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beauteous as the Goddess of love, un- though the rest of the oration will
tainted as the perfumed gale of Arabia; have cause to complain of this pre-
whom the devil in the wily serpent
could not tempt ; but they would tempt

ference of its twin brethren :

for the devil.

All the merciless engines of aristocra. In conclusion, to speak more cy were leagued in opposition to the emphatically than elegantly, we

we philanthropick struggles of aspiring gethink that the Major has made a

nius, whilst the insatiable scythe of per.

secution swung its keen set edge flash in the pan.

through the rich and luxuriant scions of
germinating freedom. P. 8.

Encouraged by our national policy,
ART. 44.

the regenerated spirit of enquiring ge. An oration, pronounced at the Branch

nius has thrown open the massy portals meeting-house in Salem, July 4,

of science, and exposed to the effulgent,

beams of day the engulphed Hercula1806, in commemoration of Ameri. neum of literature, which was long en.' can Independence. By H. A, S. tombed by the lava of persecution, piled Dearborn. From the Register- incumbent during the dark ages of suoffice. th. 14. . "

• perstitious barbarity. P. 12.

This is indeed å most pleasant If Mr. D. will permit us for a and delectable speech. The au moment to assume his gaudy garthor is not enthralled by the rules ments and tinsel array, we should of rhetorick and logick; and, dis observe, that he has enlarged the daining to creep in humble prose,

boundaries of infinite space, and he mounts Pegasus, and leaves dis- strolled extra flammantia menia consolate mortals below :

mundi,...given existence to nonenti

ty...added potency to omnipotence, '-'11 'His horse, the dear crcature, he prances and rears, With ribbons in kpots at his tail and his cars.'

...soared above the empyrean, till

his wings were melted in the blaze The turbid stream of his elo

of his own eloquence, and then quence is choaked by the disjoint- tumbled and descended below the .. ed fragments of images and me- bottom of the abyss of bathos...and, taphors :

by an oration of only fourteen pa-" ** "Banks, trees, and skies in thick disorder run.'

thick disorder run.' ges, has irrefragably and confound: As specimens we select the fol- ingly demonstrated that no sense lowing humorous paragraphs, is nonsense.


Sunt bona, funt quædam mediocria, sunt mala plura.-MART.

whole adapted to the practice of Medi, The American Dispensatory ; con- cine and Pharmacy in the United States. taining the operations of pharmacy; to. With several copperplates, exhibiting gether with the natural, chemical, the new system of chemical characters, pharmaceutical, and medical history and representing the most useful appaof the different substances emploved in ratus. By John Redman Coxe, M. D. medicine : illustrated and explained one of the Physicians of the Philadel. according to the principles of modern phia Hospital, &c. 8vo. Pr. bound $4. chemistry, comprehending the improve. Philadelphia, Thos. Dobson. ments in Mr. Duncan's second edition The Philadelphia Medical Museum, of the Edinburgh New Dispensatory for March, April, and May, 1806. Vol. The arrangement simplified, and the III. No. 1. Conducted by John Red..

man Coxe, M. D. of Philadelphia. 8vo. selected. Published according to act pp. 116. Philadelphia, A Bartram, of Congress. 12mo. Boston, E. Lincoln,« for Thomas Dobson.

2.7 "The Juvenile Instructor ; or, a use, The Philadelphia Medical and Phy. ful book for children, of things to be sical Journal, Part II. Vol. II. collected remembered ; in familiar colloquial disand arranged by Benjamin Smith Bar.courses between a parent and child. ton, M.D. 8vo. Price in boards $1. By D. R. Preston 12mo. pp. 54. BosPhiladelphia, Conrad & Co.

ton, John M. Dunham. im

. The Clerk's Assistant. In two parts. A Map of the Rapids of the Ohio Containing the most useful and neces. river, and of the countries on each side sary forms of writings, which occur in thereof, so far as to include the routes the ordinary transactions of business, contemplated for canal navigation. To under the names of acquittances, which are added, Explanatory Notes. agreements, assignments, awards, &c. By Mr. Jared Brooks, Frankfort, Ken &c. and other instruments. Calculated tucky, John Goodman... for the use of the citizens of the United - Catalogus Eorum, qui adhuc in Uni. : States, particularly the state of New. versitate Harvardiana, ab anno MDCXLII, York, Selections of various useful alicujus gradus laurea donati sunt, nompractical forms, proceedings in partition inibus ex literarum ordine collocatis! of lands, &c. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Ni. 8vo. pp. 50. Salem : Typis Josuz", cholas Power.

