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ed. The quantity of exemplifica- the preference over many other tion, usually found in most works grammars, and particularly above of this nature, he has rejected, as those by Chambaud and Wanascalculated only to perplex the stu- trocht, which have received 'the, dent. He has avoided those “mi sanction of high literary authority fute distinctions, which envelope in England, and have been used essential rules in utrivial excep- by the first teachers in this coun-' tions?! In the general plan of try, as the best introductions to 'a Grammar, he has not differed from knowledge of the French language. other compilers, and his new mod- The typographical negligence ification does not entitle him by of this small volume' (which has any means to a rank above them two closely printed pages of « Erin point of utility or convenience. rata”) is almost unpardonable. It

We have examined this work contains but 194 pages, and we do. with some considerable attention, never recollect to have seen more as ones dedicated to the use of our errogrs in a work of so small a country, would naturally lead us size. '. I t took itt :50T to bbstow. But we cannot give it will , "i l yub

Almera MONTHLY CATALOGUE..." option

i slip opent. Lors !!, Lii s ' ., . Sunt bona, funt quædam mediocria, sunt mala plura.-MART., von

NEW WORKS. is, tion, the duties of their officers, with a

collection of forms for the use of magisMemoirs of Dr. Joseph Priestley, to trates and others. Published in purthe year 1795, written by himself; with suance of an act of the legislature of a continuation to the time of his decease, the territory. In French and English. by his søn, Joseph Priestley ; and ob- By Lewis Kerr, Esq. New Orleans, servations on his writings, by Thomas Bradford & Anderson., vie., Lt Cooper, present judge of the 4th dis. The Schoolmaster's Assistant : being trict of Pennsylvania, and the Rev. Wm. a compendium of Arithmetick, both Christie." 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 824. North, Practical and Theoretical-in five parts. umberland, (Penn.) John Binns. The whole being delivered in the

Plain Discourses on the Chemical most familiar way of question and ans. Laws of Matter. Containing a gene wer, recommended by several emi. ral view of the principles and improve nent mathematicians, accomptants and ments of the science of Chemistry ; schoolmasters, as necessary to be used with a particulær detail of those parts in schools by all teachers who would which are common and connected with have their scholars thoroughly underdomestick affairs, Addressed to the stand, and make quick progress in citizens of America. By Thomas Arithmetick. By Thomas Dilworth, Ewell, M. D. Jate of Virginia. 1 vol. author of the New Guide to the English Svo. pp. 500, with plates. .Price $3 in Tongue, Book-Keeper's Assistant, &c. extra boards. New-York, Brisban & With additions and alterations, adapted Brannan, 186 Pearl-street.

to the use of the citizens of the UnitNo. III. of The Christian Monitor, a ed States. New York, George Jansen. religious periodical work ; containing The Columbian Orthographer i or, eight discourses on the Means of Rc. First Book for Children. In which the ligion. 12mo. fine wove paper, pp. 200. words are methodically arranged, ra. Price in blue boards 30 cents. Boston, tionally divided into syllables, and accuMunroe & Francis.

rately accented according to the best An Exposition of the Criminal Laws authorities. For the use of schools. of the Territory of Orleans ; the prac. By James Pike. 12mo, pp, 169, Price sice of the courts of criminal jurisdic. 20 cents. Portland, Daniel Jchusomr. The American Ready Reckoner, and Testaments with critical notes, and a trader's infallible guide, in dollars and practical improvement of each section i cents, with a variety of useful tables containing the history of our Lord Je Small 12mo. pp. 175. 50 cents, bounid. sus Christ, as recorded by the four Baltimore, Warner & Hanna.padoI evangelists, disposed in the ordet ef


The Advantages of God's Presence ant barmony. By Philip Doddridge, with his People in an Expedition against D. from the oth London edition. To their Enemies : A sermon proached at which is prefixed, a life of the authoz, Newbury, May 22, 1755, at the desire by Andrew Kippis. 9r8vo. Boston, and in the audience of Col. Moses Tit. 3 Etheridge & Blisssi bridt 940 to none comb, and many others enlisted under Sacred Classicks, containing theat him, and going with him in an expedi following works: 1 Hervey's Medita tion against the French To By John tions. 2. Evidences of the christian rea Lowell, As M. pastor of a church inligion, by the right Hon. Joseph AddiNewbury, Newburyport, E. W. Allen son, To which are added, Discour.

