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WHILE I those hard commands obey,
Which tear me from thee far away;
Never did yet love-tortur'd youth
So dearly prove his doubted truth;
For never woman charm'd like thee,
And never man yet lov'd like me.

All creatures whom fond flames inspire, Pursue the object they desire :: But I, prepost'rous doom! must prove By distant flight the strongest love; And ev'ry way distress'd by fate, Must lose thy sight, or meet thy





By the Same

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WEARY'D with indolent repose, A life unmix'd with joys or woes Where all the lazy moments crept, And every passion sluggish slept ; I wish'd for Love's inspiring pains, To rouze the loiterer in my veins. Th' officious power my call attends, He who uncall'd his succour lends And with a smile of wanton spite, He gave Camilla to my sight. Her eyes their willing captive seize, Her look, her air, her manner please ; New beauties please, unseen before, Or seen, in her they please me more; And soon, too soon, alas! I find The virtues of a nobler kind.

Now cheerful springs the morning ray, Now cheerful sinks the closing day;

For every morn with her I walk'd,
And every eve with her I talk'd;
With her I lik'd the vernal bloom,
With her I lik'd the crowded room;
From her at night I went with pain,
And long'd for morn to meet again.

How quick the smiling moments pass, Through varying Fancy's mimic glass! While the gay scene is painted o'er, Where all was one wide blank before; And sweetly sooth'd th' inchanting dream, 'Till love inspir'd a bolder scheme.

Camilla, stung with grief and shame : Now marks, and shuns the guilty fame; Fierce anger lighten'd in her face, Then cold reserve assum'd its place: And soon, the wretch's hardest fate, Contempt succeeds declining hate. No more my presence now she flies, She sees me with unheeding eyes; Sees me with various passions burn, Enrag'd, depart,-submiss, return; Return with flattering hopes to find Soft pity move her gentle mind. But ah! her looks were still the same, Unmark'd I went, unmark'd I came; Unmark'd were all my hopes and fears, While Strephon whispers in her ears.

O Jealousy! distracting guest! Fly to some happy lover's breast; Fitly with joy thou minglest care, But why inhabit with despair?



By the Same.

'Twas when the friendly shade of night
Suspends the busy cares of light,
And on the various world bestows

Or sprightly joy, or calm repose.

With gen'rous wine the glass was crown'd, And mirth, and talk, and toasts went round.

Clarissa came to bless the feast,
Clarissa, dearly welcome guest!
Not such she look'd as when by day
She blazes in the diamond's ray;
And adding to each gem a grace,
Gives India's wealth the second place.
But soft reclin'd in careless ease,
More pleasing, less intent to please.
Loose flow'd her hair in wanton pride,
Her robe unbound, her zone unty'd;
Half bare to view her milk-white breast,
A slender veil scarce shades the rest:

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