Cushing, MDCCCVI. Annoque RerumMilitary System of South-Carolina ; Publicarum Americæ fæderatarum containing the articles of war, the laws Summæ Potestatis XXXI. of the United States and of South-Caro- Noah's Prophecy on the Enlargement lina, for the government of the Militia ; ' of Japheth, considered and illustrated also the patrol laws of that State, with in a sermon, preached in Putney, Vt. a copious index. Pr. 75 cts. Charles. Dec. 5, 1805. By Clark Brown, A. M. ton, Wm. P. Young c i late minister of Brimfield, Mass. - Pub

Laws of the 1st session of the Ninth lished by the request of the hearers, Congress of the United States. Wash- 12mo. Brattleboro', W. Fessenden. ington City, Wm. Duane.

A Sermon, delivered to the First A new Translation, with notes, of the Church of Boston, on the Lord's Day Third Şatire of Juvenal ; to which are after the calamitous death of Mr. added, Miscellaneous. Poems, original Charles Austin, member of the senior and translated. New-York. Ezra Sar. class in the university of Cambridge, gent. 12mo. pp. 192.

which happened Aug 4, 1806, in the The 1st volume of the Dramatick 19th year of his age. By William Em. Works, of William Dunlap. · 12mo. erson, pastor of the church. 2d edition. , New York, J. Osborne, in rei 8vo. Boston, Belcher & Armstrong.

Avenia : a tragical poem, on the A Sermon, preached at the ordina.' oppression of the human species, and tion of Rev. Nathan Waldo, A.B. in infringement of the rights of man. In Williamstown, Vermont, February 26, 6 books, with notes explanatory. and. 1806. By Elijah Parish, A. M. pastor miscellaneous. Written in imitation of of the church in Byfield, Mass. Han. Homer's Iliad. By Thomas Branagan, over, N. H. printed by Moses Davis, author of a preliminary essay on slave. Svo, pp. 16., ry. 12mo. pp. 358. Philadelphia, A Discourse, delivered before the S. Engles and Samuel Wood.

Humane Society of the Commonwealth An Apology for the Rite of Baptism, of Massachusetts, June 10, 1806. By and usual modes of Baptizing. In which Thadleus Mason Harris, minister of in attempt is made to state fairly and the church in Dorchester. * 8vo. pp. 40." clearly the arguments in proof of these Boston, E. Lincoln.'' doctrines ; and also to refute the ob. A Sermon, containing reflections on jections and reasons alleged against the Solar Eclipse, which appeared on them, by the Rev. Daniel Merrill, and June 16, 1806 ; delivered on the Lord's by the Baptists in general. By John day following. By Joseph Lathrop, Read, D. D. pastor of a church and D.D. pastor of the First Church in congregation in Bridgewater. 12mo. West Springfield. Second edition. 8vo. Providence, Ileaton and Williams. pp. 20. Springfield, Mass. H. Brewer.

The Young Convert's Companion : A Sermon, preached before the Genbeing a collection of Hymns for the use eral Assembly of the Presbyterian of conference meetings í original and Church in the United States of Amer

ita, by appointment of their standing and a particular description of the man committee of missions, May 19, 1808. ufactures properly adapted for each By Eliphalet Nott;, dia president of country. By John Jackson, esq: F.S.A! Union College, in the state of New author of the Journey over land from Yorki 8vo. New-York.

