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Naval Storekeepers.

Officer of the yard, which order or requisition he must produce as the authority for such transfer or loan.

948.... He will issue no articles (timber, timber materials, and coal excepted) but by the previous written order of, or upon requisitions duly approved by, the Commanding Officer of the yard. These requisitions or orders must specify the appropriation, and the object for which the articles are wanted ; and when they are to be drawn from an appropriation different from that for which they are wanted, it must be distincily stated on the face of the requisition. Requisitions for timber, timber materials, and coal can be made semi-monthly to cover the quantities wbich may have been used, condemned, or transferred during the preceding half month.

949....He will deliver articles to vessels in commission upon requisitions when signed by the Commanding Officer of the vessel, approved by the senior officer present in command of such vessels and by the Commanding Officer of the yard, taking receipts, as directed in the next following paragraph.

950....He will take receipts for all articles delivered upon the re. quisitions themselves, and preserve them as vouchers for his expenditures, and also upon invoices prepared in triplicate, one of which he will leave for the use and government of the officer receipting for the

He shall give credit to the proper objects, and charge himself on the books with all surplus stores that may have been required for any object and returned to him again as not having been wanted.

951.... He shall examine all accounts rendered for supplies furnished which shall have been duly certified to have passed inspection, and, on being satisfied of their accuracy and the reasonableness of the prices charged, shall receipt the same and send them immediately to the Commanding Officer for approval; but if he shall believe any article to be overcharged, or shall discover any defect or deficiency, he shall call the attention of the Commanding Officer to such charge, defect, or deficiency before receipting for the same.

952 ....After survey shall have been held upon stores returned from a ship, he shall receive them on store account, excepting such as shall have been condemned. When articles recommended for repairs are repaired, he will credit the vessel with their original value, less the


Naval Storekeepers.

cost of repairs. The articles so received may be issued to other vessels, by order of the Commandant of the yard, when it can be advantageously done; and these second handed articles must be entered and expended on separate lines from other articles

953.... He will notify the Commanding Officer wbenever any article of stores may be so nearly expended as to require replenishing, and when any additional measures may be necessary for the proper preservation of articles in his charge.

954.... When there are any articles in store which may be used without impairing efficiency, though not of the precise dimensions, form, or quality named in a requisition upon the Naval Storekeeper, they are to be supplied in place of those required, to prevent the necessity of open purchases, unless otherwise specially directed by the Commandant of the yard.

955 ....He shall be responsible for the shipment of all stores under his charge from the yard at which he is stationed to other places by such conveyances as may be furnished by the purchasing agent or other duly authorized person, and conformably to such orders as he may receive upon the subject. Particular attention must be paid by him to have all the articles thus to be transported delivered by the bills of lading at the precise place to which they may have been ordered, and that they are in good shipping order. The price, rate, or amount of freight to be paid must be specifically inserted in all bills of lading, and not left to the phrase, “according to usage."

956.... All articles forwarded from the navy yard must be accompanied by a bill or invoice stating the particular contents of each package, the cost of the separate articles, and the appropriation to which they belong.

957 ..He shall keep his books and make his returns in such manner and at such times as may be prescribed by the Navy Department.

958.... Whenever articles contracted for are, in consequence of the failure of the contractor to furnish them, purchased in open market, he will receipt for them accordingly, keeping a record of the same, and make a quarterly return to the proper bureau of the excess of cost over that of the contract price.

Clerk of the Yurd ....Mustering Workmen and Check Oficers.


Clerk of the Yard.

959.... The Clerk of the yard is responsible for the proper mustering of the men, and for making correct returns of their time and the pay allowed them.

960.... He is to get his orders from the Commanding Officer with regard to the times and manner of mustering the workmen, and be must be present, duly prepared, precisely at the times prescribed, and then commence the musters. He is to make out, semi-monthly, the pay-rolls by which the workmen are to be paid the wages they have earned, and these, containing the names of the workmen, the number of days' work each has performed, the class to which each belongs, the rate of puy established by the Commandant for each class, the amount due to each individual, the whole amount chargeable to each appropriation, and marginal notes of all extra work performed, are to be certified by him as correct in every particular. He is also to make out monthly a copy or transcript of the last two semi-monthly pay-rolls, which is to be signed by himself, and then approved and forwarded by the Commandant to the Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks.


