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Purchasing Agents at Shore Slutions.

of lay days, and the amount of daily demurrage after they shall bave expired, must be explicitly stated in the charter-party and bill of lading.

968.... Disbursing Agents and Paymasters at shore stations will keep their deposits with the nearest Assistant Treasurers, except those stationed at Washington, who will keep their deposits with the Treasurer of the United States.

969.... He shall have no private interest, directly or indirectly, in the supply of any article which it may be his duty to procure for the navy. The practice, by inexperienced officers, of giving certificates to persons with whom they have had trading dealings, or to inventors whose works they may have superficially examined, being deemed prejudicial to the true interests of the service, it is directed that hereafter no such certificates or recommendations be given by any person attached to the Navy Department within the United States, unless sanctioned by the Secretary of the Navy, and, if abroad, by the written approval and indorsement of the senior officer present.

970.-. He is to make no sale of articles belonging to the United States, nor any purchases, nor incur any public expense, without the sanction of the senior officer upon the station, the Commanding Officer of the navy yard, the Navy Department, or one of the Bureaus thereof.

971....He shall pay no bills for articles furnished, or services rendered to navy yards, or vessels under the control of the Commanding Officer of the yard, without the previous approval of that officer; nor any bills for articles furnished, or services rendered, directly to vessels in commission, without the certificate of the Commander of the vessel, and the approval of the senior officer in command of the station, unless sanctioned by the Navy Department.

972.--. He will not pay b:lls under one appropriation from any money belonging to another appropriation, without the express sanction of the Secretary of the Navy; and whenever money shall be so transferred, he shall note it particularly in his next return.

973....His requisitions upon the Department and Bureaus for money must be made under the specific heads of appropriation, and those upon the Bureaus must be accompanied by triplicates of the bills for the payment of which they are intended.

974....He must make monthly returns to the Navy Department of all moneys received, expended, and remaining on hand, under each

Purchasing Agents at Shore Stations ....Marines - When Einburket.

appropriation, in such form as may be prescribed. These returns must be made out and forwarded within ten days after the expiration of each month, unless otherwise directed by the Secretary of the Treasury under the Act approved July 17, 1862.

975 .... Whenever he shall be authorized by the Secretary of the Navy to make advances of pay to officers bound on a cruise, it shall be the duty of the Paymaster of the vessel to furnish him, as his guide, a correct list, signed by himself and approved by the Commanding Officer, of all the officers entitled to an advance of pay, which list must exhibit their names, rank, and monthly pay.




When Embarked.

976 ....Whenever instructions are given to the Commandant of the marine corps to prepare a guard for a vessel going into commission, he will immediately cause the proper number of officers and men to be detailed and kept in readiness for embarcation.

977.... When a vessel is ready for the reception of the marines, the Commanding Officer of the station will notify the Commanding Marine Officer, whose duty it shall be to have sent to the designated place of embarcation the detachment which may have been previously ordered for such vessel.

978.... When marines are received on board a vessel they are to be entered separately on her books as part the complement, or as supernumeraries, as the case may require, and are to be, in all respects, upon the same footing as the seamen with regard to provisions and short allowances.

979.... The senior marine officer shall report daily in writing to the Commander of the vessel the state of the guard.

980.... They are not to be diverted from their appropriate duties,

Marines - When Embarked.

or called upon to coal ship, or work as mechanics, except in case of emergency

981... They may be furnished by the Paymaster with clothing and small stores when the Commanding Marine Officer shall certify that they require them, and the Commander of the vessel approves the issue.

982...,The Comunanding Marine Officer is to have charge of, and will be accountable for, the arms, accoutrements, and clothing belonging to the marines, and he will be careful to have the whole preserved in the best possible manner. He will report any injury that may result to them from the neglect or misconduct of any person, that the amount may be recovered from him.

983....A detachment of marines, on joining a vessel-of-war for sea service, will always be accompanied by the officers who are attached to it.

. They will be exercised in the manual of arms, and duties of the soldier, by their officers, at such times and places as the Commander may appoint.