India, &c. 1 vol. crown octavo. Price An Address, delivered before the 81 extra boards, $1,25 bound! New Republican Citizens of Concord, NH York, I. Riley & Co. assembled to celebrate the anniversary Hudibras, a poem, in three parts, by of American Independence, Friday, Samuel Butler. With annotations, a July 4, 1806, By Thomas Waterman, complete index, and life of the author minister of the gospel in Bow, N.H. 12mo. pp. 300. Troy. Wright, Gooda 8vo. Amherst, Joseph Cushing. enow & Stockwell..

A Masonick Discourse, delivered in The 2d American edition of The Se Portsmouth, St. John's day, June 24; cret History of the Court and Cabinet 5806. By Thomas Beede: Ports. of St Cloud. In a series of letters from mouth, NH

a gentleman in Paris to a nobleman in American Independence": An Oras London, written during the months of tion, pronounced at Ncw. Bedford, July August, September, and October, 1805. 4; 1806. By Zubdiel Sampson, Audi 12mo. Philadelphia, J: Watts. si Publisherl by request. 8vo. pp. 16. The History of Napoleon Bonaparte, Boston, Adams & Rhoades.

emperour of France and king oftalt An Oration, dehvered in the Inde: embellished with two 'engravings"; the pendent Circular Church, before the first a view of the battle of Austerlitz, inhabitants of Char ston, South Caro. and the second a plan of the Bastile. Lina, on Friday, the 4th of July, 1806, 8vo. I'vol. pp. 416) Price to subscri. in commemoration of American Inde. bers, bound, 52 50. Baltimore, Wr. pendence, by appointment of the Amer_ ner and Hanna. ican Revolution Society ; . published by E ast's Pleas of the Crown, rols. I. and request of that Society, and the Society II. Price, bound, $11"; boards, $10. of Cincinnati of South Carolina, By New York, Bernard Dornin." Keating Lewis Simons, a member of Wild Flowers, a poem. By Robert the Revolution Society, 8vo. Charles- Bloomfield, author of the Farmer's Bov. ton, Wm. P: Young

&c. 12mo. Philadelphia, William F. An Oration in conmemoration of the Farrand and J. Johnson. independence of federate America, de. - The Beauties of the Botânick Garden livered at Stratham, July 4, 1806. By 12mo. New-York, D. Longworth. Rev. James Miltimore. Portsmouth. : 'An Introduction to the Study of the

Bible : containing proofs of the authenNEW- EDITIONS.

ticity and inspiration of the Holy Scrip

tures ; a summary of the history of the Vol. 1. Part II. of The New Cyclo. Jews ; an account of the Jewish sects; pedia, or Dictionary of Arts and Scien. and a brief statement of the contents of ces. By Abraham Rees, D.D., F.R.S., the several Books of the Old and New editor of the last edition of Mr. Cham- Testaments. By George Pretymai, D. bers' Dictionary, with the assistance of D., F.R.S., Lord Bishop of Lincolneminent professional gentlemen. First 12mo. Price S1. Philadelphia, Jämes American edition, revised, corrected, P. Parke, 119, Market street. 1 enlarged, and adapted to this country, The 2d edition of The Christian by several literary and scientifick char. Monitor, No. I. containing prayers and atters. 4to. Price $3. Philadelphia,, devotional exercises. 12m1o. 30 cents' S. F. Bradford. Lemuel Blake, No. 1, in boards.' pp. 200. Boston, Mukre Cornhill, agent in Boston.

& Francis. Reflections on the Commerce of the The Contrast : or, the Death-bed of Mediterranean-Deduced from actual a Free-Thinker, and the Death-bed of experience during a residence on both a Christian. Exemplified in the last shores of the Mediterranean sea-con- hours of the Hon. Francis Newport, taining a particular account of the traf. and the Rev. Samuel Finley, b. D. Sro fick or the kingdoms of Algiers, Tunis, pp. 20. Boston, E. Lincoln.. . } Sardinia, Naples and Sicily, the Morea, The Encyclopædia of Wit, or Lohn&c.—with an impartial examinatisn into ger's Library. 1 vol. 12mo. vove paper the manners and customs of the inhab. pp. 400. Price $1 in boards; $i % itants in their commercial dealingy bound. New-York - William De