Mustering Workmen and Check Officers.

961.... It is of the utmost importance to the public interest that no more of the working day should be absorbed in conducting the necessary musters than can be avoided, and therefore, whenever practicable, the mechanics and laborers employed at a navy yard are to be divided as equally as needs be into mustering gangs, no one of which to exceed six hundred in number, and each to be designated by a letter of the alphabet, so as to repair, for the purpose of being mustered at the prescribed times, to the mustering office or station exhibiting a corresponding letter. As fast as the men are mustered they are to go promptly and quietly to the work assigned them.


Mustering Workmen and Check Officers....l'urchasing Agents at Shore Stations.

962.. . A Check Officer, who is to be either a lieutenant, master, or ensign, whenever arrangements will permit, is to be present at each mus tering office or station whenever a muster takes place, and, with a verified copy of the roll used thereat, furnished under the responsibility of the clerk of the yard by the mustering clerk, he is to note, as the roll is called, the presence or absence of each individual, and to enter the name of any new man, not already on the roll, presenting himself to be received by due authority. Immediately after the muster bas ended he is to compare his roll with that of the mustering clerk, and if any disagreement should be found an investigation must take place without delay, to ascertain the cause of the discrepancy and correct the

The rolls kept by Check Officers, when filled, are to be returned by them to the Commandant's office, and there filed for reference. In case of a deficiency of officers to serve as just mentioned, the Com. mandant is to direct as many of the clerks or writers already en ployed in the yard as may be necessary to act in their stead, and they are to do so in addition to the ordinary duties exacted of them. The clerk of the yard is to select, with the approval of the Command ınt, 'suitable persons to perform the duties of mustering clerks, and to be allowed one to an average of every six hundred workmen eroployed, he himself mustering, &c., one of the gangs, and being regarded, therefore, so far, as one of those clerks. The mustering clerks are to assist the clerk of the yard in computing and preparing the rolls for the inspection and government of the disbursing officer in paying the men off, and by this arrangement it is expected that the clerk of the yard will never fail to make his rolls and returns as promptly as required.


Purchasing Agents at Shore Stations.

963.... All requisitions for stores will be approved by the Commandant of the navy yard ; and those for articles not under contract will be made upon the Purchasing Agent, who will procure them and be responsible that they are forthcoming, at the lowest market price,

Purchasing Agents at Shore Stations

and of the best quality, subject to the usual inspection at th: nivy yard before being received. If articles are to be selected, the person to select them will call upon the Purchasing Agent for such instructions as he may have to give, and when the articles are obtained the Commandant will satisfy himself of the correctness of the bills in all respects before approving them. This order will not apply to articles specially ordered by the Department or Bureaus. All requisitions for stores contracted for will be made on the contractor directly.

964.... Whenever it becomes necessary to purchase articles con tracted for in open market, in consequence of the failure of the contractor to furnish them, the requisition will be made on the Purchasing Agent, and will state upon its face: “There is required to be purchased in open market for immediate use, to supply deficiencies under the contract of,” (here state the contractor's name,) “dated -, the following articles, which must conform in quality as near to the contract as practicable.” The bills must be certified by the Purchasing Agent, thus : “ The above-named articles were purchased at the lowest market prices, in open market, for immediate use, to supply deficiencies under the contract of

dated -" The Purchasing Agent will keep a record of these purchases, showing the aggregate amount thereof, to be returned to the respective bureaus quarterly.

965.... He will procure all freight or transportation of articles not specially provided for by the bureaus, on the requisitions of the Commandant of the yard, and will be responsible for the efficient means as well as the proper rate of freight or terms of transportation. When it becomes necessary to send drafts of men from one naval station to another, he will, upon the requisition of the Commandant, or senior officer present, furnish the necessary means of transportation.

966.... He will certify on all bills for purchases in open market, and for freight and transportation made or procured by him, that the prices are the lowest market rates.

967.... If he shall send articles from one place to another for the navy, particular attention must be paid to make them deliverable by the charter-party, bill of lading, or other agreement, at the precise place where they may be specially required, and a particular rate of freight be inserted, and not left “according to usage.” The number

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