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I. CO M M ENTARY upon the Historical Books of the OLD TESTAMENT, viz. Geness, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers,”

Deuteronomy, Joshua, judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah and Efther. In Two Volumes. By the Right Reverend Father in God, Dr. Sy McN Pat Rick, late Lord Bishop of Ely. The fourth Edition correóted. To which is added, a compleat Alphabetical Table.

2. An Historical, Critical, Geographical, Chronological, and Etymological DICTION A R Y of the HOLY BIBLE, in three Volumes. Wherein are explained all the Proper Names mentioned in the Old or New Toffament, whether of Men, Women, Cities, Countries, Rivers. Mountains, &c. As also most of the fignificant and remarkable Appellatives that any where occur therein. With Accounts of all the natural Productions, as Animals, Vegetables, Minerals, Stones, Gems, &c. The Whole digested into Alphabetical Order, and illustrated with above one Hundred and Sixty Copper-Plates; representing the Antiquities, Habits, Buildings, Sepulchres, and other Curiosities of the Jews. To which is annexed, BIBL IO THE CA SAC RA, or a copious Catalogue of the best Editions and Versions of the Bible; with a large Account of the most valuable Commentaries, Expositions, and Paraphrases upon the Whole, or any Part thereof, and the Authors of the same. And an ample Chronological Table of the History of the Bible, a jewish Calendar, Tables of all the Hebrew Coins, Weights, and Measures, reduced to our own. A Differtation upon jewish Coins and Medals; another upon the Tačticks of the ancient Hebrews, by the Chevalier Folar d, concluding with a literal Translation of all the Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriac, and Greek Names in the Bible. With Prefaces proper to each Part. Written originally in French, by the Reverend Father Dom August 1N CALM Er, a Benedičine Monk, Abbot of Senones. And now translated into English from the Author's last Edition, with occasional Remarks, by SAM u EL D'oy ly, M. A. late Fellow of Trinity-College in Cambridge, and Vicar of St. Nicolas, Rocheffer: And John Colson, M. A. F. R. S. and Vicar of Chalk in Kent.

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Words, and Phrases of the N E w TE s T A M E N T,
excepting the Revelation.

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The Th1 R p E D it on, Review'd and Corrected by the Author.)

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Printed for D. Midwinter, A. Bettesworth and C. H. i t c H,
J. and J. Pemberton, R. War E. C. Rivington, F. Clay,
A. WAR D, J. and P. KNAPTon, T. Longman, R. Hett, and

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