“ Home," a new poem. From a copy IN THE PRESS. . just received from Edinburgh. Super

fine woren paper. pp.150 foolscap 8vo. Yol I. of The Works of the Right Pr. in extra boards 75 cts. to subscribers. Honourable Edmund Burke. From the Boston, Samuel H. Parker. latest London edition. Svo. Boston, An Examination into the Belligerent D. Carlisle, for John West and Oliver Pretensions of Great-Britain, and the Cromwell Greenleaf.

Neutral Rights of the United States of The Trials of Colonel William Smith, America ; in which the numbers of and Mr. Samud G. Ogden, before the

Phocion, relative to the subject, are inCircuit Court of the United States for

cidentally answered. By an American. the District of New York,on the charge

This work will be published in a pamof having aided and assisted General phdet, containing at least 100 pages, exMiranda in a military expedition against clusive of the appendix, which will conthe Spanish government of Caraccas. tain several valuable and interesting Taken in short hand by Thomas Lloyd, state papers. Price $1. Charleston. Esq. Stenographer to Congress. 1 vol. The Father and Daughter, a new sro, Price to subscribers three-fourths novel. By Mrs. Opie, 1 volume 8vo. of a cent per page. New York, Isaac

Price $1 bound to subscribers.' RichRiley & Co.

mond, Vir. Samuel Grantland.: ' The History, Principles and Practice, A complete History of the Holy Bi. ancient and modern, of the legal reme. ble, as contained in the Old and New dy by Ejectment and the resulting ae Testaments, including also the occur. tion for mesne-profits, & the evidence in rences of 400 years, from the last of the general necessary to sustain and defend

Prophets to the birth of Christ, and the them with. With an appendix. By Life of our blessed Saviour and his Charles Busmington, serjeant at law. Apostles,&c.with copieus notes,explan. New-Yark, printed from the last Lon

atory, practical, and devotional. From don edition, by B. Dornin.

the text of the Rev. Laurence Howel, A Physiological Essay on Yellow

A.M. With considerable additions and Fever ; setting forth the various, symp improvements, by Rev. George Burder, toms attendant thereon, with many use,

author of Village Sermons, &c. 3 vols. ful and critical observations on the line 8vo. Price bound $2,25 each vylume. of treatment of the same ; and a mode Philadelphia, Woodward. of practice to be attended to in the cu.

Pyrroloimogia; or, Inquiries into the sative part." By Dr.George Carter, Di.

Pestilence called Yellow Perer. Con. rector General of the Military Hospital

taining the history of its semptoms and of South-Carolina, during the late revo

prevalence in different parts of the lution. Price $1. Charleston, S. Car. world ; a comparative statement of : 1 olina, Mr. Negrin.

controversies respecting its origin, The Wife. 1 vol. 12mo. Boston, modes of propagation, and treatment ; Andrew Newell.

with an at:empt towards a new theory

of the electrical phenomena and GalvaPROPOSED BY SUBSCRIPTION.

nick influence arising from terraqueous

and putrid exhalations, which explains Fenelon's Treatise on the Education

the cause of pestilential diseases, their of Daughters : Translated from the

remedies and preventatives. By Felix French, and adapted to English readers,

Pascalis, M. D. of New-York, formerly · with an original chapter On Religious

physician and member of the board of Studies. By Rev. T. F. Dibdin, B. A.,

health in the state of Pennsylvania, hon. F.A.S. 12mo. I vol. with an engraved

ourary member of the Medical Societies frontispiece. Price $1 to subscribers,

of Philadelphia, &c. ? vols. Svo: pp. Albany, Backus & Whiting.

300 each. Pr. in boards to subscribers The Works of Dr. Benjamin Frank.

