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cure, v. 326-God greatly glorified in, Adam's first, 198—the Mosaic acconnt
339, 345 – the good obtained by, won- of, 201--original, proved from the Old
derfully various, 335—how angels are Testament, 229- - from the New Tes.
benefited by human, 311---the inanner tament, 240—sometimes used for suf.
of obtaining, 319-the way of seeking, fering, 289-imputation of, to infants,

vii. 365--reasons for seeking, 372. 362, 372--the unpardonable, a warning
Samaritans, success of the gospel among against, viii.582.
the, v. 187.

Sincerity, of prohibitions and commands,
Samuel, the canon of scripture augmented remarks on, i. 290—of desires and eo.
by, v. 75.

deavours, 291-moral as distinguished
Satan, wonderful circumstances of his from gracious, examined, vii. 230—
overthrow, v. 356.

God the author of, viii. 412.
Saiisfaction, of Christ, how it differs from Singing, in religious meeting, unfounded

his merits, v. 141--for sin, the neces- objections against, vi. 100—religious,
sity of, viii. 458.

errors connected with, 172.
Scriptures, an argument for their divine Sinners, in Zion warned, iv. 481-why

authority, v. 232, 276—their authority surprised with fear, 490-an earnest
and necessity, viii. 179-a catalogue of exhortation to, 496–in the hands of an
the canonical books of the, 183.

angry God, vi. 450-some of the great-
Sects, troublesome, in times of revival, est, become saints, viii. 536.
viii. 557.

Smith, Mr. John, a quotation from on
Self-e.ramination, necessity of, ir. 379— pharisaic righteousness, iv. 120.

directions for, 390—particular subjects Socinians, their heresy, v. 225.
for, 397-concerning secret sins, 401- Socrates, the source of his knowledge,
our veighbours, &c. 403—awakening viii. 188.

considerations for, 416-a call to, 431. Sodom, the awful destruction of, v. 48.
Self-flatteries, the vain, of sinners, v. 448. Soul, its immortality reasonable, viii.
Selfishness, how not applicable to God, i. 209.
471-in creatures, 479.

Sovereignty, divine, difficulty of submit-
Self-love, its various influence, ii. 31. ting to, iii, 89-sufficient to silence all
Seneca, on human wickedness, ii. 383. ohjections, vi. 477.
Sense, moral, remarks on, ii. 51, 75. Spectator, remarks from, concerning
Septuagint, when executed, v. 118-hap- agreement in prayer, ii. 493.
py effects of the, 119.

Spirit, the Holy, how he dwells in the
Shepard, a quotation from his select cases saints, and may influence natural men,

resolved, on keeping a diary in sick. iv. 104, &c.--counterfeit and common
ness, iii. 274--his remarks on pharisai-

grace, 297.
cal religion, iv. 47, 64-on evangelical Stapferus, quotations from, on native cor-
hypocrites, 82—on a right knowledge ruption, ii. 314--citations of, from the
of Christ, 17- -on a saving interest in Rabbies, on the sinfulness of human
Christ, 124-his remark on a false nature, 380_his detinition of mystery,
application of promises, 124, 126- viii. 283.
on the witness of the Spirit, 134, 136-— Stebbing, Dr. his notion of moral ina-
on the objective ground of gracious af- bility, i. 277-and of divine assistance,
fections, 140, 144, 156--they arise from viii. 418.
divine illumination, 162, 171on the Stockbridge, Edwards's missio

at, i. 75.
danger of religious counterfeits, 213, Stoddard, Rev. Solonon, his family, i. 10
214--00 poverty of spirit, 231-on -a brief account of, iii. In-his guide
Christian soundness, 231, 237, 245- to Christ, the means of Brainerd's con-
on tenderness of spirit, 251---

version, 89-his remarks on self-de-
pentance accompanying faith, 259. ceivers, iv. 54, 56, 59, 67, 78-on the
on secret neglect, 266- longing for Spirit's operation, 65, 68, 71-on the
more grace, 269, 272, 282, 293_-on way whereby men know they are god-
holy practice, a certain evidence of ly, 85--on the knowledge of our con-
grace, 349,

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version, 88-on apostacy, 89--on marks
Silbs, Dr, on true signs of grace, iv. 323. of godliness, 100-on a false applica-
Signs, negative, of a spiritual work, viii. tion of promises, 124, 128---on the in-
543—-positive, 560.

