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enamel paintings of our Saviour, of the Virgin, or of niche in the iconastas,-beyond this their wildest some favourite saint, and on the top glitters a cross of fancy never ranges.. brilliants. The engraving represents the archbishop The lower order of monks are generally very illitein his robes of ceremony, in the act of giving the rate, indolent, and repulsively dirty ; but otherwise benediction,

they are a harmless, inoffensive race of men, who, Everything connected with the ceremonies of the though capable of effecting little to advance the inGreek Church, has some occult meaning; thus, the terests of mankind, yet have it not in their power to three tapers in the one hand, are intended to represent do much harm, either by influence or by example ; the Tripity; they approach so closely at the extremi. their sphere being limited by the walls of their mo. ties, that their flames mingle into one: the two nastery, to the society within which they are in point candles are meant to symbolize the twofold nature of fact restricted, by their equivocal position, which of our Saviour..

places them just one step in rank above the ignorant Strictly forbidden to indulge in animal food, or to peasant, and yet, too much below the more educated participate in the simplest pleasures of the laity,- classes in mind, manners, and knowledge of the doomed to celibacy, and debarred, by the stern regu- world, to mingle with them on terms at all approach. iations of their monastic order, from the innocenting to equality. At the period when habits of bru. enjoyments of social intercourse, the higher clergy of talizing intoxication were so prevalent throughout Russia lead a life of unvarying austerity, which, the empire, from the court to the peasant's hovel, as though it may possibly in some instances be favour- scarcely to be regarded as a vice, the monks were by able to sanctity of life, incapacitates them, never no means exempt from the degrading custom. At theless, from personally promoting those schemes of the present time, the standard of morals is happily benevolence, which are the glory of our own land, much higher in the monasteries; the addiction to this and the delight of our own clergy.

vice existing only among the very lowest of their Their studies being restricted to subjects exclusively members, and presenting an insuperable bar to preconnected with their profession, and more immediately ferment. None are admitted into the order of monks with their own individual church, they are naturally till after the age of thirty; nor can a novice take the enthusiastically partial to its ceremonies; yet far from veil as nun till she is fifty years of age. being bigoted, they do not presume to limit the hopes The monasteries, and nunneries are classed in three of salvation within the pale of their own communion. divisions, of which the constitution and discipline As a body they are distinguished for unobtrusive differ but slightly, though they vary in rank. modesty of deportment, and primitive simplicity of The Stauropigia, governed exclusively by the synod; manners. Dead to the softening influences of domestic the Cænobia, where the brethren live in common : and life, but assiduous in the duties of the altar....rarely the Laura, in which each provides for himself. The ambitious of literary renown, and never mingling in latter is the highest class, and of this there are only the turmoil of politics....they glide through a noise- three establishments: those of St. Alexander Nevsky less life, and sink to the repose of a quiet grave within in St. Petersburgh, of Troitza near Moscow, and.o the cloister-walls, and are forgotten; unless, perhaps, Kieff; the latter of great antiquity, dating its origin they find, in after-ages, a line in the calendar or a ' from the eleventh century.

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Leamington, Merridew, Northampton, Birdsall. Stamford, Mortlock; Rooe. Alnwick, Smith. Carmarthen, White. Gloucester, Jew.

Leeds, Robinson.

Norwich, Muskett; Smith. Stockport, Claye. Ashford, Jennings; Elliott. Carnarvon, Potter & Co. Guernsey, Moss.

Leicester, Combe,

Nottingham, Wright. Stockton, Robinson, Ashton-under. Line Staley Chatham, Burrill. Guildford, Russells. Lewes, Baxter.

Orford, Slatter.

Stratford-on-Avon, Bolton; Bridge, Cunningham. Chelmsford, Guy.

Halifas, Whitley & Booth, Lincoln, Brooke & Sons. Penrith, Allison, Brown Lapworth
Banbury, J. G. Rusher. Cheltenham, Lovesy.
Harrogate, Blackburn, Liverpool, Hughes.

Peterborough, Cliftons. Swaffham, Gowing.
Bangor, Shone.
Chertsey, Wetton.
Haslingden, Read.
Llandovery, Rees.