$5 the set, or $6 bound. New-York. lin, philosophical, political, and literary. The work will be elegantly printed on

INTELLIGENCE.. a new small-pica type and pale vellum paper in large octavo. The work will

Mr. Bronson, Editor of the United be ornamented with numerous engra- States Gazette, is preparing to put to vings, and a full-length portrait from the press a new and very interesting work, best likeness allowed to be in existence. entitled, “ Original Anecdotes of FredPrice $2,50 each vol, Philadelphia,

erick If King of Prussia, and of his William Dwane.

Family, his Court, his Ministers, his

Academies, and his literary Friends : cumstances which attended that litera. collected during a familiar intercourse ry forgery, relating not only to the pa. of twenty years with that prince. Trans. pers, but to the various personages who lated from the French of Dieudonne distinguished themselves while the conThiebault, Prosessor of Belles Lettres troversy continued. in the Royal Academy of Berlin.”

Brisban and Brannan, of New York, We understand that a subterraneous have just published, in a small pocket cavern has been discovered within a few volume neady printed, “ The Life of days, on the turnpike road in Manlius, Lamorgnon Malesherbes," formerly about three miles from the square, in French minister of state during the Onondago county, New York. The reign of the last Louis, a work of un. circumstances attending this discovery common merit. are somewhat singular. A Mr. Beck. “ It exhibits the outlines of a charac. with, inn-keeper, in digging a well, ter, distinguished most eminently by Viaving descended about 25 feet, came purity and worth ; and at the same immediately upon the cave, or a cavity time, recommended by all the advanat the bottom, about 3 feet in depth, and tages which are conferred by family, 3 or 4 in diameter, filled with pure wa. rank, and accomplishments both ele. ter; upon which a candle was let down, gant and solid.-Europe, in the eighand the discovery completed. A pas. teenth century, does not furnish an insage was found, extending north and vidual of greater interest and on whose south (across the road) a considerable history the mind dwells with more sat. distance ; it was explored about 80 feet isfaction and delight. The narrative, each way, much to the gratification of indeed, has little to boast on the score its visitants, among whom was our in. of method or arrangement : but, as it formant. The entrance into the cavern details the most interesting passages in from the bottom of the well is 7 or 8 the life of such a man, it cannot fail to feet high, but very narrow; an equal engage attention, and is entitled to a height was preserved through the whole considerable share of notice." passage, excepting at one place to the northward, in which persons are obliged to crawl a short distance ; the width Statement of Diseases from July of the aperture is unequal,being in some parts barely sufficient to admit a com

2010 August 20. mon sized person ; but in the southern part there is one gradual globular ex

THE weather of the past month has pansion of many feet. The sides of the been much cooler than common. The cave appear to be limestone, through winds from the south-west, east, and which water constantly oozes, and forms more frequently from the north-West a small stream that runs to the north than usual at this season. ward through the whole explored a. The most prevalent disease has been venue. The sides are decorated with a mild typhus, attended in many cases various excrescences, some resembling with affection of the intestinal canal ; it pillars, extending from top to bottom, has scarcely been fatal in any instance. and others in an inverted conical form, Diarrhæa and dysentery have prevailed all having the appearance of grey mar. in some degree, but they have submit. ble, with small regular ridges, evidently ted readily to medicine. Cholera ine denoting their gradual formation. The fantum has been comparatively rare. rill purling under foot, the transparence No great number of patients have of the sides of the cavern as exhibited been vaccinated during the month. The by the clear blaze of the candle, and the cause of this is principally an erroneous reflections naturally produced by the notion, that the vaccine-pock, analogous situation of a visitant, are said to be to the small pos, will not operate so truly delightful. A vein of ore, sup. favourably during the summer, as in the posed to be copper or brass, is also said spring and autumn. to be found in the cave.--Herkimer Monitor.

Mr. W. H. Ireland, whose fabrica. EDITORS' NOTE. We hope that the gentle tion of the Shakspcare MSS. excited so man, who sent the Sans Souci, No. 2, will excuse

us for the alteration we have made in his arrangeEngland, has written an amusing book, ment. We can assure him, that contributions containing his confession of all the cir- from him will be very acceptable.

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