985....As occasions may arise when it may become necessary to employ marines at the great guns, they shall be instructed as full gun's crews by their own officers, and also may be assigned as parts of ordinary gun's crews under other officers of divisions. But the Commanding Officer will be careful not so to assign marines except in cases of necessity.

986.... When not on guard, or on duty as sentinels, they are to be subject to the orders of the sea officers in the same manner as the




- All general orders to sentinels shall pass through the Marine Officer. The sentinels on the spar deck may receive special orders from the Officer of the Deck when an emergency may require it ; should they be of an important character, the latter shall inform the Senior Marine Officer and the Commander of the vessel.

988.... Any misbehavior of the marines on guard duty, or on duty as sentinels, is to be reported to the Officer of the Deck, and by him made known to the Senior Marine Officer on board, who will report the saine to the Executive Officer, who, if requisite, will refer the case to the Commanding Officer.

Marines-- When Enbarked .... Enlistments.

989....No officer of the navy of inferior relative rank shall give orders to a marine officer, unless such navy officer be at the time in command of the vessel, or be the Executive er, or Officer of the Deck.

990.... The Commanding Marine Officer will be particularly attentive to the comfort and cleanliness of his men, as well as their soldier-like appearance and efficiency. He will inspect the clothing at least once a month, and report to the Commanding Officer of the vessel in case of any loss or abuse.

991.... If repairs of the arms and accoutrements become necessary, the Marine Officer will apply to the Executive Officer for such assistance as can be afforded.

992.... The Marine Officer, with the approval of the Commander of the vessel, may reduce non-commissioned officers for misconduct or incompetency, and make promotious to supply vacancies ; should no Marine Officer be attached to the vessel, the Commanding Officer may order such reductions and promotions.

993.... The clothing accounts, muster-rolls, and such other accounts as may be directed by the Commandant of the marine corps, will be kept by the officer or non-commissioned officer in charge of the guard of any vessel, who will forward them, through the prescribed channel, to the Senior Marine Officer of the fleet.

994.... When there shall be more than one marine officer attached to a vessel, one shall at all times be on board for duty, unless upon very particular occasions, to be judged of by the Commanding Officer of the vessel.

995.... When a vessel is to be put out of commission, the marine officer, with the guard, shall remain on board until all the officers and crew are detached, and the ship regularly turned over to the officers of the navy yard or station where they may arrive.



996..., The regulations for the recruiting service of the Army of the United States will be applied to the recruiting service of the marine corps as far as practicable.

Marines— When at the Navy Yards.


When at the Navy Yards.

997.... The marine detachment serving within a navy yard is to be subject to the orders of the Commandant of the yard ; but no part of the detachment shall be relieved or withdrawn therefrom except by order of the Commandant of the marine corps, approved by the Secretary of the Navy. All such orders shall pass through the Commandant of the yard.

998.... When a marine officer is ordered to relieve another officer commanding the marines within a navy yard, he shall, on his arrival, report himself to the Commandant of the yard. Marine officers joining a navy yard will report to the Commandant and Commanding Marine Officer.

999.... The Commanding Marine Officer within a navy yard will cause to be posted such sentinels for the protection of the yard and vessels in ordinary as may be directed by the Commandant of the yard. He will make to the Commandant of the yard a daily report of the amount and disposition of the force under bis command, specifying by name officers who may have joined in the previous twenty-four hours.

1000.... He will, unless the Commandant shall think proper to issue it himself, transmit every morning, in writing and under seal, to the Commandant of the yard, and to such other officers and such only as he may designate, the countersign for the ensuing night.

1001.-.. The police and internal government of marines, when in barracks within or without a navy yard, and their instruction shall be under the direction of the Commanding Marine Officer, but must not conflict with the general police regulations of the Commandant of the yard.

1002.... Non-commissioned officers serving within a navy yard or garrison may be reduced by the Commanding Marine Officer, he reporting the particulars of the case to the Commandant of the corps; and he may promote to fill vacancies, with the sanction of the Commandant

of the corps.

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