Plymouth, Nettleton. Tavistock, Helms. Barnet, Cowing. Chester, Seacome; Pritch-Hertford, Simson.

London, Berger.

Portsmouth, Comerford. Teignmouth, Croydon. Barnstaple, Brightwell. ard; Boult & Catherall. Hinckley, Short.

Long Sutton, Swain. Preston, Clarke.

Totness, Mannaford. Bath, Silverthorne. Chichester, Glover. Hoddesdon, Tuffs. Lajme Regis, Dunster. Retford, Turvey.

Ulverstone, Tyson. Birmingham, Langbridge. Clitheroe, Whalley. Horncastle, Babington. Lynn, Smith,

Richmond, Bowman & Co. Wakefield, Stanfield.
Blackburn, Morrice.
Cockermouth, Baily
Huddersfield, Lancashire. Macclesfield, Swinnerton. Royston, Warren,

Ware, Batty.
Bolton, Heaton & Sons. Colchester, Albin.
Hull, Cussons; Goddard Manchester, Bancks and Rugby, Combe.

Warwick, Merridew ; So-
Boston, Noble.
Colne, Earnshaw.
& Brown; Stephenson. Co.: Simms.

Salisbury, Brodie & Co. den.
Bourn, Daniells.
Derby, Wilkins & Son. Huntingdon, Edis.

March, Sarjeant.:

Sandbach, Lindop. Weymouth, Comming Bradford, Taylor. Devizes, Randle. Hythe, Tiffen. Maryport, Adair.

Scarborough, Theakston, Whitby, Rodgers. Braintree, Joscely.. Devonport, Byers, Ipswich, Deck.

Merihyr Tydvil, White. Sheffield, Innocent. Whitehaven, Gibson.
Bridport, Tucker.
Doncaster, Brooke & Co. Jersey, P. Falle.
Middlewich, Lindop. Sherborne, Penny.

Wigton, Ismay.
Bristol, Vickery.
Dover, Batchellor.

Kendal, Hudson & Co.. Mold and Holywell, L Shrewsbury, Eddowes. Winchester, Jacob & Co
Burnley, Sutcliffe.
Dublin, Curry & Co. Kettering, Dash.

Monmouth, Heath.
Sidmouth, Harvey,

Worcester, Deighton. Bury, Lankester; Thomp-Dundee, Shaw

Kidderminster, Pennell, Neath, Hayward.. Sittingbourn, Coulter. Workington, Kirkconel. son. Durham, Andrews. Kimbolton, Ibbs. Newark, Ridge, Skipton, Tasker,

Worthing, Carter, Bury, (Lanc.) Crompton. Edinburgh, Oliver & Boyd. Kirby Lonsdale, Foster. Newcastle-on-Tyne, Finlay Southampton, Skelton. Yarmouth, Alexander. Cambridge, Stevenson. Eceter, Hannaford. Lancaster, Milner.

and Co.; Currie and Staffordshire Potteries, Yeovil, Porter. Canterbury, Barncs. Falmouth, W. Ellis. Launceston, Cater


Watts, Lane End. 1 York, Bellerby, Cardil Bird,

Faversham, Thiselton.

Berlin, A. Asher.- Hamburg. Perthes & Besser.—Leipsic, Binck & Armstrong, (of London.)- St. Petersburgh, A, Asher

United States of America, French and Adlard, New York. -Upper Canada, Rowsell, Toronto,

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Bathurs: remarks on lines by, 208

ABBEVILLE, town of, 10

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Abbey of Holy Cross, 33
VI., Miracles, Part ii., 124-VII., - Falue of, 250

tendency of, to disguise faults, Jedburgh, 186

Wonders and Signs, 157-VIII, Grief, impropriety of excessive, 20
Abercrombie, extract from, 151
Summary of Evidences, 164-IX.,

Mant, Bishop, selections from, 35 Adaptation of external Nature to the Internal Evidence, 189-X., In