The Messiah's Reign ; a sermon ses against atheisni and infidelity with preached on the 4th of July, before the a preface : containing the sentiments, Washington Society, and published at of Mr. Boyle, Mr. Locke, and Sir Isasco their requests By James Muir, D.D. Newton, concerning the gospel rexelas pastor of the Presbyterian church at tion. 3. The death of Abel, in 5 books, Alexandria. Alexandria, S. Snowden translated from the German of Mr. Gesea

A sermon preached in Sharon, Ver- ner, by Mrs. Colver, To which is praes mont, March 12. 1806, at the ordine fixed, The life of the authorno 4. Detion of the Rev. Samuel Bascom. By vout Exeroises of the Heart, in medias the Rev. Tilton Eastman, pastor of the tion and soliloquy, prayer and praiser Congregational church in Randolph, by the late pious and ingenious Mrs Vt. Hanover, N. H. Moses Davis. ir Elizabeth Rowe, revised and published

The Commonwealth's Man, in a at her request by. J. Watts, D.D series of letters, addressed to the cit- Friendship in Death, in letters from the izens of New York. By James Smith, dead to the living ; to which are added m.p. New-York, A. Forman. Vå Letters, moral and entertaining in prose

An Oration, pronounced at Láncas. and verse, by Mrs, Elizabeth Rosefer, July 4, 1806, in commemoration of Reflections on Death, by Wm. Dodd, the anniversary of American Indepen. LL.D. with the life of the author. The dence, By Samuel Brazer, junior. Centaur, not fabulous, in six letters to Pr. 17 cts, Worcester, Sam'í Cotting a friend, on the life in vogue z by DBA

An Oration, delivered at the meet. Young : with the life of the author, inghouse in Bennington, Vermont, on The Pilgrim's Progress. Blackmore on the 4th of July, 1806 : by O.C. Merrill. Creation. --The above works are in ime 8vo. pp.56. 25 cts. Bennington, Smead. itation of Cooke's edition of the Sacred

An Oration, delivered by Peter H. Classicks,embellished with elegant en u Wefdover, Esq. on the 4th of July, gravings--Price S1 per volume, neatly 1806, in the New Dutch Church, New bound. New York, J. & T. Ronalds. York. Svo. Office of the Amer.Citizen. The Wife ; interspersed with a va.

"Rory Roasted, a serio-cornical and riety of anecdote and observations, and political Drama, (in 5 acts, the two containing advice and directions for all first acts wanting, yet still complete, as conditions of the marriage states ist it was lately performed on the theatre American edition, 12njo. pp. 220.75 of Philadelphia, (without any success) Gents in boards, Boston, Newell. as the commencement of the 3d act de- The 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Nos. ckres, owing to the infamous acting of of Madoc, á poem, by Robert Southes! a bad fellow, who performed the char- 8vo. Boston, Munroe & Francis, ir acter of 'Rory. Collected by the pubat Home, a poem. pp. 144. foolscap lick's humble servant, Pill Garlick, Esq. 8vo. Price 75 cents in extra boards to Together with Pill Garlick, esq.'s ad subscribers. Boston, Sam'l H. Parker. dress, notes, &c. 37 cents. Philadel. Davideis : the life of David, king of phia, Office of the Freeman's Journal. Israel. A sacred poem, in 5 books. Byen demoroit

Thomas Elwood. 12mo, pp. 160. Phi. 0 NEW EDITIONS. Nam l adelphia, Joseph Crukshank. vai

T M Account of the Life and Religions Vol. I. of The Family Expositor, or a Labours of Samuel Neale. Phikdel: paraphrase and version of the New phịa, James P. Parke. Isey to notice


