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sembly's Shorter Catechism. 75 cents.

BIOGRAPHY. Philadelphia, D. Hogan.

Life of Richard Cumberland, Esq.
Allein's Alarm to unconverted Sinners. New-York, Brisban and Brannan.
Printed in the German language. Price Charnock's Life of Lord Nelson.
I dollar. Lancaster, Penn.

New York. Riley and Co. 8vo.

POETRY. The Youth's Arithmetical Guide, be- A new and much enlarged ediing a compendions fystem of practical tion of a poem, entitled, A Modera questions in arithmetick, designed for the Philosopher, or Terrible Tractoration, instruction of youth. By Thomas Wat- By Christopher Caustick. 8vo. witla son, Daniel Jaudon, and Stephen Adding plates. Philadelphia, Lorenzo Press. ton. 564 cents. Philadelphia, D.Hogan. The Echo, a collection of poems, New

The only sure Guide to the English York, I. Riley and Co. 8vo. 2,95 boards. Tongue, or new pronouncing Spelling

NOVELS. Book Upon the same plan as Perry's Leonora, by Miss Edgeworth. 12mo. Royal Standard English Dictionary, now 1 vol. New York. Riley and Co. made use of in all the celebrated schools in Great Britain and America. By Wilo WORKS BY SUBSCRIPTION. liam Perry. Fifth improved edition,

LAW. carefully revised and corrected. 12nio. Commentaries on the Laws of EngWorcester, Isaiah Thomas, jun.

land, in four books. By Sir William The English Orthographical Expositor, Blackstone, Knt. one of the justices of his being a compendious selection of the majesty's court of common pleas. From most useful words in the English lan. the latest London edition, with the last guage. Alphabetically arranged; die corrections of the author, and with notes vided, accented, and explained according and additions, by Edward Christian, Esq. to the most approved modern authorities. chief justice of the isle of Ely, and the By Daniel Jaudon, Thomas Watson, and Downing profesor of the laws of EngStephen Addington. Price 62 cents. land in the university of Cambridge. Philadelphia, D. Hogan.

8vo. 4 vols. Price 2,50, each volume, in Webster's American Selection of lef. boards. Portland, T. B. Wait and Co. fons in reading and speaking. Hogan's

COMMERCE. second improved edition. Price 374 cts. European Commerce, shewing new Philadelphia.

and secure channels of trade with the

continent of Europe ; detailing the proWORKS IN THE PRESS. I duce, manufactures, and commerce of LAW.

Rullia, Prussia, Sweden, Denmark, and Vol. 2d of Judge Cranch's Reports Germany, &c. &c. By J. Eddy, merchant of Cafes in the Circuit Court of the Unie of London, late chief partner of comted States. 8vo. New York, Riley and Co. mercial establishments in Peteriburg and

The American Plcader's Afiftant; Antwerp, and a member of the Ruflia, being a collection of approved declara- and Turkey or Levant Companies. Phitions, writs, returns and proceedings in ladelphia, James Humphreys. the several actions now in use within

MEDICINE. the United States, by Collinson Read, A new work, On the Discovery of a Esq. “ Ipfæ legis viva vox." 1 vol. Specifick for the Cure and Prevention of 8vo. H. Maxwell, Philadelphia, and I. the Yellow Malignant Fever, and disorRiley & Co. New York

ders of the bilious, putrid, and malignant The Study and Practice of the Law, kind, followed by a differtation on the considered in their various relations to Cholera Infantum, the Lynanche TrachSociety, in a series of letters. By a ealis, or Croup, and by a new method member of Lincoln's Inn, Portland, for the certain cure of it-Adapted to Thomas B. Wait and Co.

persons of every capacity. Addressed to The 2d volume of Azuni's Maritime the citizens of the United States-By Dr. Law of Europe. 8vo. New York, Isaac John J. Giraud. 1 vol. 8vo. Price 2,50 Riley and Co.

bound. Baltimore. Vol. 5 of Robinson's Admiralty Re

HISTORY. ports. 8vo. New York, 1. Riley and Co. The History of Napolean Bonaparte,

Vol. 3 of Cain's New York Term Re- emperour of the French, and King of ports. New York, Riley and Co. Italy, embellished with an engraving of

The 3d vol. of Call's Reports. Rich the grand battle of Austerlitz ; with an mond, Vir. Thos. Nicholson.

appendix, containing a comprehenave

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