Hair, growth of, 184

Manufacture of Wool, 201, 228 Condition of Man, 102

ternal Evidence, Part ii., 204-XI.,
Hale, Sir M., extract from, 158

Marcet, Mrs., extract from, 223 Addison, extracts from, 127, 192, 297, Objections, 229–XII., Objections

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Part ii., 246
Handel, account of, 89

Adventures of a Hunter, 143
Christianity, its superiority, 127

Hanover and the Hanoveriaus, some Marriage Ceremonies among the H:. Adventure with an Elephant, 256 Church, the Greco-Russian, 7

account of, 81

doos, 30
Affectation, nature of, 93
Church-yard Scene, 227
Happiness, bank of, 152

Maternal solicitude, 165
Affection, on mutual, 31
Citron-tree, description of, 31
Harmer, selection from, 141

Mathew, extract from, 14
Albigenses, persecutions of the, 50, 97 Civil War, effects of, 37

Heat, cold, climate, air, 60

Mechanical Arts, origin of, 126
Alps, storms and avalanches of, 241 Clarke, Dr. A., extracts of letters to, - value of, in the economy of the Mechanics of standing and walking,
America, Autumn in, 232

universe, 179

Amsterdam, island of, 153
Cleanliness in Animals, 208
Herrick, lines by, 238

Mind, necessity of cultivating, 190 Amnsements of Science, 63, 77. 187 Climate, effects of, 227

Herschel, Sir J., extracts from, 30, 200 Miser, the, 35 Anatomy, facts in coni parative, 144, Colonization of New Zealand, propo. Hindoos, marriage ceremonies among,

Mode of collecting Caoutchouc, 205 232 sals for the, 263


Moderation, 123
Anchor, forging of the, 23
Comparative Anatomy, facts in, 144,

funeral ceremonies of, 61 Mongolfer, anecdote of, 52 Ancient Watch and Ward, 12

Holy Cross, Ireland, village and abbey

Mont Blanc, account of, 129_Source Ancient and Modern Philosophy com. Contentment, how attained, 63

of, 33

of the Arveiron, 129–The Coupared, 110 Conversation, 184, 200

Homeward-bound Mariner, lines on, vercle and the Garden, 130--The Animal Matter, process of, 223 Conybeure, Bishop, extracts from, 20, 167

Breven, 130-Height of Mont Animals, teeth and stomach of, 168

127, 152

Honour and dishonour, Arabian ex. Blane, 131-Views of Mont Blanc, - cleanliness in, 209 Cope, William, sufferings of, 27

pressions for, 55

131 - Unsuccessful attempts to Ants, black and red, of Australia, Country life, the pleasures of, 27

- surest mode of gaining, 227 ascend, 133—First ascent by Pac. Architecture of Trees, 4 Covetousness, evils of, 35 Horno, selection from, 238

card, 134- Ascent of Saussure, Arnott, extracts from, 179, 192 Cowper, selections from, 37

Horse-chestnut, use of the fruit of, 99 134-Difficulties of the ascent, 135 Art, lines on, 55 Crusade against the Albigenser, 97 House I lire in, I., Framework, 108

-Route to the foot of the Aiguille Arveiron, source of the, 129

-I., Materials of the Frame, 115 du Midi, 135—The Glacier des Assistance, necessity of mutual, 256 Daily diary, use of, 79

-III., The Arms, 159—IV., The Bossons, 209—Approach to the Astronomy, study of, 182 Death, contemplation of, 23

Skull, 220

Grands Mulets, 210-A night on Autumn in America, 232

- certainty of, 190
Hunter, adventures of a, 143

the Grands Mulets, 211-Route to Denon, extract from, 156

Hurricanc in Barbadoes, account of, 68 the Grand Plateau, 211 - The Bacon, extracts from, 111, 224. 240 Disappointments of Life, 37

Rochers Rouges, and the Old Baden Castle, second visit to, 19 Disease, effects of, 192 Idleness, evils of, 103

Route, 212-Approach to the SumBank of Happiness, 152 Distinction, universal desire of, 227 Ill Temper, necessity of subduing, 208

mit, 213—View from the Summit, Barbadoes, account of a hurricane in, Divine Providence, unaccountable, 55 Illustrations of Life Assurance, III.