ward witness, 131-on universal obe-
Similitude, of Adam's tranègression, what, dience, 276, 281---on what are signs
ji. 302.

of grace to ourselves, 317--on trials,
Sin, its origin investigated, i. 391--ori. 399, 324 on renewed exercises of

ginal, explained, ii. 57-all originally grace, 343-on following precedents,
from a defective or privative cause, vii. 3his notion of visible saintship,
103-consists partly in defect, 116- 23-a remarkable position of, on a real




and visible saint, 173--on adinission to Turnbull, Dr. on the connection between
churches, 242.

the will and the understanding, i. 1974
Stoddard, the Hon. John, a funeral ser- extracts from, concerning evils, 387–
mon for, viii. 81.

his remarks on the prevalence of vice,
Sloics, their doctrine of fate, i. 353— ii. 88-his notion of the use of anger,

wherein they agree with Arminians, 120--on the character of a good man,
ibid.-pearest to Christians,as to theism, 135 -on the doctrine of human de-

pravity, 142--on the influence of edu-
Strong, Rev. Job, a letter of, concerning cation, 174-his account of judgment,

Mr. Braiverd's missionary success, iii. viii. 254.

Turrettin, Francis, on the power of angels
Students, theological, how to be trained over men, iv. 181.

up, vi. 191.
Study, not to be neglected, viii. 589.

Stumbling-blocks, how to he removed, vi. Unbelievers, their misery, v. 366-how
178-remarks on, viii. 581.

they contemn the glory of Cbrist, vii.
Success, of the Gospel, among the Jews,

v. 185-the Samaritans, 187—the Gen. Ungodly, a warning to the, iv. 515.
tiles, 188_before the time of Constan. Union, constituted between Adam and bis
tine, 195—ainong barbarous nations, posterity, ii. 360-mystical, remarks
205-opposed, 1894-by the Roman em- on, vi. 221.
pire, 193—religious, in heathen Ame- Useful, men can be, only two ways, vi.
rica, 221-Muscovy, 222-East Indies, 536-how actively, 537how pas-
223 -Germany, ibid.---New England, sively, 540-an exhortation to be, 548.

Supper, the Lord's, qualifications for,

vii. 89 --whether a converting ordi- Vials, the Apocalytic, remarks on, ii. 582.
nance, 131, 148, 227.

Vice, wherein consists its essence, i. 313.
Virgil, a passage from his Enead, respecte

ing the birth of Æneas, ii. 237.
Taste, mental, remarks on, iv. 177. Virtue, wherein consists its essence, i.
Taylor, Dr. remarks on his notion of ori- 313, ii, 7, 14--the reason of many mis-
Wicked, the end of the, iv. 503—will be to the wicked, vi. 161-on mystical
no grief to the righteous, 506.

ginal holiness, i. 321-his observations takes about, 59.
on estimating character, ii. 89—-on Visibility, professed, without probability,
Adam's sin, 91, 141--on the progress examined, vii. 224.
of depravity, 174— his notion of io. Volition, whether there can be any with.
wrought virtue, 315.

out a cause, i. 164, 171, 194—the power
Temple, the building of Solomon's, what of suspending, examined, 192-those of
a type of, v. 87.

moral agents forekoown, 217.
Temptation, deliverance from, v. 477–
why we should avoid, 479-what things

en pose to, 487

a serious warning Waldenses, some account of the, v. 211.
against, 491.

Warnings, scriptural, their use, vii. 419.
Tennant, Mr. G. on different ends, i. 458. Watts, Dr. his essay on the freedom of the
Tennent, Rev. Wm. his attestation re- will, remarks on, i. 125, 171, 178-bis
specting the Indians, iii, 465.

notion of foreknowledge, 240—his re-
Testament, the Old, a strong argument for marks on the divine will, 356-bis pre-

its divine authority, v. 125—its useful- face to Edwards's Narrative, iii. 3-
ness, 130--the New, when first written, his notion of the pre-existence of
182_general subjects of the, ibid.--a Christ's human soul, viii. 295.
great argument for its truth, 200. Whilby, Dr. his inconsistency, i. 176—
Thorndyke, his notion of freedom, i. 185. his agreement with Hobbes, 177-his
Tillotson, remarks of, on mystical union, notion of different kinds of freedom,
vi. 221.