A Military Catechism; with a methai together with a number of favourite od to form company, and antiexplanas pieces from different lauthors.' To tion of the exercise y with directions which igo prefixed an introduction to for the officers and soldiers , to which the grounds of musick.99 Byn Abraha is added,some explanation and improves: Forbush. Boston, Manning & Loring ment of the formation and exercise of * A Collection of Hyinns en Baptism, regimentou i By Joseph Lord, brigatel suitable to be sung se the commistramajor and inspector, Columbia Countyyr tion of that ordinance in the apostolicki New York. A new edition, with the modes with doetrinal and experiment ! addition of one third mure useful matod tal hymns, suited to occasionill meetingste tersi) Hudson og PES

275, for social worship s designed to estaboo BibT VILLE M !!! lish in the heart those gospel truthsid -55 BIT IN Tout PRESS. . which are consohaho to the experience -1b5A Ng920 Mont y mi amil of a work of the Holy Spirit in all true !

The 3d American edition of The Se believers. Boston, Manning & Loring éret History of the Court and Cabinet Stomi si moke'nisia T of se. Olud. This highly interesting PROPOSED BY SUBSCRIPTIONIS and entertaining work has run through: Ju bartai diq biri ex15100 110 gmilar tivoleditions of 1500 copies each, in the The Works of William PalevPD. DO short period of ten weeks. Philadel. archdeacon of artister with a por phia, J: Watts, for Brisban & Brannan" trait and life of the author 4 vols. 8 .A and Riley & Co. New-York"

M 1 : pp. 500 each, on superime Twoje paper. Locke on the Human Understanding. Price $2 per yolume in bowds, of 12mo. 3 vots. Båston, Jobmi West. 2,25 bound. Boston, Walram Andrews,

The Baptism of Believers only, and Byrom'g System of Stenography the particular Confitiunion of the Bap- or universal standard of short-band tistchurches, explained and vindicated writing, with considerable alterations Ir three parts. The first published and improvements Containing plain origihally in 1789; the second, in 1794, and comprehensive plles, systematical the tkird, an appendix, containing ad- ly arranged with explanatory notes, ditional observations and arguments, &c. By an English Gentleman. 1 with strictures on severdY late publitas sinal qaartó volume, price to subscri. tionis.(By Thomas Baldwin. Boston, bers $1,25 in boards. Windsor, Ver! Manning & Loring ostuttiin 0.mont, H. H! Cunningham. 18219Vinassils

Some of the false argetiments, mis Fergusons Lectures on select subtakes, and etlours of the Rev. Samuel jects in Mechanicks,"Hydrostaticks, Austin, examined for the benefit of the Hydraulicks, Pneumaticks, Opticks, publiekom By Daniel Merrin. Boston, Géography, Astronomy, and Dialing Manning & LOMMG100 ] --HOW A new edition, corrected and enlarged. 17

The Doctrine of the Law and Grácerti With Hotes and an appendix, adapted unfolled. Being a thiscourse; shewing to the present state of the arts and scithe different natures of the law and ences. By David Brewster, A.N.V Re. gospell, and the very dissimilar states vised, and corrected by Robert Patter! of those who are under the law, and son, Professor of Mathematicks, and those who are undep tracé, op inter. Teacher of Natural Philosophy, in the ested in Jesus Christ! By Jolin Bun.' University of Pennsylvania. In 3 vols. yan.' Boston, Maining & Lörngot no. two in octavo of letter press, and one

Charnock's Life of Lord Nelson. Bro. A quarto volume containing 43 engravings. " Boston, Etheridge & Bliss 1. i cilige Price to subscribers $6. Philadelphia, 10

Johnson's Dictionary of the English Mathew Carey, and Etheridge & Bass, Language in miniature. Boston Boston, an loani 925 od Swo 8913 William Andrews. 'I 'Lolio 3 Letters to a Young Lady, in which

The Death of legal Hope the Life of the duties aud character of women are evangelical Obedience. By Abraham considered, ehely with a reference tool Botth.. Boston, Maming & Loring prevailing opinions. By Mrs. Westo

Watts Psalins and Hymns, with the author of Letters to a Young Man. fats and Sharps affixed, for the conve.' 1 volume octavo, pp. 500. Price $2,5019 nience of choristers. Boston, Mamting boards ; 2,75 bound. Troy, Obadiah & Loring. Acar a