214–The Descent, 215–Conclu. 68 Domestic Behaviour, main test of 5-IV., 99—V., 238_VI., 244

sion, 216 Barnard, Mordaunt, lines by, 208 virtue, 139

- Geology, 67, 191

Montgomery, James, lines by, 111 Duaterra, a New Zealand chief, his

- the Bible, 147, 180, 196,

Mucruss Abbey, ruins of, 121 Bathurst, C., extracts from, 77 history, 259

Music, effects of, 146

236 Beattie, extracts from, 111, 167, 250 Duchy of Nassau, 233

Mutual Affection, on, 31

Imaginary erils, not to be reflected
Belzoni Sarcophagus, 18
Dwarf Oak and Kermes, 93

on, 238

- Help, necessity of, 127 Beziers, town of, 50

Improvement of time, 232
Bible, illustrations of the, from the mo.
Eagle's Nest, Killarney, 57
Indian-rubber, how prepared, 205

Nassau, Duchy of, 233
numents of antiquity, I., 147-II.,
Eastern saying, 115
Infant, lines to an, 104, 207

National Statues, VIII., George Fre. 180-111., 196—IV., 236-V., 251

derick Handel, 89 Education, aim of, 111, 167

Inisfallen, isle of, 217
Bird, lines by, 128

first object of, 158
Intemperance, evils of, 111

Nature, study of, inexhaustible, 91 Birds, pleasure derived from the song effects of neglecting, 219 Ipecacuanha Plant, 156

- of affectation, 93 of, 93

Island of Amsterdam, 153

- progressiveness and final per. importance of a good, 256 Black Comb, Cumberland, lines on, 16 Effects of Civil War, 37 Isle of Staffa, Sir W. Scott's visit to

fection of, 248 Black and Red ants of Australia, 79

Music, 146
231, 251

Nayti, a New Zealander, account of, Blackstone, selection from, 183

262 - Solitude, 231 Blair, extracts from, 103, 115, 141, 2 Efficacy of Time, 146

Nets, on washing, 77
Boiling Springs, isle of Amsterdam,

Jedburgh, town and abbey of, 186
Elephant, adventure with an, 256

Now South Wales, sketches of, XiX.,

Jenyn, selection from, 192 153

78-XX, 95 Emblemy, 110

Johnson, extracts from, 93, 167, 232 Boppart, town of, 113

New Zealand some account of, 258 Employment of Time, 231 Bradford, selection from, 55

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Notes on Forest Trees, XVIII., The English Lake Scenery, 15

Joseph, history of, 196 Bread-fruit tree, account of, 71

White Beech, 1 Evil Inclinations, 110

23-XIX., The Brown, Sir T., selections from, 146

White Birch, 56-XX., The Holly, Evils of Procrastination, 163 Burgh Castle, remains of, 177

Kermes, description of, 93

104-XXI., The Alder, 128 - Covetousness, 35 Burke, selections from, 99, 224, 231

Prodigality, 232

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Noyon, France, town of, 249

Kirby, selections from, 80, 93 Calm at sea, what resembling, 166

Facts in comparative Anatomy, 144, Knitting, universal practice of, in Ger. Oak, dwarf, and kermes, 93

232 Camden, county of, New South Wales,

many, 152

Obedience enforced by the Gospel, 152 Faculties of Man, 14 94

" Know Thysell," 208

O'Donoghue, legend of, 161
Campbell, lines by, 185
First twenty years of life, 143

Knowledge, various motives for attain. Old age, gratifications of, 14
Canton, some account of the city of
Flattery, consequences of, 111

ing, 224

Omnipresence of God, 14 Streets,

Flora's Party, 94
169 - Beggars, 170-

Optics, science of, 63, 77, 187
Houses, Fires, 171-Shops, 1794
Flowers, lessons derived from, 118

Orange-tree, description of, 31
Lake Windermere, visit to, 73

remarks on, 144 Religion, &c., 173—Great Temple

Origin of the Mechanical Arts, 126 Folly, what it consists in, 227

Last duty of parents, 183 of Honan, 174Character of the

Legend of O'Donoghue, 161

Owen, Capt, extract from, 256
People, 175– Police, 175
Force of lightning, 149

Legends and Fictions, popular, XI.,
Caoutchouc, mode of collecting. 205
Fore Abbey, Westmeath, account of,

Parents, last duty of, 183

Holy Wells, 54-XII., British Po.

