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pass-port to the best company, and procured him very general esteem. He was the author of various pieces both of poetry and prose, and was principally con. cerned in the ninth volume of the Spectator.


Page 134.

Sapphira] The name by which Mrs. Barber was known by her friends.


Page 137.

-Orinda sung.) The name given to Mrs. Catherine Philips.


Page 139. It appears from this Epistle, that Lady Craven is not the first of her family who has voyaged to Turkey. The fair Traveller to whom this Epistle was addressed, was eldest daughter to the Earl of Berkley, and sister to Lady Elizabeth Germaine. She married Sir Thomas Chambers of Hanwell.


Page 141. The fair Authoress was second daughter of the late Earl of Hardwicke, and afterwards wife of Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bart. She died in child-bed, 1769. These lines were written by her at the age of fourteen and a half.


Page 169. Mary, daughter of General Lepel, and widow of John Lord Hervey. Of this lady it was observed by the Earl of Chesterfield to his son, that “ She has been all her life at courts; of which she has acquired all the easy good breeding and politeness, without the frivolousness. She has all the reading that a woman should have ; and more than any woman need have; for she understands Latin perfectly well, though she wisely conceals it. No woman ever had more than she has, le ton de la parfaitement bonne compagnie, les manieres engageantes et le je ne scais quoi qui plait.

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