Penniman & Co. and Isaac Riley & Co. The second edition of the Psalmo. New-York. dist's Assistants containing an original ? A second edition of The Harmónia composition of psalm and hynin tunes ; 4 Americanay' with carcotions and addig


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tions. By S. Holyoke. pp. 200. Pr. modern, arranged in full harmony, fos to subscribers Si,50. i

the use of Choirs ; with the bases fic A Collection of Sacred Musick, exa gured and the proper accompaniments pressly calculated for the use of the annexed in small notes, for the Organ Protestant Episcopal Church : consist of Piano-Forte. By John Cole. The ing of Chants for the different services, work will be handsomely engraved, and Anthems and Hymns for particular och contain about 60 folio pages, an elegan casions, and plain psalmody, from the vignette title-page, and a list of sabseri. most celebrated authors ancient and bers. Pr. 54. Philadelphia, 1. Watts

960 91916 VITI

ni J 8115go Ti 92023 23. 10... ... , INTELLIGENCE

IGENCE, no!) mitandteib - Our most fervent wishes for a liberall Without hazardingi a decision of his patronage of the publication, of which own,on the intricate question of the res the following is a prospectus, induces spective excellence of ancient and tied! as to give it an early insertion in the ern eloquence, he confidently trusts that Anthology.

his compilation will not be thought to « Proposals by John Watts, of Phila. weaken the opinion that, were la colleco delphia, for publishing by subscription, tion of the best specimens of the latterto in mecliuin octavo, Select Speeches, fo. be formed, it might fearlessly challenge rensick and parliamentary, with illus- a comparison with the celebrated ethi. trative remarks, by Ni Chapman, MD. bitions of Grecian and Roman oratory Pietatem gravem ac meritis si forte virum quem Of the pretensions of the work Conspexere, silent ; ad rectisqne auribus adstant; publick favour the Editor conceites lits Iste regit didtis animes et pectora mulcet.Virg The design of the work, as the title

I. It is an attempt, and the only one imports, is to draw irom the exchequer

to perpetuate Modern Eloquence. 3:16 of modern eloquence the most, distin.. guished speeches, and to publish them,

+ What direct memorial, says' 1 collectively. These splendid productions,

writer, would remote posterity hare te to many of which “Demosthenes would

ceived, even of the existence of the tal have listened with delight, and Cicero

ent, were not a few of Mr. Burke's Orse with envy," are permitted, by a strange

tions incorporated with bis works? Bu, Insensibility to their value,to be scatter."

gorgeous ás is certainly the rhetorickor ed, with the refuse of literature, in the

Edmund Burke, will his speeches alone perishable shape of a pamphlet, or to be.

convey an adequate "representation of preserved imperfectly in the rapid sy,

the extent, variety, and richness of the nopses of the Chronicles of the day. It

eloquence of the age in which he lived? is to be regretted that, in consequence . It will present at one yew to the of this neglect, some of the finest dis. Lawyer and Statesman, those learned plays of modern elocution are already and lucid discussions of politicks and iiretrievably lost, and that the rest must. jurisprudence, which are, eminently inevitably be swept away by the current subsidiary to his investigations, and, of time, if an effort be not fostered to wlrich, as now dispersed, are alwus. give them a more permanent form.. difficult of access, and frequently not to The diligent researches of the Editor, be procured at any price.

13 though sometimes disappointed, have III. It will afford a correct modett been, or the whole, rewarded with a' for the study of Oratory, wi 0.5 12.06 success very disproportioned to the The calm, temperate, Argumentative moderate expectations with which he manner of the moderns differs too wider went to the task

ly from the bold, vehement, figurative He has found, concealed in the cabi. style of the ancient orations, to renders nets of the cúrious, and in the hoards of them, notwithstanding their various “ literary misers," a sufficient number beauties, a standard altogether proper of the brightest gems,” to authorise for emulation... him to exchange the toils of gleaning A speaker, who should at this time for the perplexity of selection.

adventurously imitate the impetuous. * He proposes to make indisputable evi. strains, or the lofty flights, which mark dence of the genuineness of every speech the classick elocution-who should dare; the invariable criterion of his choice,and to pour " the torrent, or spread the will admit ho one into the work which splendid conflagration," would probahas not distinct claims from importance bly excite not more surprise, or PDof matter and brilliancy of diction. voke greater merriment, by appearing.



before his audience enrobed in the gro us. Let us therefore encourage its tesque costume of antiquity s ites growth till it becomes the distinguish.