145 Carbonic Acid, I., 142–11., 150-III.,

Parr, extracts from, 163, 219

pular Mythology. 75—XIII., Fairy 165,--IV., 254 Forest Trees, notes on, 23, 56, 104, 128

Passing generations, 146

Superstitions, 111
Forging of the Anchor,
Carcassonne, France, town of, 97

Peasantry of Russia, manners and

Lemon-tree, account of, 31
Caryl, selection from, 55
Friend, value of, 115
Lessons on Christian Evidences, 21,

customs of, 137
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Castle at Baden, second visit to, 19

52, 70, 92, 119, 124, 157, 164, 189,

Penn, extract from, 102
Cat-fish, account of, 240
Funeral Ceremonies of the Hindoos, 61

204, 299, 246

- William, and Charles the SeCathedral, Wells, 226

Lewis, extract from, 2

cond, 29 Gardening, on the pursuit of, 125 Cave Vamh Smowe, Sir W. Scott's

Perseverance, good effects of, 37

Life a parenthesis, 159 visit to, 199 Geology, familiar illustrations of, 67,

- first twenty years of, 143

Peruvian Bark, natural history of, 141 Chamount and Mont Blanc, 129, 209


- voyage of, 99

Philosophers' Stone, IV., 101-v., 140 Chappelow, selection from, 55 Germany, universal practice of knit.

- disappointments of, 37

Philosophy, ancient and modern, comCharity in Deportment, 118

ting in, 152
- Assurance, popular illustrations

pared, 110 Charles the second and William Penn Gnat, natural history of, 28

of, III., 5,-IV., 95-V., 238—V.,

- how conducive to happi. 29 God, omnipresence of, 14


ness, 167 Chemist, the young, X., 13-XI., 20 superintending care of, 80

Pinckard, selection from, 14

Lightning, force of, 149
Child, a wonderful, 183

alone to be feared, 165
Locke, selections from, 227, 256

Plants, seeds of, 924
Children, proper education of, 159
God's Blessing, how dispensed, 55
Lockhart, extracts from, 199, 293, 231

Pleasures of a country life, 27
ihoughts on, 102
Goldsmith, selections from, 167

Pollock, lines by. 35
China, condition of women in, 38 Good name, uses of, 79

Love of good men to be studied, 141

Poor and Rich, difference, between 297 Christian Evidences, easy lessons on, Good and bad qualities, to what im.

Popular Legends and Fictions, XI., I., 21-11., Faith and Credulity, puted, 163

Macallister's Cave, Isle of Skye, Sir 51-XII., 75—XIII., 111 59-III., Ancient Books, 70-IV. Good things, distribution of, 200

W. Scott's visit to, 223

Practical Philosophy, true, 79

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Trim, Ireland, town and castle of, 105
Troitza, monastery ol, 26, 66
Trollope, Mrs., extracts from, 19, 99,

True Liberty, what, 14
Trusler, selection from, 205
Truth, importance of speaking, 158

- and sincerity, necessity of, 167 Turner, selection from, 14

Prairie Dogs, republic of, 158

Sandford, Mrs., selections from, 23, 92, Sound, on, 118 Prejudice, evils of, 198


Southampton, account of, 2
Procrastination, evils of, 163
Sarcophagus, the Belzoni, 18

Southey, selections from, 35, 59, 240
Progressiveness of nature, 248
Scale of the universe, 248

Splendid talents, men of, not to be
Prudence, what the great end of, 167 Sceptic, the, 184

relied ou, 205 Public Opinion, growth of an en Science, amusements of, III., Optios, Sprague, lines by, 55 lightened, 192

63—IV., 77-V., 187-VI., 248 Staffa, isle of, Sir W. Scott's visit to, Pursuit of Gardening, 125

Scientific Inquiry, taste for, 29

Scott, Sir W., letter to, from the Duke Standing and Walking, mechanics of, Quarles, selections from, 80, 91, 93

of Buccleugh, 3

222 Queen Victoria, lines on, 120

- extracts from, 20, 52, Stars, the lines on, 195 56, 110, 111, 127, 146, 159

Stebbing, extract from, 190

- visit to the cave Uamh Sterne, extract from, 168 Ray, extracts from, 91

Smowe, 199

Suillingfleet, extract from, 54 Rehme, Belgium, salt-works at, 29

- visit to Macallister's Storms and avalanches of the Alps, 241 Religious Instruction, duty of govern.