185—on the connection between the
T'ime, its preciousness, v. 500_reflections will and the understanding, 198—this

on past, 502- an exhortation to im- examined, 199—his notion of fore-
prove, 506---advice respecting, 509. know ledge and decrees, 240-remarks
Tindal, his gratuitous assumptions, viii. on, 241, 243-his idea of necessary ac-
196, 197, 212.

tions, 255, 258--his freedom ad utrum
Trent, the council of, its leading design, libet, examined, 267, 271-his notion
v. 215.

of moral ipability, 273, 275-bis re-
Tribe, that of which Christ was to pro- marks on God's withholding assistance,

ceed, when remarkably preserved from 376—his objection from causa deficiens,
ruin, v. 92.

answered, 383.

union, 221---on justification, 227 —-
Wilderness, the journey of Israel through on manifestative justification, 305—on

the, v. 59-preserved from perishing in qualifications for church membership,
the, 61—remarkable effusion of the vii. 312-on divine light, viii. 10-on
Spirit in the, 63.

the divine decrees, 351-on negative
Will, the nature of the, i. 127-Locke's causality, and permission, 360.

notion of the, 123the determination W-notes--small, explanatory, correct-
of the, 131, 174-acts of the, whether ive, &c, though not always signed, i.
connected with the understanding, 197 Edit. pref. iv.-pref.--7-8-13453
-the proper objects of precept, 280— 57--58-85-86--89-90-103-112-
opposition of the, implies a moral ina- 1254-131-187-404---421-426-
bility, 283—the divine, remarks on, (erralum, Henry Home, Lord Kames.)

355, 358–secret and revealed, 385. 441-466—ii. 81-312-313-384-
Williams, Dr. Daniel, his legacy for sup- 391-393-430-446-iii. 103-225-

porting two Missionaries among the 318-505-iv. 123-352-379-397-
Heathen, iii. 569.

W-(Williams, Dr. Edward) principal -437—vi. 231-vii. 57--110_viji.
notes with the signature-on a sense of

indwelling sin, i. 39—on the use of Williams, Mr. Solomon, bis misrepresen-
notes in preaching, 51- |--on Mr. Ed. tations corrected, vii. 179--his incon-
wards's dismission from Northampton, sistencies, 216, 278-general observa-
66-on inoculation, 98-on President tions on his way of arguing, 252—how
Burr's children, 99-on Dr. Edwards's he often begs the question, 274.
death, a remarkable coincidence be- Winder, Dr. his remarks on idolatry,
tween him and his father, 108–on the ii. 126.
use of arguments a priori and a poste- Wisdom, divine, displayed in salvation,
riori, 167—on the objects and acts of v. 323–superior to that of angels, 359.
choice, 183-on foreknowledge and Witnesses, remarks on the slaying of the
necessity, 241-the principles on which

ii. 499.
foreknowledge is ascertained, analyti- Word, of God, first written, v. 58.
cally considered, 248-on moral oblic Work, of grace, in America, its effects,
gation, 278_-on motive, object, and viii. 535-mits extent, ibid. 571-sub-
objective appearance, 284—on since- jects, 536-uniformity, 537 — fruits,
rity in invitations and the like, 290— ibid.-prejudices against it, 538—in the
on the true reason why councils, &c. general, from the Spirit of God, 570-
are cunsistent with necessity, 309–on its gradual progress, 576—should be
the essence and causes of virtue and promoted, 578-an exhortation to its
vice, 313-on necessary agency, 323- friends, 584.
on the soul, as both active and passive, Worship, the Jewish, when perfected,
330—the existence of sin, and the moral

V. 82.
perfections of God, not inconsistent, Wrath, children of, explained, ii. 263–
391-on the origin of moral evil, 398- upon the wicked, to the uttermost, vi.
on legislative and decretive design, 525- God hath set a certain measure
421--on God's chief end in a moral of, 526--in what manner it will coine
system, 537.

upon them, 528.
W-notes--on the nature and rationale
of virtue, ii. 14-on Mr. Edwards's

account of virtue, in reply to Mr. Hall's Yale, College, a remarkable awakening
objections, 67—on original depravity, at, iii. 96.
331-on the Christian Observer, 353

---on impatience, iii. 505---on hatred Zeal, indiscreet, marks of, vi. 139.


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