Whatever tends to improve or to wis ing feature of the American people. . den the dominion of speech cannot be . Let us, since we are excluded from an object of indifference in a common many of the means which advance the wealth.'

glory of a nation, endeavour to exalt Eloquence has always been admired our fame by excelling in one of the no. and studied by every free people. . It blest qualities of our nature. 1 P engages particularly their attention, be., Like a polished republick of anticause it opens to them the widest ave. quity, we will be content to be charac. nue to distinction. Compared to it, the terized by our commerce and our ora. influence of the other attributes, which tory. The winds which waftrthere. elevate to rank, or confer authority, is dundant products of our industry to the feeble and insignificant. In Greece and remotest regions may also bear onu rek Rame it røse, by, cultivation, to the nown as the most eloquent people of loftiest pitch of refinement, and the hig. the earth.

poloni' , tory of those states confirms. by innu- Conditions. I. The work will be comprised in

3 or 4 vols. 8vo. II, It will be elegantly printed

on fine paper, and with a type bold and distinct Eloquence is Power.. . y gye II. The price to subscribers will be twg dollar

and fifty cents, each volume. To non-subscri: But no where has a condition of things

bers, three dollars. IV. It is contemplated to put prevailed, holding out stronger incite the work to press on this first of November 11, 21 ments to its acquirement, or more aus. picious opportunities for its profitable Mr. Field of this town'has published exertion. than in the United States. an engraving of Gen. Hamilton from a There are, indeed, in the peculiar con portrait painted by Trumbull. struction of our political institutions, Dr. Ramsay, of South Carolina, au-' advantages to the orator, which did not thor of the history of the American rebelong even to the ancient democracies. volütion, is writing a life of Washington." The complex fabrick of our federative We learn that I. Riley & Co. of New. system has multiplied, beyond the ex-, York, have now in press, which they will ample of any government, legislative shortly publish, the translation of a new Assemblies, and judiciary establish- & very interesting work, which first apo ments ; each of which is not only a ,peared in Paris, only about two months school to discipline eloquence, but also, since. This work is entitled, “A a field that yiells the abundant harvest Voyage to the Eastern Part of Terra, of its honours and emoluments. ; Firma, or the Spanish Main, in South

With us an additional motive exists, America, during the years of 1801, to stimulate generous ambition to he, 1802, 1803, and 1804; containing a culture of oratory. The nation has a description of the Commandery or Dis-, character to receive. We can scarcely trict of Caraccas, composed of the hope to create, and emblazon one with Provinces of Venezuela, Maracaibo the glitter of, military deeds. The nat. Varinas, Spanish Guiana, Cumana, and ural felicities of our situation will for the Island of Margaretta with parti, bid, perhaps for a considerable period, culars relative to the Discovery, Con." our becoming warlike. Reputation' quest, Topography, Legislation, Comus from the improvements of literature, or, merce, Finances, Inhabitants and Proc science, or the arts, is equally denied' ductions of those Provinces, with a to us.'n Centuries must elapsc before view of the manners and customs of we can arrive at this enviable eminence. the Spaniards, and of the Indians, both The adolescence of a people is not the civilized and uncivilized, by E. Depons, season which produces such improve.' late Agent of the French Government ments. They are the offspring of a , at Caraccas." This work which, much riper age.

from our daily increasing commerce, Hitherto we are chiefly known by ä , and communication with the Spanish hardy spirit of commercial enterprise, 'Colonies, with that of Caraccas, more and by the uncommon possession of the particularly, would at any time attract faculty of publick speaking, which are in a high degree, the curiosity of the the probable germinations of our future American Publick must, we presume, character. Into these directions the from recent occurrences, be, at this mon genius of the country is pressed by ment, peculiarly interesting. We feel causes not readily to be controled. Elo- desirous to ascertain, from the report of quence seems to fourish well among an acute and well qualified observer

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