneficiary will be allowed to leave the Asylum without the permission of the Executive Officer, and no leave for a longer period than a week to be granted without the sanction of the Bureau; and if, when on leave, they break their liberty without a satisfactory explanation to the Governor, they will not be permitted to return, except by an or er from the Bureau.

15. Any beneficiary who shall sell or otherwise dispose of his clothing shall have the value thereof deducted from his allowance of pocket-money and tobacco, and shall be restricted to the limits of the Asylum for a period of not less than three months.

United States Naval Asylum --Arms of the U. S... Flags and Broad Pendants.

16. All complaints shall be referred to the Governor or Commanding Officer, in the same respectful manner as the usage of the service requires on shipboard. Under no circumstances, however aggravated, will a resort to any other method be tolerated, except it be a respectful appeal to the Secretary of the Navy, through the Bureau of Yards and Docks.

17. Divine service will be performed on Sunday at 10 a. m., at which hour the beneficiaries will be required to attend, except in cases of sickness, or permission to the contrary having been obtained in writing from the Executive Officer.


Arms of the United States.

1257....Arms: Paleways of thirteen pieces, argent and gules; a chief azure; the escutcheon on the breast of the American eagle displayed, proper, holding in his dexter talon an olive branch, and in his sinister a bundle of thirteen arrows, all proper; and in his beak a scroll, inscribed with this motto: "E Pluribus Unum." For the crest: Over the head of the eagle, which appears above the escutcheon, a glory breaking through a cloud, proper, and surrounding thirteen stars, forming a constellation, argent, and on an azure field.

Flags and Broad Pendants.

1258....1 he flag of the Secretary of the Navy is to be blue, 10.25 feet in hoist, and 14.40 feet in length of fly, with a white foul anchor, three feet in extreme length, placed vertically in the centre; the storm flag of the Secretary of the Navy will be similar to the above, but only 5.40 feet in hoist, and 7.60 in length of fly, with the foul anchor eighteen inches in extreme length. These flags are to be displayed at the main to designate his presence on board. The flag of a Vice Admiral is to be plain and rectangular, with three five-pointed stars arranged as an equilateral triangle eighteen inches from centre to centre, with the upper star eighteen inches from the head, and twenty-seven inches from

Flags and Broad Pendants.

the tabling. The flag of a Rear Admiral is to be similar to the above, but having only two stars arranged vertically, eighteen inches from centre to centre, and eighteen inches from the tabling, with the upper star eighteen inches from the head; in boat and night flags, the distances between stars will be proportionately less than the above; the color of these stars will be white when the flag is blue or red, and blue when the flag is white. The broad pendants of Commodores will be, in colors and dimensions, as indicated in the book of allowances for vessels, with, however, only one star placed in the centre thereof.


Returns, to be prepared and transmitted.....


Form No. 1. A report of sailing and other qualities....


Form No. 2. Synopsis of a steam-log....


Form No. 3. Descriptive muster-roll..


Form No. 4. Description of deserters, &c.....


Form No. 5. Register of orders given, letters written, &c. ...... 252 Register of signals.--



Form No. 6.
Form No. 7.
Form No. 8.
Form No. 9.

Quarterly return of punishments.....
List of men sick at hospital, &c.-----
List of absentees without leave, &c..



Form No. 10. List of officers, or others about to sail as passengers 254

Form No. 11. Transcript list...................


Form No. 12. Descriptive list............

255 256

Form No. 13. Weekly return from a naval rendezvous....

Form No. 14. Weekly return of recruits on board a receiving ship 258 Form No. 15. Letter to be given to a prize-master by a command

ing officer......

Form No. 16. Letter of application for an examination..

Form No. 17. Letter of acceptance....

Article of agreement....

Form No. 18.
Form No. 19.

Request for a survey, order for, &c................

Form No. 20. Quarterly return of the number and rating of a


Form No. 21. Weekly return of enlistments at a rendezvous..

Form No. 22. Discharges..

Form No. 23. Honorable discharges.

Form No. 24. Surgeon's certificate of examination.
Form No. 25. Quarterly report of vessels.....

Form No. 26. Quarterly report on line officers-
Form No. 27. Quarterly report on staff officers..

Circular, as to the examination, &c., of volunteer officers..... Circular, as to the admission and advancement of volunteer line officers.....

Circular, as to the admission and advancement of volunteer line officers and engineers in the Mississippi squadron....
















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