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Neil Wilson Publishing, 30 июн. 2012 г. - Всего страниц: 256
Covering people, places, events and fully cross-referenced, the Jacobite Dictionary is an eye-opener on the world of Jacobitism. Spanning the years of the Stuart succession to the Glorious Revolution and beyond, this concise reference book brings essential historical information to the reader at a glance ( denotes an interactive cross-reference). Typical entries are:Jacobite Toasts With the proscription and heavy penalties for all things Jacobite a secret language of signs and symbols evolved including toasts. James Of The Glens See Stewart, James. 'Jamie The Rover' The nickname for the de jure James III. Johnson, William A and J Incognitos used by Prince Charles Edward Stuart Edward, whilst travelling on the continent. Johnston, Seigneur William An incognito used by Prince Charles Edward Stuart whilst travelling on the continent. Johnstone, Andrew (1728-?) Eldest son of James Johnstone of Knockhill, Dumfriesshire. He followed the Jacobites in 1745 with 'Kilmarnock's Horse and acted as a servant to ' Lord Kilmarnock. Possibly his father was also in the Prince's army. Taken prisoner after Culloden he pled not guilty and then guilty. Sentenced to death on 22 September 1746 at Carlisle and to be carried out on 15th November. The Marchioness of Annandale, a relative, interceded, saying that his father had forced him to join the Jacobites. Turned king's evidence and was released into the army 26th September 1747.

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