Cave, Isle of Skye, 223

Studies apparently useless not to be ments to provide, 55

-- visit to the Isle of despised, 54 Remarks on Flowers, 144

Staffa, 231

Study of Astronomy, 182
Bathing, 3
Sea, suffering at, 27

Superstitions of the New Zealanders,
Reproof, 93
Sea-bathing, on, 35

Republic of Prairie Dogs, 158
Seed, extracts from, 91, 139, 238

Suspicion, how to be remedied, 111
Reputation, the most exalted, 102
Seeds of Plants, 224

Swiit, selection from, 238
Rhine, vineyards of the, 113

Self-preservation, instinctive love of, in Sydney, Sir P., selection from, 205 Rich and Poor, difference between, 227

children, 7 River Thames, lines to, 128

Sympathy, effects of, 924
Seps, natural history of, 53
Rolls, Mrs. H., lines by, 152
Shakspeare, extract from, 91

Tabular view of the principal offices
Rome, account of, Part V-Piazza del
Sheridan, selection from, 80

for Life Assurance in London, 244, Campidoglio, 41-Equestrian Sta

Sherlock, extracts from, 111, 227, 238 245
tue of Marcus Aurelius, 42-
Sigourney, Mrs., lines by, 94

Taste for Scientific Inquiry, 29
Church of Araceli, 43—Ancient
Silence, wisdom of, 80

Taylor, Bp., selection frotn, 247
Remains in the Capitol, 43-The
Sin, two kinds of, 91

Teeth and Stomach of Animals, 168
Pantheon, 4+ The Baths, 46-

Sinclair, selections from, 55, 71, 79 Temple, Sir W., extract from, 227
Baths of Caracalla, 47
Ross Island and Castle, Killarney,

Sketches of New South Wales, XIX., Thames, lines on the river, 128

78-XX., 95 193

Thoughts on Children, 102

- Russia, V., 7–VI., 26– Ruins of Mucruss Abbey, 19

Tillotson, extract from, 167
VII., 66

Time, right use of, 37
Russia, Sketches of, V., 7-VI., 26–

Smith, Sir T., extracts from, 104, 123, VII., 66-VIII., 137

effects of, 52 Rydal Water, Westmoreland, account

141, 227, 250

-employment of, 231 Solitude, effects of, 231

Town of Noyon, France, account of of, 15

- who fit for, 240

249 Somerville, Mrs., extracts from, 118, Trees and Plants used in Medicine, Salt-works at Rehme, 29

150, 182

account of, 141, 156 Sanderson, Bishop, selection from, 63 | Somnambulism, case of, 151

--architecture of, 4


Value of heat in the economy of the

universe, 179
Vanity, danger of. 23

of worldly things, 103
Vegetable wonder, 152
Victoria, lines on Queen, 120
Vineyards of the Rhine, 113
Virtue, what constitutes, un
Voyage of Life, 29
Washing Nets, on, 57
Washington Irving, extracts from, 143

159, 165
Watch and Ward, ancient, 12
Watson, selections from, 14
Wells Cathedral, 226
Westmeath, Fore Abbey in, 145
Wilson, lines by, 227
Windermere, lake, visit to, 73
Women, condition of, in China, 38
Wonderful Child, 183
Woollen Manufacture, I., 201-11.,

Preparation of Long Wool, 228
Wordsworth, lines by, 16
Worldly things, vanity of, 103
Young, extracts from, 115, 193
Young Chemist, the, 13, 20
Zimmerman, selection froin, 910

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